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Mario Kart RX 3rd is a Mario racing game for the Nintendo RX, created by EAQ, Inc. It contain much of our favorite characters. The game gets discontinued due to it's poor quality, and most concept are moved over to appear again in Mario Kart RX Powers and Mario Kart RX.



  1. Mario Medium
  2. Luigi Medium
  3. Peach Light
  4. Yoshi Medium
  5. Toad Feather
  6. Bowser Heavy
  7. Daisy Light
  8. DK Cruiser
  9. Wario Heavy
  10. Waluigi Medium
  11. Toadette Feather
  12. Shy Guy Feather
  13. Birdo Medium
  14. Dry Bones Medium
  15. Petey Heavy


  1. Giga Bowser Cruiser
  2. Bowser Jr. Light
  3. Koopa Light
  4. Diddy Medium
  5. Dixie Medium
  6. Tiny Medium
  7. Kiddy Medium
  8. Chunky Medium
  9. Toadsworth Medium
  10. Copter Koopa Medium
  11. King Boo Cruiser
  12. Boo Feather
  13. Paratroopa Light
  14. Blooper Medium
  15. Whomp King Heavy
  16. Cosmic Spirit Medium
  17. Polari Light
  18. Rosalina Medium
  19. Lubba Heavy
  20. Honey Queen Heavy
  21. Peewee Piranha Cruiser
  22. Wiggler Cruiser
  23. Tiki Goon Medium
  24. Tiki Tong Cruiser
  25. Dry Bowser Cruiser
  26. Dino Piranha Heavy
  27. Dragonia Koopa Light
  28. Goomba Feather
  29. Paragoomba Feather
  30. Whittle Light
  31. Paratoad Light
  32. Giga Lakitu Cruiser
  33. Piranha Plant Medium
  34. Sledge Bro. Heavy
  35. Black Mage Medium
  36. Baby Luigi Feather
  37. Baby Mario Feather
  38. R.O.B. Cruiser
  39. Lakitu Light
  40. Metal Mario Heavy
  41. Baby Peach Feather
  42. Baby Daisy Feather
  43. Baby Donkey Kong Light
  44. Baby Yoshi Light
  45. Boshi Medium
  46. Rex Medium
  47. Baby Wario Light
  48. Baby Waluigi Light
  49. Boom Boom Heavy
  50. Pom Pom Heavy
  51. Hammer Bro. Medium
  52. Funky Cruiser
  53. Magikoopa Medium
  54. Kritter Cruiser
  55. King K. Rool Heavy
  56. Koopa the Quick Medium
  57. Kamella Cruiser
  58. Shadow Mario Medium
  59. Kirby Light
  60. Colonel Pluck Cruiser
  61. Mii Varies
  62. Gooper Blooper Heavy


Mushroom Cup

  • Mario's Racefield
  • Beachy Beach
  • Swampy Raceway
  • Baby Park
  • Boo's Mansion

Flower Cup

  • Giddy Sky
  • Extreme Snowland
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Luigi Circuit
  • Shy Guy's Funpark

Star Cup

  • Peach Stadium
  • Pyramid Desert
  • Koopa's Tycoon Town
  • Mario Circuit
  • Piranha Park

Special Cup

  • Jr. Boulevard
  • Crystal Volcando
  • Koopa Desert
  • Yoshi Park
  • Rainbow Road

Shell Cup

  • Wii Toad's Factory
  • NDS Wario Stadium
  • GCN Daisy Cruiser
  • GBA Yoshi Desert
  • N64 Koopa Troopa Beach

Banana Cup

  • GBA Boo Lake
  • Wii Koopa Cape
  • NDS Waluigi Pinball
  • SNES Vanilla Lake 2
  • GCN Sherbet Land

Leaf Cup

  • GCN Mushroom City
  • Wii Grumble Volcano
  • SNES Vanilla Lake 1
  • NDS Tick-Tock Clock
  • N64 Yoshi Valley

Lightning Cup

  • N64 Royal Raceway
  • Wii Mushroom Gorge
  • GCN Dino Dino Jungle
  • GBA Snow Land
  • SNES Rainbow Road

Battle Courses

Nitro Battle Courses

  • Pokey Donut
  • Freezy Square
  • Block Forts
  • Mushroom Beach
  • Jungle Cliff
  • Rainbow Top

Retro Battle Courses

  • SNES Battle Course 2
  • N64 Skyscraper
  • GBA Battle Course 4
  • GCN Luigi's Mansion
  • NDS Palm Shore
  • Wii Thwomp Desert


  • Grand Prix
  • Battle
  • Missions
  • VS
  • Time Trials
  • Double Dash (Unlockable, by winning all characters)


  • 50cc
  • 100cc
  • 150cc
  • 50mirror
  • 100mirror
  • 150mirror


  • Race for the Berries!

In this minigame, the player have to obtain as musch Berries as possible. When driven past the Berries, they disappear. This is because you could otherwise ride backward and pick them up becaus they are still there.

  • Bananastrophe!

In this minigame, the player will race DK, in Swampy Raceway. DK every five seconds will obtain Bananas, and there are no Item Boxes.

  • Little Mousers!

In this minigame, the player rides around in Pokey Donut (Without Pokeys) and have to shoot down every Little Mouser as soon as possible. The only Items are Red Shells and Green Shells (Not triple).

  • Mix Race!

In this minigame, the player have to race four races, consisting of only one lap. The races are GCN Dino Dino Jungle, N64 Yoshi Valley, Swampy Raceway and Wii Koopa Cape. You have to race an Ukiki in the first two, and a Blue Yoshi in the other two.

Downloadable Characters

  1. Iggy Koopa Cruiser
  2. Ludwig von Koopa Medium
  3. Paper Mario Feather
  4. NES Mario Light
  5. Goomboss Heavy
  6. King Bob-omb Heavy
  7. Pianta Cruiser
  8. Noki Medium
  9. Penguin Feather
  10. Coach Cruiser
  11. Bullet Bill Medium
  12. Broozer Medium
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