Mario Kronum is a game for the Wii U which appears Kronum, a game with 5 players (1 Crosser, 2 Rangers & 2 Wedgebacks). There are 21 captains (Starting off with 12 captains), 10 sidekicks and 5 Wedgebacks (Starting off with 4).



Image Captain Top Stat Position Super Score Home Stadium
Mario All-Around Ranger Fireball: Mario throws the Kronum ball when its on fire! Mario Park
Luigi All-Around Crosser Iceball: Luigi throws the Kronum ball when its covered in Ice! Luigi Mansion
Wario Power Ranger Super Punch: Wario charges up a punch and hits the ball with it.
Waluigi Skill Crosser Fakeball: Waluigi makes three fake balls. Which one is real?

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