This page is for the needs and production of Mario Kart U. This page should only be accessed by a blog post created by Mario Kart U's creator, if you have not, please read the blog post describing this page and what it is for.

Boxart Designs

Please post a photo of your boxart idea, one will be decided as the final in the near future. If necessary, please describe the boxart. NOTE: This game should be rated Everyone (E).


Please place your artwork in the gallery below. Note that some may not be featured in the final game.


Please continue the lists of courses.

Number of courses needed: 40 New Courses (for Nintro and Downloadable Cups) and 16 Classic Courses (for Retro Cups)

  • Toad Town
  • Peach's Castle

Palette Swaps

Simply edit the page.

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