A Kart racing game based on Mario Kart, but featuring original characters as well as characters from assorted Nintendo games.

List of Nintendo characters

- Mario (starter)

- Luigi (starter)

- Peach (starter)

- Bowser (starter)

- Toad (starter)

- Yoshi (starter)

- Link (starter)

- Zelda (starter)

- Kirby (starter)

- Ice climbers Nana & Popo (starter)

- Ness (starter)

- Ike (starter)

- Geno (secret)

- Daisy (secret)

- Roaslina (secret)

- Mallow (secret)

- Smithy (secret)

- Ganon (secret)

- Metaknight (secret)

- King dedede (secret)

- Marth (secret)

- Roy (secret)

- Giga Bowser (not playable)

Third party characters

- Sonic (starter)

- Megaman (starter)

- Roll (starter)

- Protoman (secret)

- Bass (secret)

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