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Mario Kart Viii (also called Mario Kart Blast!) is the 8th Mario Kart game.



Koopa Troopa




Honey Queen


Metal Mario


Shy Guy




Diddy Kong

Dixie Kong new!

Funky Kong

'King' K. Rool new!

Candy Kong new!


Baby Mario

Baby Luigi

Baby Peach

Baby Daisy

Baby Bowser new!

Baby Wario new!

Baby DK new!

Bowser jr.

Paragoomba new!

Phirana Plant new!

Custom Yoshi new!

Mii costume A

Mii costume B

Mii costume C


Pikachu,Charizard,Venesaur,Blastoise(connect to pokemon 3d)

Zelda and Link,(connect to the legend of zelda:ocarina of time 3d or buy at 3ds shop)

Kirby and Meta Knight (connect to Kirby and friends)

King Dedede

King Boo

Giga Bowser

How to Unlock


Honey Queen-100cc Banana Cup

Wiggler-100cc Leaf Cup

Metal Mario-100cc Special Cup

Lakitu-100cc Shell Cup

Shy Guy-100cc Lightning Cup

Daisy-50cc Super Mushroom Cup

Rosalina-50cc Star Cup

Toadette-beat time trials in under 2:50 min.

Diddy Kong-100cc Banana Cup (as DK)

Dixie Kong-100cc Leaf Cup (as DK)

Funky Kong-100cc Star Cup (as DK)

King K. Rool-100cc Shell Cup (as DK)

Candy Kong-100cc Special Cup (as DK)

Birdo-1500cc Bomb Cup

B.Mario-150cc Mushroom Cup

B.Luigi-150cc Flower Cup

B.Peach-150cc Star Cup

B.Daisy-150cc Special Cup

B.Bowser-150cc Mushroom Cup

B.Wario-150cc Shell Cup

B.DK-150cc Banana Cup

Bowser jr.-150cc Leaf Cup

Paragoomba-beat time trials in under 1:20 min.

Phirana Plant-beat time trials under 1:10 min.

Custom Yoshi-beat time trials in under 1:50 min.

Mii Costume A-beat all 100cc cups

Mii Costume B-beat all 150cc cups

Mii Costume C-beat all 200cc cups


standard (default)

test car (default)

the royal ride or birthday girl (default)

flash flame-100 coins

rainbow ride-10,000 coins

flicker flash flame-100,000 coins

speed demon-200 coins

monster (wheels)-300 coins

bowser-mobile-400 coins

sporty bike pink-500 coins

sporty bike yellow-500 coins

quartet of sound (wheels)-600 coins

standard (wheels,default)

standard (glider,default)

swooper (glider)-700 coins

paragoomba paraglider (glider)-800 coins

flower glider (glider)-900 coins

big bully-1,000 coins

green flash flame-1,100 coins

baybie cariage series-1,200 coins

banana blitz (glider)-1,300 coins

mushroom masher-1,400 coins

barrel bash (boosters)-1,500 coins

mush-BOOM! (boosters)-1,600 coins

flasher fire flower (boosters)-1,700 coins

1-up mush-BOOM! (boosters)-1,800 coins

DK dasher-1,900 coins

New Stuff

Kart Features

Boosters:are a new accesory to the karts.They're not special really,but you can customize them to make your kart look better.For instance,if you wanted a DK themed ride you would pick the DK dasher as your kart and the banana blitz for your glider,but then it wouldn't be a full DK ride without DK boosters so the barrel bash would be last to finish the whole theme.

Bikes:are now back into the mario kart series!they were taken away in mario kart seven but are back!

New Characters

Characters: here is a list of all the new characters:

Dixie Kong

King K. Rool

Candy Kong





Phirana Plant

Custom Yoshi

Pikachu (connect)

Charizard (connect)

Venasaur (connect)

Blastoise (connect)

Link (connect)

Zelda (connect)

king dedede (buy in nintendo e-shop)

kirby (connect)

Meta Knight (connect)

Courses and Vault

Courses:are now downloadable from the nintendo e-shop new cups,trophies,and courses are downloaded if you downloaded these

Vault:is a place to see trophies for races you won,all your achievments (example:get a new character a description of them will be shown a picture of them will be shown and the time and date that you got them in),and the new Figurenes of each characters you unlock (default character figurenes are already there when you start the game)

Connection Setting

mario kart VIII can connect to three other games to get new characters,new items,new karts,new courses,and new figurenes


  • figurenes can be compared to the trophies from the Super Smash Bros. series,as you can change the background of them and lighting and you can spin or move them around freely
  • all of the "extra" characters (such as Pikachu,Link,Kirby etc.) can also be bought in the Nintendo e-shop


secret characters,courses,figurenes,cups,and items can be bought in the nintendo e-shop



king boo


pink boo

red koopa troopa



new custom yoshi color (gold and silver)


Honeybee hive (now as a racecourse)

Cookies " n" cream circuit

ultimate bowser castle

Level 1-1

-super cup

pokemon center (kanto)

route 1 (unova)

water type gym (kanto)

Dragon tower (unova)

-pokeball cup


poison mushroom - circles around you and whoever touches it by bumping into you turns small

thwomp-like the pow

big mushroom-makes you big and run over people

pokeball-sends a random pokemon to help you

warp star - transports you in front of two people that are in front of you

triforce-shoot 3 triangles at people (don't play much zelda)


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