Mario Paintball Challenge is a new Mario game for the Nintendo 3DS. It consists in Mario characters playing paintball in various areas and is an experience to create a whole series. Various characters are playable, but each one having a different colour for their paintballs so players can actually notice who shot them.

Like the Mario Kart and Mario Strikers series, Mario Paintball Challenge applies a item system for the concept of the sport, so it can become more a Mario-like sport.



There are 16 playable characters in this game.


  • Mario - Red paintballs
  • Luigi - Dark green paintballs
  • Peach - Pink paintballs
  • Yoshi - Light green paintballs
  • Wario - Purple paintballs
  • Waluigi - Dark blue paintballs
  • Koopa - Lime paintballs
  • Toad - Sky blue paintballs



These unplayable characters can be either supporting, obstacles or bosses.




P.S: These bosses are only fought if the player chooses 'Boss Mode' in Single-Player or Multi-Player. The bosses for the unlockable stages are bought separatedly.


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