Mkts logo
American Box art of Mario Kart TS.
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Nintendo TS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2012
25px-Flag of USA TBA 2012
25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2012
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2012
1-4 Players (local)
2-6 Players (Online)
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating USK6 OFLC-G CERO A
Genre(s) Action, Platform
Media Included TS Card

Mario Kart TS (Short for Mario Kart Triple Screen) is a Nintendo TS game.



Image Name
MarioCrossedArms Mario
LuigiMarioPartyDS Luigi
Baby Mario.... Baby Mario
Baby Luigi NSMBDIY Baby Luigi
NSMBWiiPeach Peach
Toad3DLand Toad
YOSHI!!!!!! Yoshi
WarioMPDS Wario
Waluigi SMW Waluigi
Daisy Daisy
DKposes Donkey Kong
DRY Dry Bones
Bowser NSMBW Bowser
KoopaSM3DL Koopa Troopa


Image Name How Unlocked
BowserJr. Bowser Jr. Jr. Win 50cc Coin Cup.
DiddyKong Diddy KongKong Win all gold cups in 50cc.
PeachyBaby Baby Peach Do 3 time trials.
BabydaisyBaby Daisy Do 10 time trials.
MP7 ToadetteToadette Win 100cc Star Cup.
FunkyMonkeyFunky Kong Do 15 time trials.
KingofBoosKing Boo Win 50cc Special Cup.
BabyWarioBaby Wario Win 100cc Flower Cup.
Baby WaluigiBaby Waluigi Win 150cc Coin Cup.
SDSonicSonic the Hedgehog Win all gold cups in Mirror.
PrincessRosalinaRosalina Have a saved game in Super Mario Galaxy: Superstar Adventure.
Hammer Bro. SM3DW Hammer Bro. Do 25 time trials.
600px-Blooper Blooper Have 8,000 points in Nintendo WFC.
Dry Bowser Art Dry Bowser Win Mirror Special Cup.


Image Name Price
OmegaMaria Maria 15 Coins
LuiseOmega Luise 30 Coins
KirbyWiiNew Kirby 15 Coins
Pikapika Pikachu 15 Coins
Larry Koopa 3D Larry Koopa 30 Coins
MiiLogo Mii 15 Coins
Tails Miles "Tails" Prower 30 Coins
RobotBuddy R.O.B. 45 Coins
Toadsworth2 Toadsworth 15 Coins
Sledgebro Sledge Bro. 60 Coins
Blink Link 30 Coins
DK Jr. NDK Donkey Kong Jr. 30 Coins
ParatroopaMKH Paratroopa 15 Coins
Petey Piranha NSMBVR Petey Piranha 75 Coins


Most items from theMario kart series and karts from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! return as well. There are also new items, such as the Banzai Bill, and karts, such as the Dull Driver and the Motor Banana, that are introduced in Mario Kart TS.

Starter Items

Item list

Unlockable Items

Unlockable item list

Mario Kart Shop Items

Mk shop item list


Nitro Cups

SuperMushroom Mushroom Cup Luigi Circuit Moo Moo Fields Koopa Troopa Lagoon Goomba Valley Mushroom Canyon Toad Town Rosalina Pinball
FireFlower Flower Cup Toad Highway Mario Circuit Cocoa Bean Mall DK Snowland Wario Mines Green Hill Zone Blooper's Metroway
NSMBWiiCoin Coin Cup Peach Isles Boom Boom Fort Nazala River Dam Galaxy Bypass Euphony Expressway Waluigi Colosseum Monty Esophagus
Star Star Cup Daisy Sailsway Klaptrap Jungle Starman Factory Maple Tree Riverway Spooky Ruins Raspberry Road Molten Volcano
Special Cup Special Cup Desert Ruins 2 Bowser's Castle Ghostly Pier Locust Streets Wuhu Island Airship City Rainbow Road 2

2 = 2 Laps

Retro Cups

BlueShell Shell Cup GCN Sherbet Land N64 Luigi Raceway SNES Mario Circuit 2 GBA Cheese Land DS Luigi's Mansion Wii Mario Circuit 3DS Rock Rock Mountain
BananaPeel Banana Cup N64 Toad's Turnpike SNES Vanilla Lake 1 DS Mario Circuit Wii Moo Moo Meadows GCN Dino Dino Jungle 3DS Melody Motorway GBA Boo Lake
SuperLeaf2 Leaf Cup DS Bowser Castle GCN Dry Dry Desert N64 Koopa Troopa Beach SNES Koopa Beach 1 GBA Lakeside Park Wii Dry Dry Ruins 3DS Neo-Bowser City
ThunderboltNoGlow Lightning Cup SNES Chocolate Island 1 N64 Yoshi Valley GBA Broken Pier Wii Moonview Highway 3DS Wuhu Mountain Loop/Maka Wuhu DS Wario Stadium GCN Bowser's Castle
Rainbowstar Rainbow Cup SNES Rainbow Road N64 Rainbow Road2 GBA Rainbow Road GCN Rainbow Road DS Rainbow Road Wii Rainbow Road 3DS Rainbow Road

