Nitro Cups

Mushroom Cup

Mario Circuit

This stage is in the shape of an oval. The short parts of the oval are curved and have speed boosts, similar to a part of Luigi Curcuit from Mario Kart Wii. There are no obstacles. The inside of the oval (outside of the road) is filled with fence so racers cannot fall out. In the final lap, the fence falls. Also, the outside of the oval is covered up with walls with colored Toads and Birdos watching in seats.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Mario 1:54:017 Nin*Win
Expert Ghost Baby Wiggler 1:49:000 Nin*=Gil=

Starlight City

Starlight City starts in a park with a statue of Yoshi in the center and roses on the outskirts. After going though the park, racers go though the streets with a few cars going slowly away on their path. If the car hits a racer, they get flattened for three seconds. After going in a straight line, the streets take a curve and slope down a hill. On the slope is a hang-gliding ramp. When racers go down the hill, they have to take a big curve to the beginning of the park.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Yoshi 2:40:543 Ret*Reny
Expert Ghost Pom Pom 2:25:307 Nin*Nicole

Haunted Hills

Considered by fans to be a mix of Mushroom Gorge and Ghost Valley 1 from Mario Kart Wii and Super Mario Kart respectivly, Haunted Hills takes place on floating hills connected by flying bouncy mushroom tops. The stage eventually splits into two paths, one that goes inside of a small mansion, and one that goes in a castle. Both paths lead to hang-gliding section leading to a dirt road leading to the beginning of course. Boos fly around the stage.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Baby Peach 3:10:540 Nin*Mia
Expert Ghost King Boo 2:46:983 Ret*Wina

High Skyline

This track takes place on the top of buildings, particularly skyscrapers. Billboards of Peach and Boom Boom can be seen away from the buildings. The buildings are connected by bridges and slanted roofs of other skyscrapers. Interesting, if a player falls, they can see the stage takes above Starlight City.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Shy Guy 3:14:293 Nin*Zac
Expert Ghost Bowser Jr. 2:50:674 Nin*Uthan

Flower Cup

Off-Road Engima

This track takes place on several dirt paths leading to each other in several ways, leading to unique ways to get to the finish line. Parts of the track actually turn in hang-gliding sections. The track is very large compared to others.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Baby Mario 3:54:130 Nin*U.g.G
Expert Ghost Boom Boom 3:30:236 Nin*Hiyan

Delfino Island

Similar to Delfino Isle from Super Mario Sunshine, this track takes place on a road leading though parts of levels from Sunshine such as the Delfino Plaza, Ricca Harbor, Noki Bay, and Pinna Park. In Pinna Park, players must avoid homing missiles sent by Mecha-Bowser. The stage does not repeat itself, but rather has four "checkpoints" with the fourth being the finish line.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Luigi 2:13:402 Ret*I.S.U
Expert Ghost Bowser 2:01:345 Nin*Hunga

Peach Caves

This track begins on a beach heading right into a waterfall. Racers must go though the waterfall to reach a cave with many turns and even a few water pits causing the racer to be fished out. At the end of the cave is ramp going though another waterfall. This ramp leads the beginning of the stage.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Peach 2:01:342 Ret*Sara
Expert Ghost Dry Bones 1:47:013 Nin*Heshi

Toad Treeway

This track takes place in a giant tree with branches serving as roads. Racers climb up the tree, eventually going into the green leaves at the top before dropping to the beginning of the race.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Toad 2:45:603 Nin*Hooly
Expert Ghost Fly Guy 2:31:901 Nin*Fook

Bob-Omb Cup

A new cup added in the game, the Bob-Omb Cup is designed for expierenced players. This cup is unlocked by beating the Shell Cup and Flower Cup.

Waluigi Factory

Inside of a giant factory, racers must avoid bombs dropped by mechanical arms and spiked crushers coming from the sides of the factory. The track begins outside of the factory and goes though the entire factory until exiting though the other end. Instead of laps, there are three different sections of the stage.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Waluigi 1:50:323 Nin*Rocky
Expert Ghost Toadette 1:39:256 Ret*+Main-

Underwater Dome

This track is inside in a city surrounded by a dome underwater. Most of the track is on silver roads, but also in tunnels and rooftops. On the final lap, the dome cracks as water begins to flood the track.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Hammer Bro. 2:35:219 Ret*Isshi
Expert Ghost Goomba 2:19:402 Nin*Iggy

