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Mario Kart Wii 3 is a game created by Electro Inc.It has new courses,new Items and new characters.

Mushroom Cup

Luigi Circuit
Toad's Factory
Peach's Castle
Goomba Way

Flower Cup

Toad Town
Daisy's Castle
Rosalina's Island
Wario's Gold Mine

Star Cup

Grumble Volcano
Bowser Jr's Flame Fort
Bowser's Keep
Kosmic Koopa's Hideout

Special Cup

Dry Bones Creek
Yoshi Valley
Koopaling Castle
Luma's Crystal Caverns

Shell Cup

Koopa Cape
Bob-omb Maze
Chain Chomp Way
Rainbow Road

Banana Cup

Peach Beach
Koopa Bros. Field
Lavora's Airship
Sherbet Land

The Characters are not known yet.

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