Mario Kart UltraCube is a game for the UltraCube.


Mushroom Cup

  1. Mario Circuit
  2. Luigi Road
  3. Peach Highway
  4. Daisy Freeway
  5. Bowser Studio
  6. Wario Stadium
  7. Waluigi Beach

Flower Cup

  1. Baby Tunnel
  2. Gravity Road
  3. Blanket Street
  4. Mario Hils
  5. Luigi City

Banana Cup

  1. Plessie Freeway
  2. Mario Interstate
  3. Toad Tunnel
  4. Dizzy Pole
  5. Wario's Coaster Of Doom
  6. Earth Street
  7. Attack Street

Special Cup

  1. Mario Beach
  2. Luigi Freeway
  3. Peach City
  4. Daisy Interstate
  5. Baker Road
  6. Bowser's Castle
  7. Wario Studio
  8. Rainbow Road

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