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Mario Kart Violet
Mario kart violet
Developer(s) Nin10
Publisher(s) Nin10
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Release Date(s)
Flag of Japan January 9, 2017
Flag of USAJanuary 11, 2017
Flag of Europe January 12, 2017
Flag of Canada January 12, 2017
Flag of China January 13, 2017
Flag of Australia January 14, 2017
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone (ESRB)
Genre(s) Racing
Series Mario Kart
Predecessor Mario Kart 8
Cost $36

Mario Kart Violet (Japanese: マリオカートバイオレット) is a 2017 Mario Kart game made by Nintendo for the Nintendo Wii U. The project started on December 16, 2015, and is planned to be released on January 9, 2017 (Japan).  The predecessor to Mario Kart Violet is Mario Kart 8.

Mario Kart Violet will have several downloadable packs, most of them $4 or less. All of them will have 3-4 characters inside, and two downloadable cups will be available for $2 each. If you have Super Smash Bros. 4 data on your Wii U, you can get the SSB4 Pack for free.


These are the characters of Mario Kart Violet. They're separated by how heavy they are. Light characters are in the Lightweight section, Middleweight characters are in the Middleweight section, and heavy characters are in the Heavyweight section.

Lightweight characters are generally faster than the other class weights, and can be knocked around easily by Middleweight and Heavyweight characters. Middleweight characters are generally slower than Lightweight characters but are faster than Heavyweight characters. Middleweight characters can knock around Lightweight characters but can be knocked around by Heavyweight characters. Heavyweight is the slowest class weight, but can knock around the other two class weights easily.

Credit to Jake for this code.


These are all characters you have by default.

Lightweight Characters:
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
Green Koopa New
Koopa Troopa
Middleweight Characters:
Propeller MushroomPropeller MushroomPropeller Mushroom
Propeller MushroomPropeller MushroomPropeller Mushroom
Peach - Mario Party 10
Heavyweight Characters:
Bowser NSMBW
Mega MushroomMega MushroomMega MushroomMega MushroomMega Mushroom
DK Strong
Donkey Kong
Mega MushroomMega MushroomMega MushroomMega MushroomMega Mushroom
MP9 Big Bob-omb
Big Bob-omb


These characters are unlockable.

Lightweight Characters:
Toadette (MP10)
Baby Peach
Baby Peach
Baby Wario
Shyguy MP9
Shy Guy
Middleweight Characters:
Kamek YBA
Propeller MushroomPropeller MushroomPropeller Mushroom
Diddy Kong
Propeller MushroomPropeller MushroomPropeller Mushroom
Metal Mario
Bowserjr MP9
Bowser Jr.
Propeller MushroomPropeller MushroomPropeller Mushroom
Heavyweight Characters:
Rosalina - Mario Party 10
King Boo Artwork - Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
King Boo
Petey Piranha
Mega MushroomMega MushroomMega MushroomMega MushroomMega Mushroom
Other Characters:

Unlocking Criteria


Downloadable Content

Downloadable Characters

The SSB4 pack has characters from Super Smash Bros. 4 in them. You can buy the pack by paying $4, or by having Super Smash Bros. 4 data on your Wii U.

SSB4 Pack:
SSB4 Corrin
Propeller MushroomPropeller MushroomPropeller Mushroom
Samus SSB4
Samus Aran
Mega MushroomMega MushroomMega MushroomMega MushroomMega Mushroom


The gameplay in this game is very similar to that of all the other games in the series, taking a lot of ideas from the series' two most recent installments. The player can pick different characters from the roster to play as, each with its own weight class. Just like in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 8, the max number of racers is 12. Players can grab items from Item Boxes, like in all the other games. Different items do different things. You get different items depending on your place. If you're in third, second, or first place, you won't receive strong items. If you're in fourth, fifth, or sixth place, you have a low chance of getting strong items. If you're in seventh, eighth, or ninth place, you have a great chance of getting strong items. If you're in tenth, eleventh, or twelfth place, you will almost always receive strong items. Stronger items are items that are quite effective against other players. Weaker items are items that aren't as effective but can still be used to your advantage.

