The beta elements of Mario Kart ZGP will be here.


  1. According to one of the creators, Hammer Bro. was meant to appear in here with his own kart, Hammer Slammer. Unfortunately, the idea has been scrapped and Hammer Bro. was replaced by Metal Luigi.


  1. An early art of Bowser's Castle was created and replaced by a new one. The Earlier Bowser Castle can be seen to the right as well as the newer one below it.
  2. LIke in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, each circuit was meant to have a logo, but the idea was scrapped for unknown reasons. It has been rumoured that the logos can be used through hacking.
    185px-Screen Shot 2012-01-04 at 20.12.22

    An early Bowser's Castle course "birds-eye" view.


    The newer Bowser's Castle.


  1. A battle mode known as "Star Steal" was meant to be in the game, instead was replaced by Coin Battle.


  1. The music for Mario Circuit was meant to be a remix of Mario Circuit 1 from Super Mario Kart. Instead, a remix of E. Gadd's Garage from Mario Party 6 was used.



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