[1]Mario Kart Recharged
Developer(s) XPS Games
Publisher(s) [2]


Release date [3] 17 August 2011 [4] November 2011 [5] 1 August 2011 [6] 20 January 2012
Genre Racing
Mode(s) 1-4 Players


Platform(s) [8]
Media VR Disk

Mario Kart Recharged is a new installation of Mario Kart for the Nintendo VR game system.This new game gives players the experience of being in the game itself.It will include the Nintendo VR CarControl and Nintendo VR Wheel as part of the bundle pack.It carries the "charged" motif of Super Mario Strikers:Charged.


The main part of gameplay in this game is the fact that it is a virtual reality game.For example if a player wanted to throw a Spiny Shell,they would raise their hand up in the range of the VR Sensor and act as if throwing it in real life.For boosts such as the Golden Mushroom,players would grab a boos handle in the VR CarControl and push forward.To steer,players would turn using the VR Wheel and use the B Button to drift.As for the Recharged aspect,every time you drift you accumilate Drift Points,which fill up your Drift Meter.When your Drift Meter is full,you press the A and B Button to activate your special ability.New and Old items return in this game with a new twist,if you collect an item two or three times,it becomes either Semi-Charged(two items) or Fully-Charged(three times) and becomes stronger.

List of characters

More to come

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