Mario Kart World Tour! is the 9th installment in the Mario Kart series. This is the only Mario Kart game that will be released for the same console as a previous game, for the Wii U. It will be released in North America on May 24, 2016, Japan on May 25, 2016, Europe on May 28, 2016, and China and Australia on June 5, 2016.


   The same features from the last 3 games return, including gliding, underwater, and even anti-gravity. Mario Kart World Tour! stages are based on real cities from around the world, but the retro courses are just what they are.


Here are the default characters:


       Baby Mario

       Baby Luigi

       Baby Peach



       Shy Guy







     Diddy Kong








   Here are the unlockable characters from Mario Kart World Tour!



    Baby Wario

    Bowser Jr.

    Dry Bones




  Hammer Bro

  Dixie Kong



 King Boo

 Funky Kong

 Dry Bowser


Every weight class gets 5 karts and 5 bikes. You only start out with 2 of each.

Karts and Bikes
Standard Kart Small
Flying Saucer
Mean Machine
Jet Pack
Standard Kart Medium
Flying Falcon
Stereo Beat
Giddy Up!
Standard Kart Large
Money Maker
Karting King
Sporting Kart
Standard Bike Small
Palm Tree
Shark Bait
Standard Bike Medium
Dolphin Dasher
Lighning Bike
Hot Rod
        Heavyweight Bowser Badness
Standard Bike Large Banana Man
Starman Big Boy

There is a secret code that you can put into your Wii U that can unlock the Koopalings. The code is 21439568375.

                  Unlocking Criteria:

Toadette Win 150cc Mushroom up
Baby Wario Win 150cc Flower Cup
Bowser Jr Win 150cc Star Cup
Dry Bones Win 150cc Special Cup
Birdo Win 150cc Shell Cup
Daisy Win 150cc Banana Cup
Hammer Bro  Win 100cc Leaf Cup
Dixie Kong Win 100cc Lightning Cup
Mii Beat 50cc Class
King Boo Win Mirror Special Cup
Funky Kong Win Mirror Banana Cup
Dry Bowser  Win Mirror Leaf Cup

                            Unlocking Criteria:

Flying Saucer Win 50cc Mushroom Cup
Mean Machine Win 50cc Flower Cup
Jet Pack Win 50cc Star Cup
Stereo Beat Win 50cc Special Cup
Giddy Up! Win 50cc Shell Cup
Cavalier Win 50cc Banana Cup
Meanie Win 50cc Leaf Cup
Karting King Win 50cc Lightning Cup
Sporting Kart Win 100cc Mushroom Cup
Timber Win 100cc Flower Cup
Palm Tree Win 100cc Star Cup
Shark Bait Win 100cc Special Cup
Lightning Bike Win 100cc Shell Cup
Cruiser Win 100cc Banana Cup
Hot Rod Win Mirror Mushroom Cup
Bowser Badness Beat the Staff Ghost in Pacific Volcano
Banana Man Beat the Staff Ghost in Jungle Ruins
Big Boy Do 10 Shortcuts in a Grand Prix


               There are 16 nitro courses and 16 retro. The name of the city will be below the course name.

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Panda Circuit    (Beijing) Daisy Forest (Vancouver) Palm Paradise (Miami) Hot Highway (Mexio City)
Bengal Mountain (Mumbai) Downtown City (London) Sandy Desert (Sydney) Mount Koopa (Tokyo)
Mushroom Town (Paris) Music Square (New Oreleans) Hammer Pharoh (Cairo) Pacific Volcano (Honolulu)
Luigi City (New York) Thwomp Anceint Temple (Machu Picchu) Mariowood (Los Angeles) Jungle Ruins (Rio)


Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup
WII Luigi Circuit DS Shroom Ridge U Electrodrome GCN Wario Colleseum
DS Figure-8 Circuit GBA Riverside Park WII DK Summit N64 Wario Stadium
U Thwomp Ruins GCN Mushroom City GBA Cheep Cheep Island DS Mario Circuit
3DS Daisy Hills SNES Choco Island 1

3DS Wario Shipyard

(Wario Galleon)

SNES Vanilla Lake 2


               This is the first Mario Kart Game that dosen't have a Mario Circuit, Bowser Castle, and Rainbow Road, but Nintendo plans to return to the original next installment.

               Part of this game was inspired by Subway Surfers, with the World Tour Theme.


                  The original name for this game was Mario Kart: Around the World! but they thought that World Tour had a better ring to it.


                A course was found in the game's files that was a earlier version of Mariowood. It had Pinatas dancing around, and it had a different design. They found out the original name of the course, but they plan on to never announce it to the public. This course can be found by ROM hacking, but it's very harmful to the WII U.


                ARTWORK IS WANTED!

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