Mario Kart Powers
North American boxart
Developer(s) Trainiax
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan March 23, 2012
25px-Flag of USA March 30, 2012
25px-Flag of Europe April 2, 2012
25px-Flag of Australia N/A
Grand Prix
Battle Mode
Time Trial
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included Wii Optical Disc

Mario Kart Powers (スーパーマリオレース選手権:パワー lit. Super Mario Championship Race: The Power) is a Nintendo Wii video game and a part of the ever-expanding Mario Kart series. The game brings many new features to the Mario Kart series. Mario Kart Powers is a spin-off of the Super Mario Powers series of games. Two sequels called Mario Kart Rush and Mario Kart Dimensions will be released for the SP1DR and Nintendo 3DS, respectively..



There are 12 default characters in Mario Kart Powers, one of which is a character who was unlockable in Mario Kart Wii.



There are 19 unlockable characters in Mario Kart Powers.


Unlocking Criteria

Characters Unlocking Criteria
Shy Guy Win the Mushroom Cup on 50cc
Koopa Paratroopa Win the Shell Cup on 50cc
Baby Luigi Unlock 1 Expert Staff Ghost Data
Baby Daisy Play 4 Time Trials
Toadette Win the ? Cup on 100cc
Toadbert Win the Mushroom Cup on 150cc
Daisy Win the Flower Cup on 100cc
Birdo Unlock 5 Expert Staff Ghost Data's
Diddy Kong Play Time Trial on 3 different courses
Bowser Jr. Win the Leaf Cup on Mirror Mode
Mona Win the POW Cup on 50cc
Hammer Bro. Play Time Trial on 10 different courses
Metal Mario Unlock 15 Expert Staff Ghost Data's
Waluigi Win the Star Cup on 50cc
Rosalina Win the Star Cup on 150cc
Petey Piranha Win the ? Cup on 100cc
Wiggler Play Time Trial on 2 different courses
Wart Win the Balloon Battle and Coin Runners
Mii Win all cups on 150cc


Every character gets karts: defaults and unlockables. Everyone can also ride the "Classic Kart" and "Standard Kart" from Super Mario Kart and Mario Kart DS respectively. A list of every kart and their owner is below. The karts are ordered in the order of: Default Kart, Easiest to Unlock, Medium-est to Unlock, Hardest to Unlock.

Default Characters' Karts

Baby Mario
  • Stroller Speeder
  • B Dasher B.E.
  • Bubble Boy
  • Poochy Pal
Baby Peach
  • Peachy Powers
  • Leaf Liker
  • Strolling Speed
  • Stork Cycle
Koopa Troopa
  • Shell Shocker
  • P-Wing
  • ? Cycle
  • Bowser Basher
  • Houser
  • Piper
  • Blox
  • Stommpp
  • Standard Kart S
  • Mushroomer
  • Super Star
  • YoshCycle
  • Power-Up
  • Wild Wing
  • Classic Dragster
  • D Basher
  • Standard Kart M
  • Polterkart 901
  • Boo Buster
  • Fraidy Kart
  • Oyama 3000
  • Poltergust 3000
  • Wild Wing
  • Fruity Speed
  • Pink Pansy
  • Vibe Speeder
  • Love Mobile
  • Egg 2
  • Egg 1
  • Saddle Speeder
  • Omelette Cycle
  • Island Rider
  • Koopa Krusher
  • Magic Spectre
  • Kingdom Krool
  • Kingly Kart X
Donkey Kong
  • Banana Bounce
  • Enguarde Slice
  • Rambi Rumbler
  • Kingly Kong
  • Brute Force X
  • Bomb Squad
  • Boomer
  • Coin Bag
King Boo
  • Spooky Speeder
  • Boo Basher
  • Eerie Fighter
  • Ghostly Gamble

Unlockable Characters' Karts

Shy Guy
  • Shy Speeder
  • Mask Marauder
  • Hood Cycle
  • Shy Speeder X
  • Koopa Kart
  • P-Wing
  • Paracycle
  • Slippery Shell
Baby Luigi
  • Tri-Cycle
  • L Machine
  • Spooky Stroller
  • Happy Napper
Baby Daisy
  • Kool Kart
  • Rollin' Egg
  • Strollin' Stu
  • Eggie 1
  • Pinkie
  • Rocker Roller
  • Mailman
  • Party Cycle
  • Smart Cycle
  • Blue Toad
  • Book Basher
  • Smart Machine
Princess Daisy
  • Dandelion
  • Pansie
  • Tulip
  • Daisy
  • Power Bow
  • Hawkeye
  • Subcon Speeder
  • Wart Wrangler
Diddy Kong
  • Kremling Krusher
  • Peanut Pop
  • Rocket Barrel
  • Banana 2
Bowser Jr.
  • Koopa Kaper
  • Koopa Clowner
  • Copter 6
  • Rocky Wrench
  • Super Scooter
  • Pizza Power
  • Cheery Machine
  • Explorer
Hammer Bro.
  • Hammer
  • Boomerang
  • Fireball
  • Helmet 1
Metal Mario
  • M Dasher MK. 3
  • Metallic Box
  • Cap Caper
  • Steel Speeder
  • Slick Slider
  • Γ
  • Bomber
  • Pink Spike
  • Starshade X
  • Comet
  • Luma N
  • Quasar
Petey Piranha
  • Pipe Pop
  • Leaf Machine
  • P.2
  • Catercycle
  • Wormy
  • Leaf Pop
  • Shoehorn 2
  • Warty
  • Subcon X2
  • W Machine
  • F6 920
  • Party Machine!
  • Friend Coder
  • Mii Machine
  • Wii Win
  • Wild Wing


There are about 16 items available in this game, along with one hidden item. Items can be obtained in the traditional Mario Kart way: by hitting an Item Box.

