Mario Kart Wii 2
Mario Kart Wii 2: Single or Double is a Mario Kart game. You can choose between Single Kart or Double Dash. It is for the Nintendo Wii, GameCube and 3DS.

This picture shows the Nintendo Wii cover. Left to right, top to bottom: Mario, Bowser, Luigi, Diddy Kong, Yoshi, Birdo, Toadette, Wario, Toad, Peach, Koopa Troopa and Dry Bones.

Starting Characters

Mario Luigi
Peach Daisy
Yoshi Birdo
Toad Toadette
Wario Waluigi
Bowser Bowser Jr
Donkey Kong Diddy Kong
Baby Mario Baby Luigi
Shadow Mario Shadow Luigi
Sonic Shadow
Mona 9-Volt


Shadow Maria Shadow Luise


Dribble Spitz
Shy Guy Boo
King Boo Big Boo
Waria Waluise
Baby Yoshi Baby Yoshi
Baby Wario Baby Waluigi
Boshi Purple Yoshi
8-bit Mario 8-bit Luigi
Rosalina Luma
Fawful Dr.Eggman
Dry Bowser Mecha Bowser
Mr.L Mr.M
Mr.W King Boo

Note: Lakitu and Ballyhoo are avalible after beating all 150cc mirror mode cups. As you unlock this bar to enter the cheat code to unlock them."Lakihoo" or "lakihoo".


Toad Toadsworth
Donkey Kong Diddy Kong
Koopa Troopa Paratroopa
Dry Bones
Goomba Paragoomba
Kate Robert
Blue Yoshi Pink Yoshi
Toadette Sparkle
Diddy Kong

Grand Prix

  • 50c
  • 100c
  • 150c
  • 50c Mirror
  • 100c Mirror
  • 150c Mirror
  • evil all cup tour/boss battle

Grand Prix Cups

Mushroom Cup

  1. Wario Factory
  2. English Hills
  3. Waluigi's Cove
  4. Orange Island

Flower Cup

  1. Cafe Noki
  2. Sunset Valley
  3. Mario Temple
  4. Birdo's Park

Star Cup

  1. Mushroom Subway
  2. Vanilla Lake 3
  3. Chunky Circut
  4. Mario Lake

Special Cup

  1. Delfino Carnival
  2. Sparkle's Hotel
  3. Bowser's Castle (wi2)
  4. Rainbow Road (wi2)

evil cup aka boss battle

  1. mushroom subway battle with mario head planet
  2. cafe noki battle with huge wiggle
  3. birdo's park battle with fawful
  4. rainbow road (wi2) battle with drak star aka fawful bug and drak boswer


Shell Cup

  1. Ribbon Road
  2. Cheese Land
  3. Delfino Square
  4. Mushroom Ridge

Banana Cup

  1. Mushroom Bridge
  2. Mushroom City
  3. Toad's Turnpike
  4. Mushroom Gordge

Leaf Cup

  1. Mooniew Highway
  2. Daisy Cruiser
  3. Frapple Snowland
  4. Kalimari Desert

Lightning Cup

  1. Dino Dino Jungle
  2. Grumble Volcano
  3. Waluigi Pinball
  4. Wario's Gold Mine

Time Trial

Time Trial is a mode were you race to beat your record time. You can unlock Baby Peach and Baby Daisy by racing on every track.


In VS. it is like a quick race. Chose the freqcy of items, whever you pick, random or race in order.


In battle you play in a stage.

Starting Battle Stages

  • Vampire Forest
  • Hip Hop Street
  • DK Raft
  • Ukiki Palace
  • Daisy Garden
  • Luigi Terrice
  • Toad Gate
  • Birdo's Ribbon Maze
Retro  Battle Stages

GCN pipe plaza GCN Block city 64 Double deck DS Tart top SNES Battle corse 1 GBA battle corse 3 Wii Gaxly collisum

Balloon Battle

In Balloon Battle you try to pop the opponents balloons.

Shine Runners

In Shine Runners you try to collect the shines the players with the least amount of shines are out.

Bottle Smashers

In Bottle Smashers you have to smash the opponents bottles and try to find the spare bottles.

Quiz Kart

In Quiz Kart you drive through the gate with the right anwser.

Trophy Case

The Trophy Case is were you view the trophies you have.


This a list of the trophies.

