Unlockable How to Unlock
Shy Guy (Character) Beat Mushroom Cup (50cc) as Yoshi
Koopa Paratroopa (Character) Beat Shell Cup (50cc) as Koopa
Baby Luigi (Character) Unlock 1 Expert Staff Ghost
Baby Daisy (Character) Unlock 1 Expert Staff Ghost as Daisy
Toadette (Character) Beat ? Cup (100cc) as Toadbert
Toadbert (Character) Beat Mushroom Cup (150cc) as Toad
Daisy (Character) Beat Flower Cup (100cc) as Peach
Birdo (Character) Unlock 5 Expert Staff Ghosts
Diddy Kong (Character) Play Time Trial on 3 different courses as DK
Bowser Jr. (Character) Beat Leaf Cup (Mirror) as Bowser
Mona (Character) Beat POW Cup (50cc) as Wario and Waluigi
Hammer Bro. (Character) Play Time Trial on 10 different courses as Koopa
Metal Mario (Character) Unlock 15 Expert Staff Ghosts
Waluigi (Character) Beat Star Cup (50cc) as Luigi
Rosalina (Character) Beat Star Cup (150cc) as Peach
Petey Piranha (Character) Beat ? Cup (100cc) as Peach
Wiggler (Character) Play Time Trial on 2 different courses as Koopa
Wart (Character) Unlock all Retro battle areas
Mii (Character) Beat all cups (150cc) as Mario, Luigi or Peach

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