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Mario Party: All Dream Again!
Developer(s) Nd Cube
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii,

Nintendo Wii U

Genre(s) Party,Mario
Release Date(s)
JPN December 3rd,2013

NAM December 5th,2013

EUP December 5th,2013

AUS December 10th,2013

Single Player,Multiplayer


Age Rating(s)
Media Included WII- 1X Wii disc

WII U- 1X Wii U disc

Mario Party:All Dream Again is the second installment of a dream board party after Mario Party 5.Its also the tenth game and the sequal of Mario party 9. This installment will go on the Nintendo Wii and Wii U (as of Wii not discountined) It also brings back the four (five in Wi-Fi) characters stats on the left again going up when its there turn.


The plot of the game is, that Bowser and Bowser Jr. change the mario world into a dream fantasy. But they use the intire power of former host of Mario Party (except MP4, due to the characters that entered in Mario Party 5-9, but due appear again as playable). But two former host escape the horrific tradegy. 


The play features a lot like the past Mario Party`sthe game does resemble non-MP8 version and MP9`s.

Unlike dice blocks,orbs and candy, it features a glass present, to see what the item is and knowing the ribbons color of self, thrown, roadblocks, special and other presents.

Game Modes

The game features  6 modes.

Party Mode: This mode contains 1-8 players and is the basic mode in all Mario Party games. They can choose quartet,triplet or duet. They can choose the rounds of 10-50 turns.

Solo Mode: This mode contains 1-2 player being the first Mario Party to contain this much players. The rules is they battle a certain carachter on each board (NOT containing three multi-coloured Koopa Kids), the player starts off with 100 diamonds. Diamonds are very easy too lose but the story and playing contains a hard setting in the game. If the players fail a 4 Player mini-game they lose 3 diamonds, 1 VS 3 they lose 4 diamonds, 2 VS 2 they lose 5 diamonds, lose a duel 6 diamonds, Bowser JR. mini-game they lose 7 diamonds, lose a board and quit and save or restart the board again they lose 20 diamonds, if its losing to Bowsers Board they lose 30 diamonds and if they lose the final mini game they lose 50 diamonds. Lose all diamonds makes you lose and have to restart from the beggining.

Mini-game Mode:This mode contains 1-8 players all the mini game UNLOCKED to begin, Bowser Jr. mini games, DK Mini Games, Bowser Mini games, Boss Mini games and te Finale Mini game has to be unlocked in order to play in the mode. Mini Game modes can contain modes of winning:

-Free For All (1-8 Players) Play as much as you want!

- Mansion Way (1-4 players)Play around the mansion until someone wins with the mini games instructed!

-Hotel FUN! (1-4 or 8 players)Up and down lobbies you can go first to reach the penthouse(100th Floor) wins!

-Triatholon Mode (1-4 or 8 players) Triathlons can be quick but this is not. Race around until the end with mini games instucted!

-Car Party! (1-4 players)Play around throught the course for each mini game!

-Garden Road (1-4 players)A beautiful garden as you travel sets 2000 000 000 yards away, win each mini game to win at the end.

-Rocket to Future(1-4 or 8 players)Go outer space and battle with the mini games you choose, first onw to complete 10-80 turns of the mini games wins.

-Boss Engaged (1-4 players)Battle each intire boss.

-Battle Down (1-8 players)You start with your team and all other teams,battle down the mini games until theres only one team that reches the goal.

-Ice BEEEEEEERRRRGGG! (1-8 players)Similar to MP7 first to get all there ice planks wins to the finish!

-Jump Floor (1-8 players)Jump to each floor as you go first team to wwin 100 mini games win.

-River stream (1 player)Race and reach to the goal to beat a record down a stram into mysterious places.

Museum Mode: This mode contains 1 player only. Buy music,figures,etc. in the museum and see or listen to what you buy. You must pay for an item 0-9000 Mega Points only.

Wi-Fi Mode: This mode contains 1 player. Connect and play around the world with diffrent people to be an INTERNATIONAL PARTY! Plus 10 friends around te world can join, who knows maybe you get parred up with someone that can help,plays or have fun with you!

Options: This mode can only contain 1 player. You can change r switch stuff on options.


The game features 32 charcters.