2 = 2 Laps

Battle Courses


  1. Block Temple
  2. Funky Colosseum
  3. Chomp Desert
  4. Delfino Shore
  5. Palm Square
  6. Baby Carnival
  7. Toadette's Music Room


  1. GCN Tilt-a-Kart
  2. N64 Big Donut
  3. SNES Battle Course 2
  4. GBA Battle Course 4
  5. DS Tart Top
  6. Wii Thwomp Desert
  7. 3DS Sherbet Rink

Boss Stages

  1. Water Arena
  2. Sand Arena
  3. Lava Arena
  4. Rocky Arena
  5. Grass Arena
  6. Ghostly Arena
  7. Ice Arena

SNES Retro Track Final Lap Music

Audio SNES Mario Circuit 2
File info
Audio SNES Vanilla Lake 1
File info
Audio SNES Koopa Beach 1
File info
Audio SNES Chocolate Island 1
File info
Audio SNES Rainbow Road
File info
Having trouble playing?

N64 Retro Track Final Lap Music

Audio N64 Luigi Raceway
File info
Audio N64 Toad's Turnpike
File info
Audio N64 Koopa Troopa Beach
File info
Audio N64 Yoshi Valley
File info
Audio N64 Rainbow Road
File info
Having trouble playing?

GBA Retro Track Final Lap Music

Audio GBA Cheese Land
File info
Audio GBA Boo Lake
WaterGBA Broken Pier
File info
Audio GBA Lakeside Park
File info
Audio GBA Rainbow Road
File info
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Name Description
Grand Prix:
Single Sprint
The Grand Prix is a game mode in the Mario Kart series. In this mode, eight drivers race a series of courses from a certain cup and get points, and coins, depending on their position when reaching the finish line. After all of the tracks are finished, points are summed up and the three drivers with the most points get Gold, Silver, and Bronze Cups at the award ceremony. Finishing a Grand Prix race with a certain score sometimes unlocks other cups, drivers, items, or karts. You can also buy items and karts at the Mario Kart Shop using coins.
Grand Prix:
Double Dash
Much like in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, in Double Dash mode, there are two characters per kart, the number of playable characters was increased to join the race. As well, players still win cups depending on their points, and they can still unlock prizes.
Time Trial In Time Trial mode, players will race through the set amount of laps for each course. Every course is playable. Also, players start out with a certain amount of Mushrooms, depending on what their item status is. A time limit shows on the screen depending on the driver's time. The player will also locate new karts on some tracks' shortcuts in that mode.
Battle Mode Battle Mode is a game play mode in the Mario Kart series. Some games have multiple battle modes. In Battle Mode, the objective is to defeat all the other players. Unlike the other games, the player can now choose which characters to be on Battle Mode, and which team they want to be on.== Modes ==

There are many modes in Battle Mode:

  • Teams: When selected, the players split into teams of 4. Like Mario Kart Wii, each team cannot get hurt by another team's item depending on their team color.
  • Rules: When "free" is selected, the players get to battle, continuously, with no ceremony. When "wins" is selected, the player decides how many points he/she might get before a ceremony.
  • CPU Kart: The player chooses how the difficulty of the CPU karts handle the user. The user may choose "easy," "normal," or "hard."
  • Courses: When "choose" is selected, the player gets to choose any course, and even after a course. When "in order" is selected, the player gets to choose any course, and when the course is finished, it skips to the next course, and so on. When "random" is selected, a random course shows up, and when the course is finished, it goes to another random course, and so on.
Battle Mode:
Balloon Blast
In Balloon Blast, Each player has a certain number of Balloons. Players' balloons pop when they are being hit by any item, such as Bananas or Koopa Shells. The last player/team standing wins.
Battle Mode:
Coin Runners
In Coin Runners, The player or team must collect as many coins as they can within the three-minute time limit. There are coins set on the stage from the beginning, and some that drop as the battle goes on. If a player with coins is hit by an item or falls off the stage, they will lose 1/4 of their total. The player/team with the most coins at the end of the time limit wins.
Battle Mode:
Shine Runners
In Shine Runners, there are nine Sprites that fall onto the stage. Shines can be obtained by running into them. If hit by an item, the player will lose one shine, which will then drop at a random spot on the stage. After sixty seconds, the player(s) with the least Shine Sprites is out for the rest of the battle and another thirty seconds is added to the game's time limit. This continues until only one player is left and that person will be declared the winner.
Battle Mode:
Shine Thief
This is similar to Shine Runners. In Shine Thief, there is a Shine Sprite on the arena which can be collected. As soon as a player has collected the Shine Sprite, a one-minute timer starts. The team who held on to the Shine Sprite at the end wins.
VS Versus is a mode much like Grand Prix, in which players race on courses that are selected by them. the player will select their racer and kart, and then they can change CPU difficulty, course selection (randomly chosen or chosen by the player), engine cc, the amount of laps (3 or 5), the winning requirements, and whether to play on teams or not.
Missions The Mission Mode consist of a series of tasks. The player must complete each mission in a restricted time, in a determined course with the character that plays in the mission. Completing all the missions on a level, the player unlocks the last mission of the level which is a battle against a boss. How the player accomplished the mission is rated by the following grades C, B, A, ★, ★★, and ★★★, being the triple stars the highest rate. The missions that appear can be on collecting objects, defeat enemies using the items, versus races, pass through numbered gates, among other varieties. The mission tables are listed below.


