Mario Kart Ultra Circuit is the newest installment in the Mario Kart series, set to be released on the Nintendo IC on April 17, 2013. This game is set to bring Mario Kart to the new generation.


The gameplay is similar to past installments, however, the biggest addition is the boost system. You have 3 boost systems, the Mushroom system, the Power system, and the N2O system.

Motorbikes will still not be coming back, however, tricks and kart customization will.

Game Modes

Grand Prix

1 Player

This mode is self-explanatory enough: you choose your driver, choose your kart, choose a cup, and get through that four course race to the finish line!

Time Trials

1 Player

This mode sees you choose a character, choose a kart, choose a track, and race against that clock! Ghost races are also possible, and you can race against up to 7 ghosts at once.

VS Race

1 - 8 players local and online

This mode sees you and your friends choosing your characters, and then your karts, then racing through the tracks of your choice! This mode can be played online.


1 - 8 players local and online

This mode sees you and your friends choosing the battle type(Baloon Battle, Coin Runners, Bob-omb Derby), choosing your characters, choosing the arena, and engaging in an item-fuelled destruction derby! This mode can be played online.




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