Mario Party: Carnival
Developer(s) Super Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
December 13th, 2013
Party, Story, Minigame, Battle Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Party
Media Included Disk

Mario Party: Carnival is the next instalment in the Mario Party series. It is the first one developed by Super Games Inc, and the first one not to be titled with a number or system.


MC Ballyhoo was going around Toad Town, inviting the players back to the Star Carnival. When they got there, Bowser and Bowser Jr. took it over completely. So, MC Ballyhoo starts a contest. Whoever can defeat Bowser and get the Star Carnival back will get the carnival named after themselves! (I.e Mario Carnival, Luigi Carnival etc.)


The gameplay is similar to Mario Parties 1-8. You roll a dice block and roam around the board for a number of turns. At the end of the turn, you play a minigame. Each board has a different objective to getting a star.


A lot of the modes are similar to Mario Party 8.

Party Mode

In Party Mode, you can play with custom rules. 8 Player Mode also returns from Mario Party 7. You can choose from 10 - 50 turns, and choose types of minigames. (Gameplay choices: Battle Royale, 2 vs. 2, 2x4, 8P Battle Royale, 6P Battle Royale and 1 vs. 1)

Story Mode

Story Mode is longer than the other Mario Parties. Here is the order.

  • Do first NEW board vs. 3 random players
  • Do first NEW board with a NPC (Goomba, 1 VS 1)
  • Do first RETRO board vs. 3 random players
  • Do first RETRO board vs. a NPC (Funky Kong, 1 VS 1)
  • Repeat that pattern for boards 2, 3, 5 and 5
  • After, Bowser Jr. sends Shy Guy, Boo, Koopa, Magikoopa and himself to battle with you in NEW 6th Board, and then RETRO 6th Board. You must win, or you have to do the board again.
  • Bowser comes, and you must battle Bowser Jr. in NEW Board 6, and Bowser in RETRO Board 6.
  • Complete the final board after that in 8 PLAYER MODE! You are VS is the Koopalings
  • When that is completed, you must defeat Bowser and Bowser Jr. in a minigame callled Carnival Showdown. You must collect tickets, bring them to MC Ballyhoo, get a mini star rod, and shoot Bowser and Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr has 6 HP, Bowser has 10. You have 10 HP as well.
  • After that, all characters come and congratulate you. The Star Carnival has been turned into the _______ Carnival!
  • If you were a certain character, you would've unlocked a character. (See below for unlock guide). Others unlocked a board, and others unlocked a minigame mode thing.

Minigame Mode

There are 5 different options here. Below the line are unlockables.

  • Free Play Tent: Free Play Minigames!
  • Minigame Roller Coaster: Play minigames (any type you choose). First to 3,5,7 or 9 wins is the winner.


  • Eatsa Contest: For this contest, there are many different pizzas, pies, cakes, cookies and more! Win a minigame, choose a food item, and try and find your icon. First to find all 3 wins!
  • Duelo Harvest! Takes place at the carnival's farm! 2 players meet up, and play duel minigames. They must build a fence to trap the other team's animals.
  • Giant Ice Cream Climb: The ice-cream you are climbing in 10,000 feet high! Win solo minigames. Get perfect on all minigames, and you will reach 10,000 feet!

Battle Mode

A new mode added to the Mario Party series which features some exclusive stuff that you can play ONLINE! There is a short board (Star Carnival) which is a race to the finish, and then you can play minigame rollercoaster. There are a few extra games as well. You can also post Miiverse messages from here.

Extra Tent

This tent is unlockable. It lets you play extra minigames.

Fun Bazaar=

Here, you can buy things in game, set your options, and buy things for the Toy Parade!


Mario Party Carnival has a total of 20 playable characters. 6 need to be unlocked. There are also a total of 4 new playable characters to the Mario Party series.

