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Mario Kart TV is a TV show that kicked off with a movie.

The Movie: "Mario Kart: The Race of Time"

The Race of Time was a movie based off of Mario Kart. It was a "team race", Team Mario vs. Team Bowser, with the winner owning the Mushroom Kingdom. All Standard pieces are from Mario Kart 8.

Team Mario Members

  1. Mario - Standard Kart (Charles Martinet)
  2. Luigi - Poltergust 4000 (Charles Martinet)
  3. Peach - Standard Bike (Samantha Kelly)
  4. Yoshi - Wild Wiggler (Andrew Sabiston)
  5. Daisy - Daytripper (Deanna Mustard)
  6. Birdo - Egg 1 {Egg 1 colored purple, like the beta element from Mario Kart DS} (Kazumi Totaka)
  7. Rosalina - Standard ATV (Kerri Kane)
  8. Metal Mario - Sport Bike (Charles Martinet)
  9. Pink Gold Peach - Badwagon (Samantha Kelly)
  10. Wario - Mach 8 (Charles Martinet)
  11. Waluigi - Waluigi Racer (Charles Martinet)
  12. Baby Mario - Biddybuggy (Charles Martinet)
  13. R.O.B. - ROB-LGS
  14. Donkey Kong - Varmint (Takashi Nagasako)
  15. Diddy Kong - B Dasher (Katsumi Suzuki)
  16. Toad - Mushmellow (Samantha Kelly)
  17. Funky Kong - Flame Runner (Toshihide Tsuchiya)
  18. Dry Bones - Banisher (Kenny James)
    1. It is stated, that Dry Bones changed his ways, and would like to help Mario on his mission.
  19. Wiggler - Yoshi Bike (Charles Martinet)
  20. Pokey - Cact X (Takashi Nagasako)
  21. Mario Mii - Standard Kart (Reggie Fils-Aime)
  22. Link - Master Cycle (Akira Sasanuma)

Team Bowser Members

  1. Bowser - Standard Kart (Kenny James)
  2. Bowser Jr. - Standard Bike (Caety Sagoian)
  3. Wendy O. Koopa - Koopa Clown (Ashley Flannagan)
  4. Larry Koopa - Standard Kart (Michelle Hippie)
  5. Morton Koopa Jr. - Standard ATV (Lani Minella)
  6. Ludwig von Koopa - Mach 8 (Mike Vaughn)

More coming soon...

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