This is going to be my last project ever due to me permanently leaving for a few reasons stated when no one was here to hear me saying it. Goodbye to my friends that I've made. Indigo Fusionbolt, I hope you have a ton of fun with FNAF 3 when it finally comes out. Biel, good luck with all the stuff you do in the future. Dylan, *military salute*. Terra, you really are a good mod—keep it up. Darkness, I know you get angry sometimes, but you should worry—it'll all get better bro. And finally, Eternal, you became my best friend on here, even influencing me to make that one Mario game I never finished. Have fun on here and I hope your Mario anime goes good :). That being said—I want you guys to hype the shit out of this game.

Final Goodbye,



Mario Kart X: Crossover Chaos! is the second Mario Kart on the Wii U. It is notable for featuring an all star cast of Nintendo characters, with 7 third party characters. There are different sections of characters based on series with bonus groups being Retro Racers and Third Party Poopers.

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