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Please do not edit this page unless you have permission from me. And if you have a good Koopaling for Mario Kart Wii please show them to me, thankyou.

Mario Kart Wii: The Wheel of Misfortune is the 3rd or 4th Mario Kart Wii series with a whole new set of characters and much more extreme riding gear. Also known as Mario Kart Wii 3 this is a racing, action game developed by the Sectop. PLY. and published by the Nintendo Wii. This is a much more fun game then the first one with different levels, more characters and lots, lots more.


Following its predecessors, Mario Kart Wii: Whell of Misfortune uses a racing system like the first Mario Kart Wii. Players can choose from a large selection of characters, each attempting to knock their opponents out of the way as they race on various stages. The characters in Mrio Kart Wii include most of the same ones as the predecessors, such as the well-known Mario and Peach. Instead of using shells that make them dizzy you are able to fire aome thin ullets damaging the opponents, Mario Kart Wii characters start the game with nothing but in this game you get a bar chosing what you can get. As a character has dizziness, the character is harder to control just like in Mario Kart Wii. When a character is knocked beyond the boundaries of the stage he/ she will drive slower by the thick grass. , the character losses it's speed and it's agileness, this may work differently in different areas.

Playable Characters:

The game will feature a total of 50 characters, a wider variety of playable characters than its predecessor, some new and some from the previous games. There are four categories in which each playable character is categorized. Light Racers are the racers that go faster but get hit easier who have previously appeared next to you. Universe, Middle Weights, who are equally strenghted faster than heavy weights but not as strong ,Heavy Weights are super strong but can go very slowly but it sure packs a punch, and Secret Fighters, which have to be unlocked by completing a certain task. Secret Fighters can also be Newcomer fighters.

Baby Mario Mario Bowser
Baby Peach Luigi Donkey Kong
Toad Princess Peach Wario
Koopa Troopa Yoshi Waluigi
Goomba Diddy Kong Dr Eggman
Toadsworth Bowser Jr Cackletta
Baby Queen Merelda Pacman Cranky Kong
Baby Bowser Sonic Mouneti

Unlockables: There is also something called the Koopalings jackpot where you get to play a Koopaling but in an unkown weight. You can play the following, Ludwig, Iggy, Larry, Morton, Roy, Lemmy, Tim, Wendy O, Risen and Lavora

Baby Luigi Princess Daisy Petey Piranha
Baby Daisy Rosalina King Boo
Baby Wario Birdo Midbus, Popple and Fawful
Baby Rosalina Noki Pianta
Merfle Queen Merelda Medusa
Baby Petey Dixie Kong Funky Kong
Baby Dry Bowser Boshi Koopalings
Baby Donkey Kong Dry Bowser Jr Captain Syrup

Race Courses & Cups:

These are all the known courses and the known cups aswell. These are very different from the first Mario Kart Wii but i think they are better than them and there are heaps more cups. This is under construction do not edit!

Mushroom Shell Bannana Leaf Flower Star Moonlight Fire Lightning Special Elite Cup
Moo Moo Meadows Petey's Pitfall DK Dojo Maple Treeway Daisy's Circuit Rainbow Road Green Hill Zone Fire House Cloudy Domain



Toads Factory Luigi Circuit Mario Circuit Bowser's Castle Peach's Castle Yoshi's Island Bowser.Jr Playroom Bowser Castle2 Shrunken Island Shipreck Waterfall Elite 2
Toadette's Hotel Koopa's Highway Cranky's Shack Wiggler's Tunnel Piranha Mayhem Wario'sGold Mine Luigi's Mansion Bowser Castle3 Thunder Cloud Mushroom Zone Elite 3
Mushroom Gorge Noki Beach Space Junk Galaxy Hawaiiiii Mall Piranha Garden Waluigi's Pinball Madness Boo Boo Hotel Ring of Fire Bowser Factory Bowser's Castle 4 Elite 4


Mega Office

Dance Disco Shop Centre

Mount Banana Vortex Portal Merfle Meadow Luma Crossing Caging of Doom Meteology Hill Blue Ocean Zone Emerald Zone Elite 5

Retro Cups:

Shroob Poison Shadow Rainbow Phantom Planet Aqua Frost Wing Bowser Ancient Cup
Shroob's Planet Toxic Gas Universe Dark Realm Lubba Munch Room Luigi Mansion Venus Heart Planet Water Rainfall Winter Wonderland Para Tornado Koopa Paradise Cyborg Universe
Shroob Ville Poisoned Ocean Shadow Lord Star Star Universe King Boo Relay Mars Ice Ridge Sandy Beach Snowy Fortress Twister 7 Lava Tropix Mechtogon Palace
Princess Shroob Diner Nucleer Factory Deep Space Unit Empereor Prizon Ghosty Ruins Milky Way Galaxy Tsunami Devastation Avalanche Mountain Typhoon 6 Parasail Universe

Mechtanium Metal Works

Queen Shroob's Anger Room Waste Land of Gas Black Rage Shooting Star Galaxy Morteon Skele Room Saturn Ringer Wave Zone Palace Y.E.T.I Kingdom Pilot Crash Volcano Island Metal Overlord Kingdom
Shroob Mayhem Universe Planet Venom Umber Planet Whistle Tall Trunk Spiritual World Earthy Security Limestone Crystal Cavern Frozen Wasteland Floating Babylon Bowser Castle 5 Visional Expert

Legend Cups:

Goomba Eye Cup Virus Fiend Ultimate Mythologic Cup:
Goomba Land Pupil Pianta Megabite Land Monster Mansion Ocean Blue Fairy Land of Doom
Goomba Palace Lance Layer Insectisite Alien Ware House Kill Zone Harpies Location
Goomba Fortress Eye Shattering Gigabite Overlord Monster Ware Inc Mario Master Busters Ceberus's Kennel
Kingdom of Spades Eyelash Tracks Computix Lord Justin Beiber's Head Midbus Rollout Hydra Palace
Goomba Style Double Trouble Virus Charger Area 52 Thieves O. Kingdom Medusa's Lair


Bannana Peel

Green Shell

Red Shell

Blue Shell


Smash Box

Fake Smash Box

Thunder Cloud


Triple Green Shell

Triple Bannana Peels


Mega Mushroom

Mega Mushroom

Propeller Mushroom


Coin Launcher

Chain Chomp

Bullet Bill

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