Image Name Description Special Candy or How to Unlock Emblem
MarioCarnival Mario Mario is the star of the game, and he is the Mushroom Kingdom's hero Fireball - Steals 10 coins from anyone he passes in the next 3 turns. MPCMarioEmblem
LuigiCarnival Luigi Luigi wants to be a star, and show Mario who is No.1 Fireball - Steals 10 coins from anyone he passes in the next 3 turns. MPCLuigiEmblem
PeachCarnival Peach Peach is ready for action! With permission from Toadswarth, she is going to win the carnival! Crown - Lets her roll a triple slogo candy. MPCPeachEmblem
YoshiCarnival Yoshi Yoshi is a great partier! He wants to name the Carnival the Egg Carnival! Egg - Steals all candy from any player passed. MPCYoshiEmblem
WarioCarnival Wario Wario will do anything for money, and this carnival might win him some bling! Magnet - Steals 10 coins from every player passed in the next 3 turns. MPCWarioEmblem
DaisyCarnival Daisy Daisy loves the idea of a carnival! She wants a flower tent! Flower - For every space passed, she gets 5 coins. MPCDaisyEmblem
WaluigiCarnival Waluigi Waluigi is da bomb! However, he won't bomb the opportunity to win some cash! Magnet - Steals 10 coins from every player passed in the next 3 turns. MPCWaluigiEmblem
ToadCarnival Toad Toad has always been a host and an important minor character, but he wants the carnival to be part of Toad Town! Complete Story Mode five times as Mario, Luigi, and Waluigi. MPCToadEmblem
106px Toadette Toadette hasn't been around since Mario Super Sluggers, but knows that she can win this carnival if she wants to! Complete Story Mode with Mario, Luigi and Waluigi 3 times. MPCToadetteEmblem
106px Birdo Birdo tends to be hated by many, so she wants to show that she has a chance at the carnival! Complete Story Mode with Waluigi MPCBirdoEmblem
HammerBroCarnival Hammer Bro Hammer Bro's hammer is rumoured to be a Party Star, so he wants to test that out at the Star Carnival! Complete Story Mode with Peach MPCHammerBroEmblem
BlooperCarnival Blooper Everyone's favourite inky is back! While missing out on Mario Party 9, he is back, and ready to party! Complete Level 15 of Inky Piranha MPCBlooperEmblem
RosalinaCarnival Rosalina Rosalina has all the galaxies to herself, thanks to Mario! But she would really love this carnival! Complete Story Mode with Mario MPCRosilinaEmblem
LakituCarnival Lakitu Lakitu has been Mario's ally and friend. But, even though he signed up as Mario's friend, he wants this carnival badly! Complete Story Mode with Birdo MPCLakituEmblem

Image Name Description Special Candy Emblem How to Unlock
DiddyCarnival Diddy Kong Diddy Kong is a tricky player. He is new to Mario Party, but it seems as if he has been partying forever! Star Block - Gives Diddy 1 - 10 stars, and the other players 1/2 of that. MPCDiddyEmblem Beat Story Mode as Yoshi
PiantaCarnival Pianta Pianta has been working in shops and all over Delfino Plaza, but he is ready to party and work for a carnival! Palm Tree - Gets Pianta 10 spaces closer to the star. MPCPiantaEmblem Beat Story Mode as Rosalina
BooCarnival Boo Boo is scary, and he wants to turn the Star Carnival into a Spooktacular Carnival! So, watch out for his tricks! King Boo - Changes location of the star to make it easy for Boo (on certain boards). If not valid, King Boo gives Boo a star right away (he has to pay). MPCBooEmblem Beat Story Mode as Blooper
ShyGuyCarnival Shy Guy Shy Guy made his debut as a Mario Party playable character in Mario Party 9, and he wants more! He wants a carnival! Mask - Gets 3 random candies for Shy Guy (Can even be other player specials). MPCShyGuyEmblem Beat Story Mode as Mario
KoopaCarnival Koopa Troopa Koopa is not a shy guy. He is well trained by Bowser, and he knows he is ready for his own carnival! Shell - Takes away a star from a lander of a certain space. MPCKoopaEmblem Beat Story Mode as Shy Guy
MagikoopaCarnival Magikoopa Magikoopa is a tricky and mystical character. Better watch out for his cheating wand! Swap - Swaps place of all characters on board, so it is convenient for him. MPCMagikoopaEmblem Beat Story Mode as Hammer Bro

Non Playable Characters

These characters have a role other than being playable in the game.