Like in its two predecessors, this game features anti-gravity and gliding. These features are completely unchanged. Underwater driving is kept, though it's changed. Mario Kart Violet introduces a new feature: Water Dashing. You can drive around in the middle of the water, and if you're going fast enough you can drive on top of it. Items were changed so that they cooperate with this new feature. For example, if you were to use a Red Shell underwater, it would still aim for the nearest player that's in front of you, no matter what. If you drive over an anti-gravity "ramp", then you'll be able to drive on top of the water.

Mario Kart Violet also introduces Pit Stops into the series. Pit Stops give everyone who passes through an item (as long as they don't already have one), and also allow you to change the kind of wheels/gliders you're using.


Credit to Jake for the code.
Fake item box
Fake Item Box
The Fake Item Box is a common item that resembles a real Item Box. The difference is that you cannot get items from Fake Item Boxes. Fake Item Boxes also have their question mark upside down, are red, and are explosive. Being hit by one topples you over and slows you down..
Red Shell
The Red Shell is a shell that aims for the nearest player that's in front of the user. When it hits, the victim topples over, slows down, and has to regain speed.
Red Shell Trio
The Red Shell Trio is a group of 3 Red Shells. After hitting one player with a Red Shell, you cannot hit the same player until they get up again. Red Shells from Red Shell Trios are slower than normal Red Shells.
Green Shell
Green Shells are like Red Shells, except that they do not aim for the nearest player. Instead they go straight forward, bouncing off walls either until it breaks, hits a player, or falls off the map.
Green Shell Trio
A group of 3 Green Shells. Green Shells from Green Shell Trios do not affect any players that are already suffering from item damage.
Banana Peel
Banana Peels are items that can are left on the track until an opponent drives onto one. These items cause the victim's vehicle to slip, slowing them down.
Banana Trio
A group of three Banana Peels. Bananas do not affect players that are already recovering from slipping on a Banana.
When you use a Mushroom, you gain a temporary speed boost that helps you knock away classes with a higher weight than you. The speed boost lasts 3 seconds.
Mushroom Trio
A group of three Mushrooms. Players can only use one Mushroom at a time. Using several Mushrooms in a row can make you topple over.
When used, Bloopers will spill ink all over your opponents' screens, making them more likely to drive off the map or into hazards. However, if you're in first place when you use this item, the ink will spill on you and only you.
Mega Mushroom
When used, the user will turn huge and will be able to drive over people, flattening them and their vehicles. Victims will have to wait 7 seconds to get back to normal.
POW Block
When used, everyone within the POW Block's blast radius will be toppled over, slowing them down.
Fire Flower
Allows you to throw fireballs at anyone who is in front of you. The victim will topple over, lose three coins, and will have to regain speed.
Boomerang Flower
Allows you to throw boomerangs at anyone who's in front of you. The victim will topple over and will have to regain speed.
Ice Flower
Ice Flower
Allows you to shoot balls of ice at people who are in front of you. The victim becomes frozen for 5 seconds, and then unfreezes. They will not have to regain speed as long as they hold up while they are frozen.
Lakitu Cloud
Lakitu Cloud
Using a Lakitu Cloud allows you to float over other player's heads for 15 seconds. Pressing R allows you to throw Spinies down at the player.
Thunder Cloud
Thunder Cloud
When used, everyone besides you turns small, making you slower. The lower the place you're in, the faster you turn back to normal. If used while the user is in first place, however, only the user will turn small.
Spiny Shell - Mario Kart Wii
Blue Spiny Shell
Blue Spiny Shells are explosive Koopa Shells that always aim for the person in first place, only hitting other players if they are in the blast radius.
Coin NSMB2
Coins are items that are used to speed up your vehicle. The max amount of coins you can have is 10. Coins can be found in Item Boxes or scattered on the track.






Button Effect
The left analog stick is for controlling your character! Holding up will let you move your character up. Holding left or right will make your character go left/right.
WiiU A Button
The A button is used for selecting things in the main menu.
WiiU B Button
The B button is used to reverse your vehicle.
WiiU X Button
The X button is used for honking your horn.
WiiU YButton
The Y button is used for switching your camera angle so that you can look behind you.
WiiU L Button
Pressing the L button will allow you to use your item(s). Holding the L button lets you drift left.
WiiU R Button
Pressing R lets you do tricks in midair. Doing this gives your character a slight boost once hitting the ground. Holding R lets you drift right.
WiiU Button
The + button is used to pause.
WiiU - Button
The - button is used to let you look at the map. Holding it will bring you to the title screen.

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