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Mario Maker 3 is a SNES bootleg game made by an unknown group (they marked "Black+" in the title screen, maybe stolen the rights of Blackplus Games) in holiday 2020.


It's not so flexible as the original versions and lacks of new features of Maker (e.g. stack-up) however, you can build levels based on this 4 games:

  • Somari
  • Super Mario 4 (Game Boy)
  • Super Mario World (NES)
  • Grand Dad: Super Mario 7


  • All of 4 games that used are also bootleg.
  • Maybe it's a hack of Mario Paint.
  • In Somari, you can choose between 4 different characters (similar to Costumes in canon version): Somari, Taluig, Shawar, Rouwal.
    • Grand Dad palette is also available for Mario by using PAR codes. It would replace Somari.
    • The new three characters are made in the style of Somari, as Tails + Luigi, Shadow + Wario, and Rouge + Waluigi.

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