Mario Kart Smile Smash Has 8 Cups and The game is for the Wii u and 3DS

Mushroom Cup

Race Name Areas
Yoshi Circuit Starting Area, Yoshi Egg Area, Mud/Sand Area
Tomodachi Loop Starting Area, The Island Area, Mii Apartments Area
Wii Moo Moo Meadows Starting Area, Cow Area, Near End Area
Bone Park Starting Area, Bone Bridge Area, Giant Dry Bones Area
Dino Zoo (3DS Only) Starting Area, Food Court Area, Jungle Area
Cruise Blues (Wii U Only) Starting Area, Arcade Area, Restraunt Area

Shell Cup

Race Name Areas
Peach Raceway Starting Area, Wigglers Area, Deep Sand Area
Wii Ghost Valley 2 Starting Area, Block Area, Another Block Area
Sunset Circuit Starting Area, Car Area, Sunset Area
Luigi's Haunted Mansion Starting Area, Mansion Area, Mud Area
Wii Sports Loop Starting Area, Bowling Area, Golf Course 1 Area, Baseball Area

Goomba Cup

Race Name Areas
Splatoon Raceway Starting Area, Battle Area, Paint Area
GBA Sky Garden Starting Area, Garden Area, More Garden Area
GC Mushroom City Starting Area, City Area, Underwater Area
Wii Bowser's Castle Starting Area, Fire Spitting Area, Sharp Corners Area
Golf Circuit Starting Area, Golf Course 1, Golf Course 6, Golf Course 9

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