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Mario Party: Costume Party is a upcoming game for the 3DS.


Bowser traps Mario and friends in a magic toybox called Toyshack. Using Magic Costumes, Mario and friends must return to the real world to defeat Bowser.


  • Story Mode: Go through many boards to reach Bowser.
  • Party Mode: Chose a board to party.
  • Duel Mode: Battle against a single CPU to win 5 minigames first.
  • My Mario: Create your own color-swapped Mario. Can be selected on Party Mode when you select Mario as P1.
  • Minigame Mode: Play Minigames in a giant computer. You can buy previously played minigames here too.
  • Online Mode: Use SpotPass to play a online Party Mode.
  • D.I.Y Mode: Create minigames to distribute and play online.


  • Mario: A hero in red overalls who uses items to his advantage.
  • Luigi: Mario's taller brother who once went on a adventure of his own.
  • Peach: The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Daisy: The princess of Saharahsaland. More tomboyish than Peach though.
  • Koopa Troopa: Don't worry. This Koopa is friendly and ready to help Mario.
  • Baby Mario: This baby is ready to help his future self. Loves Yoshi Spaces.
  • Wario: Mario's greedy counterpart. Will do anything to win.
  • Waluigi: Luigi's greedy counterpart. Hates losing.
  • Rosalina: A princess of the stars. Has been to Toyshack before.
  • Luma: A star creature that works on Starship Mario.
  • Toad: A resident of the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Toadette: A female resident of the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • DK(Unlockable): The ape of Jungle Japes. Unlocked by defeating Story Mode.
  • Diddy Kong(Unlockable): DK's helper and best friend. Unlocked with DK.
  • Maria(Unlockable): Mario's female cousin who is brave. Unlocked by buying a Blooming Base
  • Luise(Unlockable): Luigi's female cousin who is scared by Boos and Booettes. Unlocked with Maria.
  • Hammer Bro.(Unlockable): A hammer wielding Koopa which doesn't need a Miner Suit to break rocks. Unlocked by buying Hammer Mines.
  • Boo: A ghost that serves King Boo. Unlocked with Hammer Bro.


  • Toy Palace: A castle made of toys. Guarded by Wind-Up Goomboss.
    • How to get Stars: Buy a Star at the Star Space
  • Jelly Sea: A ocean which is made of jelly. It is unknown how to reach the seafloor. Guarded by Deep-Cheep.
    • How to get Star: Use the Flaming Costume to melt a path to the Star.
  • Sandbox Desert: A hot desert that has illusions. Guarded by Arabian Ninji.
    • How to get Star: Find the right Star Space. Some Star Spaces are illusions.
  • Aurum Toyship: A toy spaceship filled with Aurum. Guarded by Francis.
    • How to get Star: Get to the end of a long pathway, and play a guessing game to get a Star.
  • Glacier Mansion: A giant mansion inside a ice cream sundae. Guarded by Chief Chilly.
    • How to get Star: Chase the Star around the giant board. On the opposite side of the current place of the Star on the board is Chief Chilly, who will take a Star from you.
  • Cloud Cashino: A giant slot machine in the clouds. Guarded by Sky Cheep.
    • How to get Star: Each time you circle the board, you get a chance to earn a Star by spinning the giant slot machine. You can also get 20 Coins, 50 Coins, 3 Stars, or a instant Bowser Slots.
  • Magmaw Volcano: A volcano filled with volcanic creatures. Guarded by Magma Blooper.
    • How to get Star: Same as Toy Palace.
  • Vine Grove: A jungle that dwells inside a blueberry bush. Guarded by Vine Goomboss.
    • How to get Star: Pull the lever in the middle of the board to pull the Star Space down. After someone buys a Star, the Star Space goes back up and you have to repeat the process.
  • Acid Factory: A factory that produces acid. Guarded by MechaFrancis.
    • How to get Star: Same as Aurum Toyship, but you get the Star instead of doing the guessing game and each time you get a Star the price rises by 10 untill it hits 50. If you get a Star that costs 50, the price drops to 10 again.
  • Pirate Aurumship: A 2nd Aurum hideout inside a pirate ship. Guarded by Aurum Bully.
    • How to get Star: Invest in Pirate Ships to get Stars. The person who has more Coins invested in the Pirate Ship gets the Stars.
  • Choclate City: A city entirely made of candy. Guarded by Chubblooper.
    • How to get Star: Same as Sandbox Desert, but the fake ones are holograms, not illusions.
  • Ninja Temple: The greatest hideout of Ninjis. Guarded by Shogun Ninji.
    • How to get Star: Use the Cloud Costume to fill the gap to the Star.
  • Bowser's Floating Castle: This is where the showdown between the player and Bowser takes place.
    • How to get Star: Each player has 10 Stars to begin with. The players have to steal Stars from each other to win.
  • Blooming Base: A secret board you can buy that comes along with Maria and Luise. The board is a giant flower. This place is also guarded by Vine Goomboss.
    • How to get Star: Same as Glacier Mansion, but instead of Chief Chilly, Vine Goomboss is chasing you to steal a Star from you.
  • Hammer Mines: A mine that can be bought at the store that comes with Hammer Bro. and Boo. It's a crystal mine that is being mined by giant hammers.


