Mario Party: Double Trouble is the 14th installment in the Mario Party series and the 4th spin-off of it (after Advance, DS and Island Tour). It was released on the 2nd of August 2015. The game returns to the original roots of the series, where the players must collect coins in order to buy stars, the reason for that being Hudson Soft returning to the development of the series.


One peaceful night, soon after one of those Peach rescues from Bowser, Mario and friends decided to throw a party to celebrate the return of the Princess. But before they even threw their first dice blocks, Bowser jumped right into the middle of the board and said: "You defeat me every time, Mario, but never ever invite me to the party! Don't you feel a bit sorry for me? I see that you don't. If that's the case, then I'm stealing your princess once more, but this time you'll never ever be able to beat me! If you have what it takes to confront me, come and meet me in my tower, bwahaha..." And the evil king with Peach in his hands vanished into thin air. Then Toad said: "Oh my, the princess has been kidnapped again - we must save her! But Bowser's grown stronger now, so you wouldn't be able to beat him by yourself. That's why you have to team up! Split into pairs and we'll see, who will become the Star Heroes (known as Superstars in previous installments) and teach Bowser a lesson!" Everyone agreed and began choosing their partners...  


Story mode

Bowser's here to crash the party again! Choose a pair of Star Heroes and make your way to Bowser in order to save Princess Peach.

Minigame mode

Play any minigame you've unlocked in Party or Story mode!

Party mode

Grab a partner and go on a star hunt on a board of your choice!


Character Partners Character description


Partner: Luigi


Partner: Mario


Partner: Birdo


Partner: Yoshi


Partner: Toadette


Partner: Toad

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