Mario Kart XL
MKXL Art 1
Developer(s) Retro Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Q4 2012
1-8 Players (Local/Online)
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating
Genre(s) Racing
Media Included Disk

Mario Kart XL is a game made for the Wii U. In this new installment, Mario and his friends again racing for first place. An all-new Story Mode is added, where Mario and his friends has to stop Bowser. Also, a Double Dash mode is added, where the player is able to ride with 2 characters on one kart. There are also new characters and new kart parts. The player is able to glide and dive again, like in Mario Kart 7. Also, all classic modes return. The player is able to race online, and in communities.


Story Mode

In Story Mode, the player has to travel through 6 Worlds. These Worlds have their own theme. A World doesn't have levels. A World is just óne big world, with many areas. You have to clear special missions or battles to continue (a ramp/path appears, which will lead to another area). A World is filled with some characters. Each character has their own mission. The characters are all different, they could be minions of Bowser, who wants to battle you, or friendly characters, who wants to join your team, or just want to test you. If a character joins your team, he or she becomes playable in other modes. Not all battled characters wil join your team or become playable. Only one character in a world will join you team. They can be reached after cleared all of the other missions. When you cleared that mission, the Boss becomes available. The Boss Battle contains a race through the whole world, and the finish is the next world.

In this mode, special courses and characters will become playable in other modes, after unlocking them. In each world, only óne character is playable, each world different. Only the default characters are playable, none unlockable characters.

World Character Boss
World 1- Mushroom Kingdom Princess Peach Boom Boom
World 2- Sarasaland Luigi King Boo
World 3- The Jungle Donkey Kong Petey Piranha
World 4- Mushroom City Wario Bowser Jr.
World 5- Yoshi's Island Yoshi Kamek
World 6- Bowser's Lava Land Mario Bowser

Grand Prix

Like in the past games, Grand Prix is a mode. Players can play all default courses in this mode.

Time Trials

Race for the best time. All default courses are playable.

Double Dash

This mode is the same as Grand Prix, but now you're able to drive with two characters on óne kart!

Balloon Battle

In this returning mode, players have to break other's balloons and protect their own using items. The player can select which items can be used.

Coin Runners

The player has to get as many coins as he can, and steal from others using items. The player can select which items can be used.


Play all unlocked missions! You can unlock more missions in Story Mode.


It was a shiny day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and his Crew were celebrating it. Suddenly, Kamek flies over. He dropped a letter:

Create the biggest Kart Party for me, and FAST!!! Or else I will let my whole troop at the Mushroom Kingdom!!! I've already sended some to you!!!



Mario and Crew were shocked. Peach called all of the Toads together. The Toads immediately started building. Then, Mario and his friends jumped into their karts and set out to fight Bowser, and stop his troops.

After passing through the worlds, and all bosses beaten, Mario and the Crew enter Bowser's Castle. A classic platformer-level starts. Bowser appears, and he seems to be angry. He will challenge Mario for a race. This race will be really hard. All of the defeated bosses will appear, and they will throw obstacles to Mario. If Mario is hit, he will lose a balloon. He has 3 of them, and if he loses all of them, it's over.

When Mario reaches the final goal, a cage will fall on Bowser and his Crew. Surprisingly, Mario challenge all of them for a friendly kart competition. Bowser accept the challenge, and all of them will return to the Mushroom Kingdom, where the Toads just finished the build of the party. 'Let's a Kart!!!'

In the Staff Roll, many photo's of the party were shown.





Unlocking Criteria

MKXL Character Roster

The Character Selection Screen

Character Criteria
Toad Clear World 1 Mission
Princess Daisy Clear World 2 Mission
Diddy Kong Clear World 3 Mission
Waluigi Clear World 4 Mission
Birdo Clear World 5 Mission
Koopa Troopa Clear World 6 Mission
Boom Boom Beat him in World 1
King Boo Beat him in World 2
Petey Piranha Beat him in World 3
Bowser Jr. Beat him in World 4
Kamek Beat him in World 5
Bowser Beat him in World 6
Shy Guy Clear the 50cc Star Cup
Rosalina Clear the 150cc Star Cup
Toadette Clear the 50cc Lightning Cup

Get a 1 star rank in 50cc

Dry Bones Clear the 100cc Special Cup
Hammer Bro. Clear the 100cc Lightning Cup
Lakitu Clear the 150cc Flower Cup
Pom Pom Get 15 Expert Staff Ghosts in Time Trials
Pianta Get a 1 star rank in 100cc
Wiggler Get a 1 star rank in 150cc
Lubba Clear the Mirror Special Cup
Mc Ballyhoo Get a 1 star rank in Mirror
E. Gadd Buy the Ghost Hunter Pack (5000 coins)
Dixie Kong Buy the Jungle Pack (8000 coins)
Geno Buy the RPG Pack (12000 coins)
R.O.B. Buy the Robotic Pack (15000 coins)
Dry Bowser Buy the Baddie Pack (20000 coins)
Mii Get 30 Expert Staff Ghosts in Time Trials

Cups & Courses

Nitro Cups

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Mario Circuit Retro Raceway Yoshi's Island Peach's Castle
Delfino Plaza Bowser Jr. Boulevard Skate Survival Chomp Factory
Flower Valley Western Junction Comet Observatory Bowser Castle
Pokey Desert Tanooki Treeway Mushroom Mountains Rainbow Road

Retro Cups

Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup
SNES Donut Plains 2 Wii Mario Circuit GBA Ribbon Road SNES Vanilla Lake 2

GCN Dry Dry Desert

DS Cheep Cheep Beach Wii Moonview Highway GCN Wario Colosseum
N64 Toad's Turnpike GBA Boo Lake N64 Yoshi Valley Wii Grumble Volcano

3DS Wuku Loop

N64 Royal Raceway DS Tick Tock Clock N64 Rainbow Road

Downloadable Cups

Moon Cup
Haunted Mansion
Jungle Hijinx
Nimbus Land
Future Town
Dry Dry Volcano

Battle Courses

Nitro Courses Retro Courses Downloadable Courses
Yoshi Park GBA Battle Course 4 E. Gadd's Lab
Diamond City GCN Tilt-A-Kart Jungle Japes
Thwomp Vulcano DS Pipe Plaza Star Rod Stadium
Pianta Plaza Wii Funky Stadium Robo City
Sky Station Galaxy 3DS Wuhu Town Lava Land

Downloadable Content

Like many other games, Mario Kart XL is able to receive DLC via SpotPass. Once in a while, the game receives DLC Packs. These Packs include a character, a new Battle Course and a new Race Course. If a DLC Pack is received, the player can buy it in the Coin Shop, a new way to buy several things. If the player has bought a Pack, he/she doens't lose his/her coins.

Name Coins Needed Character Battle Course Race Course
Ghost Hunter Pack 5000 E. Gadd E. Gadd's Lab Haunted Mansion
Jungle Pack 8000 Dixie Kong Jungle Japes Jungle Hijinx
RPG Pack 12000 Geno Star Rod Stadium Nimbus Land
Robotic Pack 15000 R.O.B. Robo City Future Town
Baddie Pack 20000 Dry Bowser Lava Land Dry Dry Volcano