Mission Set 1

Level Description Course Player
1-1 Drive through all 10 gates in order! Toad Town Mario
1-2 Perform 5 power slide boosts in 1 lap! Block Temple Princess Peach
1-3 Get the Star and use it to hit 10 Pokeys! Wii Dry Dry Ruins Yoshi
1-4 Collect all 20 coins! N64 Big Donut Bowser
1-5 Destroy all 10 item boxes! Wario Mines Wario
1-6 Drive out of the city backwards! Toad Highway Toad
1-7 Reach the finish before the stray Chain Chomp! N64 Rainbow Road Koopa Troopa
1-8 Collect all 30 coins. If you get crushed by a boulder, you fail! 3DS Rock Rock Mountain Dry Bones
Boss Use Mushrooms to crash into the Big Bully and knock him off the stage! Water Arena Mario

Mission Set 2

Level Description Course Player
2-1 Drive through all 5 gates in order backwards! GBA Broken Pier Mario
2-2 Perform 15 power slide boosts in 1 lap! Wii Rainbow Road Princess Peach
2-3 Use Bob-ombs to hit 20 Goombas! Goomba Valley Koopa Troopa
2-4 Collect all 40 coins! GBA Cheese Land Baby Luigi
2-5 Destroy all 15 item boxes! Starman Factory Luigi
2-6 Drive into the cave backwards! Wario Mines Wario
2-7 Reach the finish before Rosalina! Galaxy Bypass Mario
2-8 Collect all 40 coins. If you sink into the sand, you fail! Wii Thwomp Desert Princess Daisy
Boss Use shells to hit Eyerok's eyeball 3 times! Sand Arena Luigi

Mission Set 3

Level Description Course Player
3-1 Drive through all 30 gates in order! Wii Dry Dry Ruins Dry Bones
3-2 Perform 14 power slide boosts in 2 laps! Locust Streets Waluigi
3-3 Use a Mega Mushroom once to blast 10 Piranhas! Funky Colosseum Donkey Kong
3-4 Collect all 40 coins! 3DS Neo-Bowser City Bowser
3-5 Destroy all 15 item boxes! Rosalina Pinball Luigi
3-6 Drive under the bridge backwards! N64 Toad's Turnpike Toad
3-7 Reach the finish before Sonic! Green Hill Zone Mario
3-8 Collect all 20 coins. If you fall into the water, you're out! SNES Vanilla Lake 1 Yoshi
Boss Collect 50 coins while avoiding King Boo! Lava Arena Princess Peach

Mission Set 4

Level Description Course Player
4-1 Drive backwards through all 5 gates in order! DS Wario Stadium Bowser
4-2 Perform 9 power slide boosts in 1 lap! Ghostly Pier Wario
4-3 Get a star and blast 7 Cheep-cheeps! Peach Isles Princess Peach
4-4 Collect all 100 coins! N64 Yoshi Valley Yoshi
4-5 Destroy all 10 item boxes! Baby Carnival Baby Mario
4-6 Drive into the mall backwards! Cocoa Bean Mall Waluigi
4-7 Reach the finish before Bowser! GCN Bowser's Castle Koopa Troopa
4-8 Collect all 50 coins. If you get attacked by a Chain Chomp, you fail! N64 Rainbow Road Mario
Boss Hit the Big Bob-omb with 3 Bob-ombs! Rocky Arena Princess Peach

More to come...


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