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Mario Kart Ultimate Race  (also knowed as Mario Kart 9 Ultimate and Mario Kart Ultimate) is the ninth installment in the Mario Kart series. It has been realeased in the October 13th, 2021.

Developed by GameZ inc. and GAME FREAK Produced by Nintendo, HAL LABS, XSDXSC,Capcom.

Available for Wii X. It's a great game.

Gameplay & Reviews

The anti-gravity is turned back.

IGN: It was fantastic! Best race simulator ever! 11/11

Ninvento: Greit. Ai heit Reinbou Road. FAC DET! 18/20

There are 12 cups. The anti-gravity returns back.


Grand Prix

NOW with up to 2-P! There are 50, 100, 150cc, then Mirror.

Time Trials

Time Trial mode lets the player complete a selected course in the fastest time possible. Among the new features included, the user can upload Ghosts and other players can give their comments about it. Additionally the user gains a stamp once he or she has won a race against a Nintendo Staff member Ghost. Leaderboards as seen in Mario Kart Wii also return.

VS Race

VS mode can be played locally with up to 4 players. Players can set rules like which items appear, the difficulty level of the CPUs, and Team or Solo racing. Players can also set how the courses appear, choose a course after one is finished, or play all tracks randomly or in order.


Balloon Battle can be played in teams or in free-for-all mode. Players can also now adjust the time limit from one to five minutes, and they can set up to 32 rounds in set intervals. Money Race it's the same of MKWii. The courses are separate arenas.


It's the same of MK8.


A new mode: missions. Missions have different rules. You can play just 2 missions for day. Completed missions can be re-played without limits.

M1: Beat Mario on Mario Circuit using Luigi with the Standard Bike. Rule: Don't Use Items

M2: Complete Laser Tower. Rule: Don't touch walls.

M3: Beat the Super Staff Ghost on Gravity Road (4:12.456) 10 times


GRAND PRIX: Nitro Courses

Mushroom Cup

Mario Circuit

Toad Town

Electric Shockwave

Luigi Circuit

Flower Cup

Flower Airport

Goo Mountain

Cybernetic Factory

Luigi's Mansion

Star Cup

Mushroom Galaxy

Volcano Highway

Egg Field

Golden Plains

Bob-omb Cup

Bob-omb Arena

Bomb Escape

Earth Road

Spectacular Shell Show

Bullet Bill Cup

Laser Tower

Airship Ride

Bullet Castle

Outpost Darkness

Special Cup

Electric Showdown

Bowser's Castle

Rainbow Road

Gravity Road

GRAND PRIX: Retro Courses

Shell Cup (GBA&SNES)

Vanilla Lake SNES

Sky Garden GBA

Rainbow Road SNES

Mario Circuit GBA

Banana Cup (N64&DS)

Toad's Turnpike N64

Airship Fortress DS

Luigi's Mansion DS

Rainbow Road 64

Leaf Cup (GCN)

Mushroom City

Baby Park

Daisy Cruiser

Dino Dino Jungle

Lightning Cup (3DS)

Melody Motorway

Koopa City

Toad Circuit

Rainbow Road

Coin Cup (WII)

Maple Treeway

Moonview Highway

Wario's Gold Mine

Rainbow Road

Crazy Eight Cup (U)

Water Park

Cloudtop Cruise

Sushine Airport

Rainbow Road

GRAND PRIX: Nitro DLC Courses

Smash Cup

Excitebike Arena

Norfair Road

Mute City

Final Destination

Triforce Cup

Hyrule Castle

Hyrule Field

Twilight Hyrule

Zora's Domain

Boo Cup

Golden Tower


Outer Space

Bblloopperr Lake

Paper Cup

Lineland Circuit

Petal Meadows

Crystal Palace

Bleck Castle

Popstar Cup

Popstar Highway

Floralia Tour

Fabric Road

Mirror Land




How to unlock
Mario Medium From Start
Luigi Medium From Start
Peach Medium From Start
Daisy Medium

Complete the Star Cup on 100cc


Medium From Start
Link Medium Complete the Triforce Cup on 150cc

Paper Mario

Medium Unlock the Paper Cup
Meta Knight Medium Complete the Popstar Cup on 100cc

Bowser Jr.

Medium From Start
Excitebiker Medium Do "Excitebike Arena" 100 times in Time Trials

Tanooki Mario

Medium Complete the M1
Black Mage Medium Complete the M2
Ness Medium Complete the M3

Phoenix Wright

Medium Say 100 times "Objection!" during an online race.
Mega-Man Medium Complete the Smash Cup on 50cc
Kirby Light Unlock the Popstar Cup
Lakitu Light Do 10 times on Time Trial Flower Airport
Goomba Light Use 1.000 Mushrooms


Light Use 1.000 Green Shells
Luma Light Use 100 Stars
Baby Mario Light From Start
Baby Luigi Light From Start
Shy Guy Light From Start

Captain Toad

Light Search in Mario Kart TV "Searching for Stars" replays 10 times
Baby Rosalina Light Use 200 Stars
Baby Peach Light Beat 1 Staff Ghost

Baby Daisy

Light Beat 5 Staff Ghosts

Waddle Dee

Light Complete the Popstar Cup on 50cc
eShop Bag Light Beat 25 Staff Ghosts
Waddle Doo Light Beat 15 Staff Ghosts
Bowser Heavy From Start
Donkey Kong Heavy Beat all Staff Ghosts
Wario Heavy Beat 3 Super Staff Ghosts
Waluigi Heavy Beat 10 Super Staff Ghosts
Captain Falcon Heavy Complete the Smash Cup on 150cc
R.O.B. Heavy Beat all Super Staff Ghosts
King Dedede Heavy Complete the Popstar Cup on 150cc
King Boo Heavy Unlock the Boo Cup
Petey Piranha Heavy Use 5.000 Piranha Plants
Rosalina Heavy Use 500 Stars
Galacta Knight Heavy Complete the Popstar Cup on Mirror
Metal Mario Heavy Complete the Special Cup on 150cc
Dry Bowser Heavy Complete the Crazy Eight Cup on 150cc
Samus Heavy Complete the Smash Cup on 100cc
Metal Wario Heavy Complete the Bob-omb Cup on Mirror
Mii A Any Complete the Star Cup on Mirror
Mii B Any Complete the Special Cup on Mirror
Mii C Any Beat ALL the Staff Ghosts, Super Staff Ghosts and the Ultra Staff Ghost (on Gravity Road)

Mii A: The suit's color depend from the color the Mii has.

Mii B: For use it, you have to use amiibos suites.

Mii C: The suit is golden. The color of the karts is gold.

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