New to the game are Costumes. Each Costume has advantages and disadvantages. They can be used in Minigames too.

  • Bee Costume: Allows players to fly. Doesn't allow players to swim.
  • Wizard Costume: Can use coins to cast spells to slow players down.
  • Miner Costume: Can break rocks to make new paths. It is really heavy though.
  • Flaming Costume: Creates flames to melt ice and burn plants down. Doesn't allow the player to swim.
  • Mole Costume: Allows players to dig through diggable surfaces. Cannot break rocks, but can swim and fly.
  • Cloud Costume: Allows players to create clouds to traverse gaps. It makes you jump really high in Minigames too.
  • Freezing Costume: Allows players to freeze lava and water. Other forms of fire melts this costume.
  • Boomerang Costume: Allows players to attack objects at a distance. Does not allow players to do melee attacks in minigames involving fighting.
  • Rainbow Costume: Makes the character invincible for 3 Turns. After the 3rd turn, the costume melts.
  • Bowser Costume: Unique to Bowser's Sky Castle, this allows players to steal Stars from opponents. Melts after 5 turns.


There are 138 minigames in all.

  1. Toybox Race: Race around a racetrack on Bullet Bills. Avoid Wind-Up Goombas.
  2. Fast Food Fools: Be the last person to fall off a conveyor belt of food. Syrup slows you down.
  3. Spring Breeze: Fly around on a toy umbrella to collect Coins. This is a Coin Minigame.
  4. Jelly Jump: Jump on jelly to reach the goal. Red jelly explodes and yellow jelly bounces you high into the sky.
  5. Goomba Calling: A returning minigame from Mario Party DS. Call all the Goombas to your side to win.
  6. Vacuum Sucker: Suck the most popcorn, but don't suck up bombs.
  7. Hammer Slam: Be the last person to be crushed by a hammer to win. The Miner Costume helps a lot in this minigame.
  8. 1st Person Booter: Kick your opponent off the platform with a Kuribo' s Shoe in this 1st Person game.
  9. Door Maze: Find the right door to exit the maze. Wrong doors have Bomb-Ombs in them.
  10. Palace Showdown(Boss Minigame): Defeat Wind-Up Goomboss by jamming his wind-up key with syrup.
  11. Aurum Ace: Shoot down Aurum to gather points. Shoot Ufoombas for extra points.
  12. Palmtree Panic: Gather different types of coconuts. Each type of coconut goes in a different bin.
  13. Garden Whack: Avoid a giant hammer in this 1 VS 3 Minigame. The solo player controls the hammer, while the 3 other characters avoids the hammer. The Mole Costume is helpful for the 3 characters avoiding the other player.
  14. Collapsing Dominos: Run for your life on a collapsing domino track. Avoid the Magmaws in your way.
  15. Statue Boomer: Destroy a giant Bowser Statue with a cannon. If there's extra time after the Bowser Statue is destroyed, You will fight Paragoombas floating around the screen for extra points.
  16. Lunar Cows: Guess the amount of cows that will jump over the moon. Donkeys don't count.
  17. Icicle Stadium: Batttle on top of a giant icicle. The floor is slippery and it can make it hard to run unless you have the Freezing Costume.
  18. Magma Blaze: Avoid Magmaws on a platform hovering over a volcano. You also have to avoid Podoboos that show a shadow before jumping up onto the platform.
  19. Boo Bubbles: Pop Balloon Boos with a net. Beware the Bomb-Omb Balloon.
  20. Sea Showdown(Boss Minigame): Battle Deep-Cheep by launching Koopa Shells at it. Red Shells do more damage, and Blue Shells explode if you hold on to it too long.
  21. Metal Maze(Metal Mario Minigame): Catch Metal Mario In a maze. He will not be able to jump, so trap him in a gap.
  22. Magma Boil: Use jugs of water to create a path to victory. You can charge your arms to throw farther.
