Mario Kart: Legend of Nightmare is a game for the Wii U

Story Mode

This is the Main mode That Unlocks The Boss Fights and Extra Characters


Act 1 Intro: The Realm Of Normania

1. Fallen Starland

2. Volcanic Panic

3. Thick Jungle

4. Tunnel City

Act 1 Outro: Rising Land

Act 2 Intro: Continuing to the Second Realm

5. Secret Isle

6. In The Clouds

7. Cloud Chasm

8. Deep In The Dark Realm

Act 2 Outro: Nightmare Defeated?

Act 3 Intro: A New Castle!

EX. Nightmare Soul's Black Hole Castle

Act 3 Outro: Back Home

Party Mode

Here You Play Any Of The 42 Cups called Islands. They are as follows:

Name Tracks
1-1 Grassy Hills

SNES Mario Circuit 1

SNES Donut Plains 1

SNES Ghost Valley 1

SNES Bowser's Castle 1

1-2 Forest Of Darkness

N64 Luigi's Raceway

N64 Moo Moo Farms

N64 Koopa Troopa Beach

N64 Kalimari Desert

1-3 Mushroom Lake

GBA Peach Circuit

GBA Shy Guy Beach

GBA Riverside Park

GBA Bowser's Castle 1

1-4 Grass Chasm

GCN Luigi Circuit

GCN Peach Beach

GCN Baby Park

GCN Dry Dry Desert

1-B Nightmare's Grass Castle

V.S Giant Goomba

2-1 Volcano Side Lake

DS Figure Circuit

DS Yoshi Falls

DS Cheep Cheep Falls

DS Luigi's Mansion

2-2 Lava Caves

WII Luigi Circuit

WII Moo Moo Meadows

WII Mushroom Gordge

WII Toad's Factory

2-3 Ridge Of The Volcano

3DS Toad Circuit

3DS Daisy Hills

3DS Cheep Cheep Lagoon

3DS Shy Guy Bazaar

2-4 Lava Island

SNES Mario Circuit 2

SNES Choco Island 1

SNES Ghost Valley 2

SNES Donut Plains 2

2-B Nightmare's Lava Castle V.S Giant Koopa
3-1 Jungle Entry

N64 Toad's Turnpike

N64 Frappe Snowland

N64 Choco Mountain

N64 Mario Raceway

3-2 Thick Jungle

GBA Mario Circuit

GBA Boo Lake

GBA Cheese Land

GBA Bowser's Castle 2

3-3 Jungle Lake

GCN Mushroom Bridge

GCN Mario Circuit

GCN Daisy Cruiser

GCN Waluigi Stadium

3-4 Heart Of The Jungle

DS Desert Hills

DS Defino Square

DS Waluigi Pinball

DS Shroom Ridge

3-B Nightmare's Jungle Castle V.S Giant Bullet Bill
4-1 Tunnel Entry

WII Mario Circuit

WII Coconut Mall

WII DK Summit

WII Wario's Gold Mine

4-2 Tunnel Crossroads

3DS Wuhu Island Loop

3DS Mario Circuit

3DS Music Park

3DS Rock Rock Mountain

4-3 Tunnel Lake

SNES Bowser's Castle 2

SNES Mario Circuit 3

SNES Koopa Beach 1

SNES Choco Island 2

4-4 Tunnel Escape

GBA Luigi Circuit

GBA Sky Garden

GBA Cheep Cheep Island

GBA Sunset Wilds

4-B Nightmare's Mirage Castle V.S Fake Nightmare
5-1 Secret Forest

SNES Vanilla Lake 1

SNES Bowser's Castle 3

SNES Mario Circuit 4

SNES Donut Plains 3

5-2 Secret Lake

N64 Wario Stadium

N64 Serbert Land

N64 Royal Raceway

N64 Bowser's Castle

5-3 Secret Tunnel

GBA Snow Land

GBA Ribbon Road

GBA Yoshi Desert

GBA Bowser's Castle 3

5-4 Super Top Secret Factory

GCN Sherbert Land

GCN Mushroom City

GCN Yoshi Circuit

GCN DK Mountain

5-B Nightmare's Secret Castle V.S Giant Pokey
6-1 Cloud Staircase

DS DK Pass

DS Tick Tock Clock

DS Mario Circuit

DS Airship Fortress

6-2 Floating Lake

WII Daisy Circuit

WII Koopa Cape

WII Mapple Treeway

WII Grumble Volcano