Playable Characters

First Colleum 

-Mario     -Luigi   -Peach  -Wario   -Yoshi   -Daisy

Second Colleum

-Waluigi  -Toad   -Boo  -Toadette -Birdo  -Dry Bones

Third Colleum

-Blooper -Hammer Bro. -Shy Guy - Koopa -Koopa Troopa -Diddy Kong

Fourth Colleum

-Dixie Kong -Rosalina -Baby Mario -Baby Luigi -Goomba -Wiggler


The unlockables can countine the colleum if UNLOCKED.

Fifth Colleum

-Luuba (Unlocked once played all mini games)

-Fwoosh (Unlocked by beating King Fwoosh)

-Koopa Kid (Unlocked beating Bowser Jr.`s ALL mini games)

-Honey Bee (Unlocked by doing Car Party)

-Polari (Unlocked by doing Galaxy Universe)

-Lakitu (Beating Spike-a-tu in boss battle)

Sixth Colleum

-Para Troopa (Unlocked by playing Koopa Troopa on Story Mode)

-Para Goomba (Unlocked by playing Goomba  on Story Mode)



-Yellow Toad


The bosses contain on each board a mid boss and a final boss, Just like MP9. Once beaten, they space dissapears into a Blue Spac ONLY for the mid bosses. The Final Boss appears somewere at the Final 5 Turns.

Mario Bros Dream


-King Fwoosh

Carnival Dream

-General Guy


Sweet Dream (This is not the exact board like Mario Party 5)


-Pety Pirhanna

Galaxy Universe

-Dihno Pirhanna 

-Fire Dino Pirannna

Sea Dream

-Cheep Chomper

-King Glooper Blooper

Sky Dream


-King Mad Bee

A Ghost Dream

-King Boo


Bowser`s Big Nightmare

-Bowser Jr.



Board Name Description Diffculty
Mario Bros Dream

The dream is a course of the past and current Mario Bros. Play as much as turns in the surronding 8-bit into a 3D board game and play.

How to get a Star: Go on the star space and give 20 coins to Tumble and you will recive the star.

Carnival Dream

The beautiful dream of farris wheels,roller coaster and other rides. Travel around with the funnest dream ever!

How to get a Star: Land on a star space and give Tumble 20 coins, and he will give you the star.

Sweet Dream

The cake,dessert, and pie of slpeneded goodness is now a cake board. Discover the sweet dream of the past board MP5 board Sweet Dream. 

How to get a star:Just reach the star space and give Yellow Toad the detrmine number of coins to him the detrimin number options are (10,20,30,40,50 coins) for the star.

Sea Dream

The beautiful deep ocean of a dream comes down to a board. Discover each sea creature there is and explore the hardetary board.

How to get a Star:Got to Tumble for 20-50 coins for a star.

Sky Dream

Go into the beautiful rainows,clouds, and sun scenes for the wonder of a board.

How to get a Star: Each person starts off with 5 stars use the Thwomps to get peoples stars on there path.

A Ghost Dream

Just like MP7 and MP8 Windmill Vill and Koopa Troopas Tycoon, the board has the exact same content. Explore the deep hurtful and scary misst as you will see a scary suprise on the way. Just be sure your safe. Good Luck!

How To get a Star:Go to a Ghost House and give the Boo manateger some coins, for the maximum of 1-999 coins.

Galaxy Universe

Were all comets and a beautiful terrain of a galaxy outside. The course features all the same and beautiful elements.

How to get a Star: Go to Yellow Toad when you pass him, give him 20 coins and you will recive the star.

Bowser`s Big Nightmare

The hardest board on the dreams. Making the diffculty out of limit. With flames of fire,hard courses and horrific rides. Bowser controls evreything on the board. Make sure you dont get in the contraptuens of his orbs, evreytime all the orbs ae out,he add harder and more diffcult ones evreytime there used.

How to get a Star: Go to Bowser and give him 50 coins each time you pass him and he`ll recive you the star. If got the less amount Bowser sucks you up and spits you back to the start space.


Mini Games

Only 10 mini games have been confirmed by me!


-Statue Of Marlibirty

-Cheep Reef

-More to come

-More to come

-More to come

1 VS 3 

-Ring The Alarm

-Super Mario Bros Too.

-More to come

-More to come

-More to come

2 VS 2 

-Garden Grab

-I am ERROR!

-More to come

-More to come

-More to come

8 Players

-Hot Dope Run

-Light Up My Night

-More to come

-More to come

-More to come


-Pound In

-Two Become Um

-More to come

-More to come

-More to ome

(More To Come on MPADA!)

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