  23. Jelly Race: Same as Toybox Race, but with a different track and jelly obstacles. Avoid Big Berthas.
  24. Time Games: Get the clock handles to match the picture in center to win. The picture changes with the time on the 3DS Settings.
  25. Coin Shower: Catch Coins with a bucket. This is a Coin Minigame.
  26. Aurum Attack: Attack and defeat the most Aurum to win. Tribyte Aurum just run away while Biota Aurum try to attack you with green orbs.
  27. Soda Rocket: Shake a giant Soda Rocket to go the farthest into space. If you shake too much it will explode.
  28. Avalanche!: Run down a mountain and avoid rocks. Don't be slow, or you will get crush by a avalanche.
  29. Biota Jump: Jump over a jumprope made by the orbs that Biota Aurum have. Sometimes it will increase or lower speed.
  30. Djinn Showdown: Launch jugs of water to melt Arabian Ninji. If a fake Ninji is hit by water, it will follow the player and try to explode and hurt you. The real Arabian Ninji has 2 Arabian Swords. Fakes have one Arabian Sword.
  31. Geyser Blast: Use geysers to pop balloons. Red balloons are worth 1 point and green balloons are worth 3 points. Spiked balloons will make you lose 3 points. The person with the most points win.
  32. Pansand Panic: Battle on a desert platform. A Pansand on the middle of the platform shoots sand that covers the 3DS screen with sand.
  33. Chain Chomping: Control a Chain Chomp tank and roll opponents off the platform.
  34. Thunder Shock: Avoid a rotating Thunder Chain. The Thunder Chain can switch directions easily.
  35. Space Invaders: Shoot Ufoombas and Ufoopers. Ufoopers will try to attack back at you.
  36. Whirlwind Chaos: Jump across rotating platforms in a tornado. Springs make you jump high and glass breaks.
  37. Splash Cheeps: Ride a Cheep-Cheep to ride a water course in a oasis. Urchins will stun the player.
  38. Glide Hanging: Ride a hanglider to go down a cliff to collect Coins. This is a Coin Minigame.
  39. Scuttlepion Web: Hang on a web as long as you can. The Scuttlepion will cut a part of the web down. The cut down part will regenerate a few seconds later.
  40. Invisible Showdown: Grab Francis by the tail and swing him into a electric barrier. He can turn invisible, but you can remove that temporarily by pulling a lever in the middle that causes the Tribyte to drop flour to make Francis highly visible.
  41. Rocket Ride: Ride a rocket through a meteor belt. Avoid meteors and shooting stars while reaching the goal.
  42. Bomb Blowout: Throw Bomb-Ombs at the Fortoombas. Some Fortoombas have diamond armor, which takes 3 hits to defeat.
  43. TBA


  • Blue Spaces: Adds 3 Coins.
  • Red Spaces: Subtracts 3 Coins.
  • ? Spaces: A random event happens.
  • Yoshi Space: Allows you to ride Yoshi. Yoshi will take you to a secret area which guarantees a Star for you.
  • Shop: You can buy Costumes here.
  • Boo Space: Allows you to steal Coins or Stars depending on your coins.
  • Star Space: Buy a Star for 20 Coins here.
  • Rainbow Space: Causes a lucky event that makes it easier to get Stars.
  • Bowser Space: Causes one of the following events.
    • Bowser Potluck: Takes 10 Coins from each player.
    • Reverse Minigame: First person to fail WINS
    • 10000 Stars/Coins: Causes Bowser to flee, doing nothing bad.
    • Bowser Slots: A returning element from Mario Party 2, causes a random person to lose Coins or Stars to Bowser.
    • Bowser Boomer: Bowser will launch bombs at the player. If you get hit by a bomb, you lose 10 Coins. Avoid 10 Bombs so you won't lose any Coins.
  • Coin Space: Causes Coin Minigame.
  • Metal Mario Space: Causes Metal Mario Minigame. If you win you get double Coins. If you lose you lose half of your coins.

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