Image Name Role in Game
MCBallyhooCarnival MC Ballyhoo MC Ballyhoo is the host of the game. He will give bonus stars, explain rules to you and congratulate the winner. He is also the shopkeeper (ONLY in Story Mode)
BowserCarnival Bowser Bowser is the villain of the game. He, and his son, destroy the Star Carnival. You must do a duel battle with him in Story Mode (Board: Bowser's Warped Orbit). Then, you must fight him in the final minigame.
BowserJrCarnival Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. is the other main villain in the game. He, and his dad, destroy the Star Carnival. In Story Mode, he is in the 6P Battle in Bowser Jr's Parade, and then you have to duel him solo. Then, he appears as the final boss with his dad. He also holds the stars in Bowser's Space Mountain.
KoopalingsCarnival Koopalings The Koopalings challenge you to the final board (Bowser's Space Mountain) in story mode for an 8P Battle Royale. (Their emblems are a silhouette of their heads, in the color of their hair). In Party Mode, they are the Shopkeepers.
Remy He provides you with a star in Summit Mountain. He also replaces Pirate Goomba in Gommba's Booty Boardwalk.
NokiCarnival Noki Nokis are around Delfino Plaza. They are the people who hold the treasure chests.
DryBonesCarnival Dry Bones Dry Bones own the graves in Ghostly Graveyard. He will take your investments.
MowzCarnival Ms. Mowz Ms. Mowz will have a star at daytime in Poshley Heights. Trade them into her for 20 coins.
CrumpCarnival Lord Crump Lord Crump comes out at night time in Poshley Heights. He will steal a star if he catches up to you.
106px King Boo King Boo hands out stars in King Boo's Haunted Hideaway. He also appears on ? spaces in Bowser's Space Mountain and Ghostly Graveyard.
BoomerangBroCarnival Boomerang Bro Boomerang Bro. throws a boomerang to decide where the star will be in Bowser Jr.'s Playroom. You must also deul battle him in Story Mode on the board Koopa's Tycoon Town.
106px Goomba Goomba is a deul boss in Story Mode. You must duel him in Summit Mountain, Goomba's Booty Boardwalk and Shy Guy's Perplex Express.
RedBooCarnival Red Boo Red Boo is the deul boss of the boards King Boo's Haunted Hideaway and Ghostly Graveyard.
FunkyKongCarnival Funky Kong Funky Kong is a deul boss in the boards DK's Treetop Temple, Beachy Island and Delfino Plaza.
GrodusCarnival Sir Grodus Sir Grodus is the deul boss in the board Poshley Heights.
DKCarnival Donkey Kong Donkey Kong appears on DK Spaces to help players out. He also helps run the board events on DK's Treetop Temple.


There are 13 boards in Mario Party 8. 7 are new, and 6 are under a section called Previously in the Star Carnival (referring to the retro Mario Party 8 boards).

New Boards

Name Description
Summit Mountain On top of a snowy mountain lives the Abominable Goomba. Reach him to trade a star for the number the wheel spins.
Delfino Plaza 3 Nokis are around Delfino Plaza. One holds a star, one hold coins and one holds an item. Pay the Noki 10 coins to see what she has.
Ghostly Courtyard Outside this mansion are rumored to be many graves filled with Dry Bones. Invest coins to the Dry Bones to keep stars.
Poshley Heights It's Poshley Heights from PM2! To get a star, chase down Ms. Mowz in the day, but avoid Lord Crump at night.
Beachy Island This tropical island holds a boat with each character's emblem on it. Everyone starts with 10 stars, and reach someone's boat to steal a star from them. Reach your own boat to pay 20 coins for a star. The boats move every 3 turns.
Bowser Jr. Parade In the playroom, a Boomerang Bro will throw his boomerang. Where it lands is where the star is. Get there to trade 20 coins for a star.
Bowser's Space Mountain In outer space lies Space Mountain, which Bowser took over. Land on a Bowser Jr. space (there are many of them) to wager coins for a star, and fight Bowser Jr!

Previously in the Star Carnival

Boards have EXACT same gameplay as MP8.

  • DK's Treetop Temple
  • Goomba's Booty Boardwalk
  • King Boo's Haunted Hideaway
  • Shy Guy's Perplex Express
  • Koopa's Tycoon Town
  • Bowser's Warped Orbit


All the candies from Mario Party 8 return. However, there is one new one: the Donkey Kong Candy! Donkey Kong comes and takes the player directly to the star, however, they won't get a turn on the dice block. They are fairly rare.

What each player can unlock

When a player beats Story Mode, they unlock something special for the game!

  • Mario - Unlocks the character Shy Guy.
  • Luigi - Unlocks the locked soundtrack.
  • Peach - Unlocks the Extra Mode.
  • Yoshi - Unlocks the character Diddy Kong.
  • Wario - Unlocks the Minigame Mode Eatsa Contest.
  • Daisy - Unlocks Part 3 of the Carnival Parade.
  • Waluigi - Unlocks the board Bowser's Space Mountain
  • Toad - Unlocks the Special Carnival Minigame: Ringmaster!
  • Toadette - Unlocks the Minigame Mode Duelo Harvest.
  • Birdo - Unlocks Part 1 if the Carnival Parade.
  • Hammer Bro. - Unlocks the character Magikoopa.
  • Blooper - Unlocks the character Boo.
  • Rosilina - Unlocks the character Pianta.
  • Lakitu - Unlocks the Minigame Mode Ice Cream Climb.
  • Diddy Kong - Unlocks Donkey Kong Candy.
  • Pianta - Unlocks Part 2 of the Carnival Parade.
  • Boo - Unlocks the board Bowser's Warped Orbit.
  • Shy Guy - Unlocks the character Koopa Troopa.
  • Koopa Troopa - Unlocks the board Koopa's Tycoon Town.
  • Magikoopa - Unlocks the board Bowser Jr. Parade.