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  Mario Mysteries is an upcoming F3 game. It revolves around a gothic Daisy, returned to her normal state (see Neverworld The First) by Eternity Silver, attempting to solve a series of mysteries revolving around the Nintendo Civil War. Among these are the attempted assassination of Princess Peach (a reference to the cancelled Who Shot Princess Peach?), the disappearance of Mario and Luigi, and- most importantly- who framed her for the crime that banished her from Sarasaland?

Known Mysteries

The following missions are listed in the order that they take place in and are playable in. There are ten missions in all.

  1. Wanted: Daisy (pt 1)
  2. Where Are The Mario Brothers?
  3. Attempted Assassin
  4. Wanted: Daisy (pt 2)
  5. The Very Unusual Suspects/Cereal Killer (pt 1)
  6. The Very Unusual Suspects/Who Killed Rianna (pt 2)
  7. Janie Twice
  8. Wanted: Daisy (pt 3)
  9. Wanted: Daisy (pt 4)
  10. Wanted: Daisy (pt 5)


Major Characters

  • Detective Daisy - after being restored to normal by scientist/psychologist Eternity Silver, she is quite content to live peacefully. However, she is forced to take a more aggressive stance when she is framed for arson and attempted murder. After an unfair trial, she is thrown out of Sarasaland where she investigates the arson, and many other crimes.
  • Sir Snifit - Daisy's friend and mentor. In the prologue of the game, he is knocked out, and left for dead in a flaming room by a Daisy imposter. However, he survives. He fervently believes that the culprit was not Daisy and argues against her banishment.
  • Eternity Silver - Daisy's psychologist. She helps Daisy return to normal, and believes that the princess is innocent.
  • Doopliss - a duplighost who hates Daisy. He is a prime suspect in the framing. Turns out to have stolen peoples identities
  • Janie Twice - a girl identical to Daisy except for a terrible scarring of half her face. She is a prime suspect in the framing.
  • Whippor-Willy - a chameleon-like creature that can change shape. It is a prime suspect in the framing.

Minor Characters

  • Smiley Face Finn - a demonic clown who is being tracked down by Daisy.
  • Jimmy The Predator - a crook being hunted by Daisy.

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