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Shroobyright This is a film made by Shroobario and YellowYoshi398! Please just make minor edits to correct spelling, Thanks.YYleft
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::::::::My Personal Comments:This film is based on the anime series with the same name, Mario Kart Racer. This movie is also based on the movie Speed Racer, which is also based on an anime with the same name.

Mario Kart Racer is a film being made by Shroobz Inc., it's based on the anime with same name. It's tentative debut date is December, 2008.

Confirmed Characters

  • Mario Racer, the main character . (More info soon).
  • Luigi Racer, Mario's big brother, who everyone thinks is dead.
  • Racer L, A mysterious racer, that's actually, Luigi, Mario's bro who everyone thinks is dead.
  • Peach, Mario's girlfriend. (More info soon).
  • Toad Racer, Mario's little brother; he has a monkey named Diddy.
  • Diddy Kong Racer, Toad's monkey.
  • Wario, the greedy and corrupt owner of Wario Kart Industries.

More soon.

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