Intergalactic Warzone

Interestingly, this stage takes place in space where two of Bowser's Airships are firing cannons at each other. Unfortunatly for racers, the racetrack is between these two ships so no one is safe from cannonballs. Also, the road crumbles as the race goes on. In the final lap, a third Airship enters the brawl and fires dozens of lasers on the track before being destroyed by the other Airships.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Bowser Jr. 3:53:937 Nin*Wen
Expert Ghost Magikoopa 3:17:342 Ret*Sam

Quartz Highway

The track takes place on a giant road made of quarts. Billboards of Bowser, Donkey Kong, and Bob-Omb can be seen. In the final section, the track takes place on a giant bridge. All though the track, cars drive around, flattening carefree drivers.

 Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Mario 2:43:421 Ret*Engi
Expert Ghost Boomerang Bro. 2:31:023 Nin*Zips

Star Cup

Medival Castle

This track takes place in a giant castle. Most of it are in hallways, but also barracks, a wizard's room, the courtyard, and even though a watchtower. Obstacles include falling axes, arrow dispensers, and even moving suits of armor.

 Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Wiggler 1:57:089 Nin*Awes
Expert Ghost Honey Queen 1:42:247 Nin*UNOwen

Boost Park

Boost Park is a huge park with dozens of trees similar to the ones in Toad Treeway. Boost Park is home to Whomps, who flatten racers' cars by falling on them. The park is in the shape of a rectangle and has a few water pits scattered across the level.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Sumo Bro. 2:23:022 Nin*Lu+
Expert Ghost Birdo 2:12:594 Nin*Hoota

Legendary Tower

This track is on rails spiriling up a huge tower. On the top of the tower is a giant bird swiping its claws at the racers. Also on the top is a hang-gliding ramp. While hang-gliding, another bird flys around racers, roaring at them with wind that blows them away. This track is said to pay respect to Pokemon Gold and Silver, with the birds inspired by Ho-Oh and Lugia, and the tower being Tin Tower.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Diddy Kong 2:34:312 Ret*Char
Expert Ghost Daisy 2:21:364 Nin*Hooh

Puppet Theater

The track begins outside of a building. Racers drive up a ramp before crashing though the building's windows. The building is abondoned, with cobwebs inside, slowing down careless drivers. Midway though the course, puppets appear, following the racers and can even spin them out. In the final section, a giant spider falls from the ceiling and tries to catch racers in its way. This track uses sections instead of laps.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Waluigi 2:17:422 Nin*Meri
Expert Ghost King Boo 1:56:246 Ret*Wings

Special Cup

Nostalgic Raceway

Made of pixelated blocks, Nostalgic Raceway is made to resemble World 1-1 and 1-2 of Super Mario Bros., World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. 3, and Yoshi's Island from Super Mario World. This track is made of three sections, each section representing a game.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Baby Luigi 2:54:235 Nin*Bosin
Expert Ghost Boom Boom 2:34:492 Ret*Shono

Glass Heavens

This track is set in the heavens, with a red sun beating down on the track. The floor is made of glass and there are no walls to protect racers. Birds sit in trees with golden leaves, and thunderbirds may attack racers. The track is set in a circle. In the final lap, the track catches on fire, the clear sky turns black with smoke, the trees burn down, and holes form in the road.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Rosalina 1:58:024 Ret*Qinza
Expert Ghost Luigi 1:35:579 Nin*Jesse

Bowser's Castle

Set in the sky, Bowser's Castle is filled with lava pits, fireballs, and even miniture volcanoes. Parts of the track are outside the castle on bridges made of chains above a lava sea. On the final lap, meteors smash though the castle, destroying anything they touch.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Bowser 3:01:234 Ret*Ohya
Expert Ghost Dry Bowser 2:43:549 Nin*Hitsa

Rainbow Road

Said to be in the afterlife, Rainbow Road is a racer's final challenge. No walls to protect racers, tight turns, lots of hang-glidng ramps, and even a golden lake, Rainbow Road covers all terrain, requiring players to master the game to get the fastest time. Interesting, the Expert Ghost of this track is of Shigeru Miyamoto, credited to start the Mario francise. As such, the developers sent time to perfect the course and make it glitch-free.

Character Time Name
Normal Ghost Rosalina 3:25:574 Nin*Inga
Expert Ghost Mario 2:54:357 Nin*Miyamoto

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