6-3 Cloud Crossroads

3DS Piranna Plant Slide

3DS Wario Gallon

3DS Neo Bowser City

3DS Wuhu Mountain Loop

6-4 Cloud Hopping

SNES Koopa Beach

SNES Ghost Valley 3

SNES Vanilla Lake 2

SNES Rainbow Road

6-B Nightmare's First Cloud Castle V.S Giant Paragoomba
7-1 Chasm Edge

N64 DK's Jungle Parkway

N64 Yoshi Vally

N64 Banshee Boardwalk

N64 Rainbow Road

7--2 Chasm Cavern

GBA Lakeside Park

GBA Broken Pier

GBA Bowser's Castle 4

GBA Rainbow Road

7-3 Chasm Bottom

GCN Wario Colosseum

GCN Dino Dino Jungle

GCN Bowser's Castle

GCN Rainbow Road

7-4 Dark World Portal Entry

DS Wario Staduim

DS Peach Gardens

DS Bowser's Castle

DS Rainbow Road

7-B Nightmare's Second Cloud Castle V.S Giant Para-Beetle
8-1 Warped Castle Entry

WII Dry Dry Ruins

WII Moonview Highway

WII Bowser's Castle

WII Rainbow Road

8-2 Warped Castle Foyer

3DS DK Jungle

3DS Rosalina's Lce World

3DS Bowser's Castle

3DS Rainbow Road

8-3 Warped Castle Outer Core Shield

New Mushroom Kingdom

New Dreamland Circuit

New Bowser's Castle

New Rainbow Road

8-4 Warped Castle Outer Core

V.S Anti Bowser Jr

V.S Anti Bowser Jr Soul

V.S Anti Bowser

V.S Anti Bowser Soul

8-B Warped Castle Inner Core

V.S Nightmare

EX-1 Boss Container Part I

V.S Giant Goomba

V.S Giant Koopa

V.S Giant Bullet Bill

V.S Fake Nightmare

EX-2 Boss Container Part II

V.S Giant Pokey

V.S Giant Paragoomba

V.S Giant Para-Beetle

V.S Nighttmare

EX-B Warped Castle Inner Core

V.S Nightmare Soul

Drivers And Karts

Unlocked From Start

Mario-Red Dash

Luigi-Ghost Rider

Peach-Flower Power(Pink)

Bowser-Koopa Clown Car

Yoshi-Yoshi Mini Cart

Toad-Fungi Van

After Chapter 2

Donkey Kong Jr.-Mini Banana Car

Koopa Troopa-Green Shell Rider

Wario-Gold Mine Cart

Donkey Kong-Banana Blaster

Baby Mario-Red Baby Buggie

Baby Luigi-Green Baby Buggie

Daisy-Flower Power(Yellow)

After Chapter 4

Birdo-Birdo Mini Cart

Paratroopa-Red Shell Rider

Diddy Kong-Small Banana Blaster

Bowser Jr.-Paint Brush Kart

Toadette-Female Fungi Van

Waluigi-Purple Mine Cart

Petey Piranha-Piranha Pipes

King Boo-Boo Pipes

Dry Bones-Bone Hitch

Shy Guy-Shy Racer

After Chapter 6

R.O.B.-Metal Game View

Baby Peach-Pink Baby Buggie

Baby Daisy-Orange Baby Buggie

Rosalina-Flower Power(Blue and Luma)

Funky Kong-Funky Banana Blaster

Dry Bowser-Giant Bone Hitch

Metal Mario-Metal Dash

After Chapter 8

Lakitu-Cloud Puffer

Wiggler-Maple Kart

Queen Bee-The Stinger

Mii-Wii Kart

Kirby-Warp Star Rider

Nega Bowser-Nega Koopa Clown Car

Nega Bowser Soul-Soul Racer

Nega Bowser Jr-Paint Brush Kart

Nega Bowser Jr Soul-Soul Racer Jr

Nightmare-Kart Of Bad Dreams

After Chapter EX

Nightmare Soul-Kart Of Molten Evil



Triple Mushroom


Triple Banana

Red Shell

Triple Red Shell

Green Shell

Triple Green Shell

Spiney Shell (w/ wings)

Spiney Shell (w/o wings)


Bullet Bill

Mega Mushroom

Cape Feather

POW Block


Lightning Cloud

Fire Flower

Super Leaf

Lucky 7

First Place Portal

Nega Energy

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