Mario Madness is a TV series in 2014.


Season 1

Episode 1: Unevil (Based on No Game, No Song) Episode 2: Return of King Kong (Based on Donkey Kong, Song: What Doesn't Kill You sung by Pauline) Episode 3: Revenge of the Island (Based on Yoshi's Island, Song: Yoshi's Song sung by Yoshi) Episode 4: Let'sa Go Away, Mario! (Based on No Game, Song: What Makes A Man sung by Mario) Episode 5: F.L.U.D.D.ed Part 1 (Super Mario Sunshine, Song: Flood sung by F.L.U.D.D.) Episode 6: F.L.U.D.D.ed Part 2 (Super Mario Sunshine, I Am Your Shadow sung by Shadow Mario) Episode 7: F.L.U.D.D.ed Part 3 (Super Mario Sunshine, Who Are You sung by Mario) Episode 8: Back In The Future (M&L: Partners in Time, No Song) Episode 9: Pick a Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy, Galaxy sung by Mario) Episode 10: Deep Down Inside Of You (M&L Bowser's Inside Story, Inside Of You sung by Starlow)

Season 2

Episode 11: Ghost Away (Luigi's Mansion, No Song) Episode 13: Civil Wario (No Game, War Is My Love sung by Wario) Episode 14: Truth or Dash (MK: Double Dash!!, Truth or Dare sung by Luigi) Episode 17: I Surrender! (No Game, I Give Up! sung by Bowser) Episode 19: Goodbye (No Game, Say Goodbye sung by Bowser to Peach) Episode 20: Stay-Cation (No Game, Stay sung by Everyone besides Bowser)

Season 3

Episode 23: Bowser's Dark Side (M&L Bowser's Inside Story, Disturbed Darkness sung by Dark Bowser) Episode 25: Rise of Mario Part 1 (No Game, Bad sung by Unknown Mario Clone) Episode 26: Rise of Mario Part 2 (No Game, On Fire sung by Unknown Luigi Clone) Episode 27: Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom (No Game, The End sung by all unknown clones) Episode 28: Just Trying To Be Friends (No Game, Friends sung by everyone except clones) Episode 29: Spaced Out P1: Pack Your Lubbas (Super Mario Galaxy 2, Starships chorus sung by Lubba) Episode 30: Spaced Out P2: Clones Encounter (Super Mario Galaxy 2, We're Back! sung by Clones) Episode 31: Spaced Out P3: Teaching Tricks (Super Mario Galaxy 2, Thought That We Were Friends sung by Mario and Luigi) Episode 35: You Fawful For That? (M&L Bowser's Inside Story, Cloned Insanity sung by Bowser, Mario, Luigi, and Starlow) Episode 36: Fight for the Mushroom Kingdom (M&L Bowser's Inside Story, Trouble sung by Fawful) Episode 37: Forever Fawful (M&L Bowser's Inside Story, Top Of The World sung by Fawful)

Season 4

No known episodes yet.

Voice Talents

  • Charles Martinent (Mario, Luigi, Shadow Mario)
  • Samantha Kelly (Peach)
  • Scott Burns (Bowser)
  • Caety Sagoian (Bowser Jr, Lord Fawful)
  • Deanna Mustard (Daisy)
  • Richard Yearwood (Donkey Kong)

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