Mario Kart: World Championship
Developer(s) Fantendo
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
AUS March 14, 2016
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) G
Media Included Wii Media Disc

Mario Kart Reloaded is the upcoming Mario Kart game for the Nintendo Wii U, it is set for release in 2013, it brings back familiar race styles and new styles. 


In Mario Kart Reloaded, its about racing of course! Many characters will race in many tracks to determine who is the best racer. 12 people can race each other in chaotic matches. Two Characters in one kart is also brought back, previously seen in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, but this time, you can choose any character that you want to team up with. Gliders and coins return, plus, Karts can transform and get wings to soar and glide in some parts of the track! 


Grand Prix: Race in 15 CUPS! Race through 4 tracks and smash your opponents, with power!

Time Trials: Race with ghosts or Nintendo ghosts, even challenge yourself!

Versus: Play against your friends and choose which track you want to play on, you'll have to be an expert karter to come to the top!

Double Dash!: Returning from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! You can choose ANY character you want and team up to be the greatest tag-team ever! Now Online!

Battle Mode: Choose 3 Battle modes and clash with opponents! Available with Teams, or free for all. Online and Local.

  • Coin Battle: Collect coins! Will you get the most?
  • Balloon Battle: You have 3 balloons, players must get powers and hit their opponents, but watch out for others!
  • Star Battle: Similar to coin battle, collect stars in crazy tracks!

Mission Mode: Returning from Mario Kart DS, all new mission modes, you'll see some familiar things too!

Custom Track Mode: Create your OWN TRACKS! Race them with friends, send em online, rate em online. Its so much fun!


With a Wii U or Pro Controller, just hold A to Accelerate, B to Brake, X or L to use an item, and R to do tricks for a boost. Wii U and Pro Controllers are able to use gyro controls for extra fun! For Wii Motes, Use the Plus pad to move, 2 to accelerate, B to use an item, and shake to do tricks. For the Wii Pro Controller, it is the same as the Wii U and Pro Controllers.

Default Characters

Unlockable Characters

  • Metal Mario: Get 1000 Coins (Heavy)
  • Metal Luigi:
  • Baby Daisy: Complete Flower Cup on 50CC (Feather)
  • Baby Wario: Complete Banana Cup on 50CC (Feather)
  • Baby Waluigi: Complete Coin Cup on 50CC (Feather)
  • Lakitu: Complete Lightning Cup on 100CC (Feather)
  • Bowser Jr.: Complete Leaf Cup on 100CC (Light)
  • Dry Bowser: Complete all Cups on 150CC (Heavy)

22 Characters Currently. There will be about 39 characters. Leave comments below on who you want.


  • Mushroom
  • Flower
  • Leaf
  • Banana
  • Shell
  • Lightning
  • Special
  • Star
  • Coin (New)
  • Shine (New)

Unlockable Cups

Some Cups require you to complete all the 8 cups to unlock.

  • Rainbow: Complete ALL 8 Cups on 100CC (New)
  • Barrel: Unlock 5 Characters (New)
  • Gold Mushroom: Get 1000 Coins (New)
  • Wheel Cup: Complete ALL 8 Cups on 50CC (New)
  • Master Cup: Complete All Tracks (Including Unlocked ones) on All CC.

New Courses

  • Autumn Airway
  • Galaxy Raceway
  • Icky Sticky Highway
  • Skyhigh Land
  • Volcanic Stream
  • Blizzard Island
  • Noki Beach
  • Bowsers Factory
  • Speed Gauntlet
  • Way Big Island


  • Mushroom: Gain a small speed boost.
  • Triple Mushroom: Gain 3 small speed boosts.
  • Golden Crown Mushroom: Gain a bigger speed boost and use it as much as you want for a limited time.
  • Green Shell: Knock your opponents out if you have a good target.
  • Red Shell: This red shell will home into your opponents and knock them out.
  • Triple Green Shell: Throw it to them!
  • Triple Red Shell: More homing shells will lead you to victory!
  • Black Shell: Cause your opponents to drop all their coins, and also knock them out. (new)
  • Blue Shell: A shell will hover to the person in first place, and will knock them out.
  • Bob-Omb: Throw a bomb, it will explode and hurt your opponents!
  • Super Bob-Omb: Cause a huge explosion that causes more opponents to be knocked out (New) (Rare)
  • Gold Flower: You can throw Gold Fire Balls at your enemies, and make them lose their coins! Your speed is a bit boosted. (New)
  • Quake Pow Block: Once a player hits this, they will get knocked out, and lose many of their coins. (New)
  • Lightning: Shock your opponents and shrink them, it also makes them slower.
  • Mega Mushroom: Turn huge and gain a bit more speed and crush your opponents!
  • Star: Turn invincible and gain more speed! Easily knocks your opponents out.
  • Super Bullet Bill: It has the same effect as the normal Bullet Bill, but this one goes a bit faster and homes into opponents. (rare) (new)
  • Bullet Bill: This will do the whole track for you, and give a huge speed boost! (Rare)
  • Shooting Star: Turn invincible, and get a massive speed boost, you will be controled too! (Super Rare) (New)
  • Lucky Seven: Get some Bananas, Shells, Bombs, Mushroom, and Star!
  • Goomba: Put a Goomba on the Course and it Walks around the Place it's dropped by. (New) 


  • Shell Carrier
  • Leaf Truck
  • Steel Bike
  • Gold Bike
  • Cloud Kart

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