A sequel to Mario Kart Wii, many new characters are provided as well as karts, courses, modes and Battle Games!


Returning Characters

Newcoming Racers


Original Courses

Mushroom Cup

Course Name Staff Ghost Laps Obstacles
DK Island Donkey Kong 3 Falling Bananas
Piranha Forest Petey Piranha 3 Piranha Plants
Cluck Cluck Ranch Dixie Kong 3 Chickens, Monty Moles
Mushroom Raceway Toad 3 Tumbleweeds, Pokeys

Shell Cup

Course Name Staff Ghost Laps Obstacles
Alpine Pass Bob-Omb 3 Falling Bananas
Stormy Shore Dry Bones 4 Giant Waves, Water
Waluigi Pinball Waluigi 3 Balls, Metal Rods
Dry Dry Ruins Pokey 3 Tumbleweeds, Pokeys

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