  • Farting Burrito
  • Shroomlock
  • Key
  • Sunday Drivers
  • Wario's Football Uniform
  • Winner's Trophy
  • (This Trophy has the same name as every character when you beat a cup)
  • Cheep Cheep
  • king crown (finish evil cup)

The Shop of Mushrooms and Gifts

This is the games shop, you can buy items here you can buy the trophy Wario's Football Uniform.

Sunday Drive

In Sunday Drive you have a relaxing ride around the Mushrom Kingdom.


These are the items that you can get out of a item box.

  • Fake item box
  • Peach's crown
  • Yoshi Egg
  • Banana peel
  • Fireball
  • Heart
  • Mushroom
  • Wario Bomb
  • Golden Mushroom
  • Star
  • Bullet Bill
  • Giant Mushroom
  • Mini Mushroom
  • Coin Bag
  • Brandy Bottle
  • Speed Boost
  • Slow Boost
  • Triple Banana
  • Giant Banana
  • Spinky Shell
  • Red Shell
  • Triple Red Shell
  • Green Shell
  • Triple Green Shell
  • POW Block
  • Thunderbolt
  • Thundercloud
  • Bowser Shell
  • Blooper
  • Magic Mirror
  • Tennis Racket


Songs that are real are rarely played.

Tik Tok, Love Story, Hot and Cold or Poker Face are played in the dining area in Cafe Noki.

Into the void and Love Rollercoaster are played in the cinema of Wario's Movie

And the Mamma Mia music video is shown in Hip Hop Street.


Some Kart's Belong to people who aren't playable

  • Turbo Yoshi (Owned by Yoshi)
  • Turbo Birdo (Owned by Birdo)
  • Turbo Boshi (Owned by Boshi)
  • Mario Kart (Owned by 9-Volt)
  • Toad Kart (Owned by Toad)
  • Toadsworth Kart (Owned by Toadsworth)
  • Monster Truck (Owned by Wario)
  • Machine Truck (Owned by Waluigi)
  • Green Dasher (Owned by Luigi)
  • Red Dasher (Owned by Mario)
  • Heart Carrige (Owned by Peach)
  • Flower Carrige (Owned by Daisy)
  • Star Carrige (Owned by Luma)
  • Spaceship Carrige (Owned by Rosalina)
  • Fireball Buggy (Owned by Baby Mario)
  • Clover Buggy (Owned by Baby Luigi)
  • Fruit Buggy (Owned by Baby Peach)
  • Rose Buggy (Owned by Baby Daisy)
  • Toadette Orber (Owned by Toadette)
  • Sparkle Orber (Owned by Sparkle)
  • Shell Kart (Owned by Koopa Troopa)
  • Wing Kart (Owned by Paratroopa)
  • Magikoopa (Owned by Boo)
  • Dry Shell (Owned by Dry Bones)
  • King Front Kart (Owned by King Boo)
  • Petey Kart (Owned by Petey Pihranta)
  • Blue Kart (Owned by Blue Yoshi)
  • Pink Kart (Owned by Pink Yoshi)
  • Giga Banana (Owned by Donkey Kong)
  • Diddy Racer (Owned by Diddy Kong)
  • Dixie Racer (Owned by Dixie Kong
  • Disco Banana (Owned by Funky Kong)
  • Offroader (Owned by Chunky Kong)
  • Ape Driver (Owned by Candy Kong)
  • Ashi Kart (Owned by Ashi)
  • Khami Kart (Owned by Khami)
  • Repeir Truck (Owned by ROBOT BOWSER)
  • Tow Truck (Owned by Dry Bowser)
  • Bowser Shell (Owned by Bowser)
  • Bowser Jr Shell (Owned by Bowser Jr)
  • Steal Buggy (Owned by Baby Wario)
  • Stole Buggy (Owned by Baby Waluigi)
  • Police Kart (Owned by Shroomlock)
  • Police Bike (Owned by Mrs Shroomlock)
  • Gold Winner Kart (Owned by Lakitu)
  • Gold Winner Bike (Owned by Ballyhoo)
  • Cheeter Bike (Owned by Robert)
  • Lion Kart (Owned by Kate)
  • ROB Wheeler (Owned by ROB)
  • ROBERTA Wheeler (Owned by ROBERTA)
  • Wario Bike (Owned by Wario again)
  • Pirahta Bike (Owned by Pirahta)
  • Goomba Kart (Owned by Goomba)
  • Wario Car (Owned by Wario AGAIN!)
  • Flame Flyer
  • Mach Bike
  • Standed Kart
  • Standed Bike
  • B Dasher
  • Royle Racer
  • Cheep Cheep Charger

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