Item Description Rarity
MushyMKP The Mushroom is a powerful item that lets the user go faster. High - 6-8th place

Medium - 5th place
Low - 1-4th place

3MushyMKP The Triple Mushrooms acts the same way as a normal Mushroom, the only difference is that you get 3 of them. High - 8th place

Medium - 7th place
Low - 1-6th place

GMushyMKP The Golden Mushroom is a powerful Mushroom that works the same way as a normal Mushroom. The one difference is that, after it has been used once, you can use it anytime in the time range of 1 minute. High - 8th place

Medium - 6-7th place
Low - 1-5th place

FakeItemMKP The Fake Item Box (also called a "FIB" or a ¿ Box/¿ Block) is an item that works similarily to an item box, however, instead of giving you an item, it will spin you out. High - 4-7th place

Medium - 2-3 & 8th place
Low - 1th place

BananaMKP The Banana Peel (usually shortened to just "Banana") is a banana peel, that, when dropped on the course and hit, will spin you out. High - 1-4th place

Medium - 5-6th place
Low - 7-8th place

MiniBooMKP Mini Boos are small boos, that will turn you invisible, making you undetectable to Red Shells, Blue Shells, ect.. It will only last for 1 minute. High - 5-8th place

Medium - 3-4th place
Low - 1-2th place

3BananasMKP Triple Banana Peels are 3 banana peels that work exactly the same as regular Banana Peels. Rarely, when dropping the Triple Bananas, you will drop a Giant Banana, which works the exact same way as a normal banana peel, but will drop 3 Banana Peels when hit. High - 1-3th place

Medium - 4-6th place
Low - 7-8th place

GShellMKP The Green Shell is a green shell of a Koopa Troopa. Green shells can be fired in front of or behind your kart, and will make any racer that hits it spin out. The Green Shell can also bounce off of 3 walls before it breaks. High - 1-2th place

Medium - 3-4th place
Low - 5-8th place

GShell3MKP Triple Green Shells are 3 green shells that work exactly the same as a Green Shell, except you can fire 3. High - 1-3th place

Medium - 4th place
Low - 5-8th place

RShellMKP The Red Shell is a red Koopa Troopa's shell. Red Shells can be thrown in front of you, and they will home in on the nearest person that's in front of you. When thrown behind, it will act as a slower green shell. The red shell, unlike the Green Shell, cannot bounce. High - 3-7th place

Medium - 8th place
Low - 1-2th place

RShell3MKP Triple Red Shells work the same as one red shell, except you can throw three. High - 3-7th place

Medium - 8th place
Low - 1-2th place

BShellMKP The Blue Winged Spiny Shell (also called "Blue Shell" for short) is a winged spiny shell that, when thrown in any direction, will home into first place and blow them up. The Blue Shell does, however, break only by Barrel Cannons. High - 6-8th place

Medium - 5th place
Low - 1-4th place

StarMKP The Super Starman (Star for short) is an item that temporarily makes the user invincible and way faster. The iconic Starman tune plays during this time. High - 6-8th place

Medium - 5th place
Low - 1-4th place

LightningMKP Lightning is a special item, in which, when used, Lightning will strike every kart in front of the user and make them shrink. Depending on what place you are in when the lightning strikes, changes how long you are mini for. When small, you go quicker but cannot use items, drift or do tricks. High - 5-8th place

Medium - 4th place
Low - 1-3th place

BombMKP The Bob-Omb is a bomb item that, when thrown, will sit on the ground. If a kart racer goes near the bomb while it is sitting, it wiill stand up and try to run into the kart, blowing them up when it touches. High - 5-7th place

Medium - 8th place
Low - 1-4th place

BlooperMKP The Blooper is a squid-like enemy that, when used, will squirt ink on the opponents screens (only the opponents in front of the user will get blasted). The Blooper's ink can only be erased after going super fast (Bullet Bill, Mushroom, Star, Speed Boost Panel), getting shrunken (Lightning, Electric Bars), or by waiting 6–10 seconds. High - 7-8th place

Medium - 5-6th place
Low - 1-4th place

SecretMKP The Bullet Bill is an enemy that appears in the Mario series and a frequent item in the Mario Kart games. When used, you will turn into a bullet bill, and, depending on what place you were in when you used it, go to a certain place ahead of you. This item is unlockable. High - 5-8th place

Medium - 4th place
Low - 1-3th place


In addition to the original 8 cups, 2 new cups, the ? Cup and POW Cup, were introduced. Both new cups include new and retro courses, while the Mushroom, Flower, Star and Special Cups include only new courses and Shell, Banana, Leaf and Lightning Cups include courses from past Mario Kart games.

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup ? Cup
Luigi Circuit Toad Town Daisy Park Tutankoopa's Curse Dimble Maze
Moo Moo Mountains Delfino Beach Koopa Mall Retro Hills Mole Mountains
Yoshi Park Wario Palace Peachy Meadows Bowser's Castle Mt. Lavalava
Mushroom Hills Sherbet Mountain Bowser Jr. Avenue Rainbow Road Lakitu Canyon
Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup POW Cup
3DS Maka Wuhu Wii Toad's Factory GCN Mushroom City GCN Dry Dry Desert N64 Toad's Turnpike
SNES Choco Island 1 3DS Music Park DS Shroom Ridge GBA Yoshi Desert GCN Wario Colosseum
DS Cheep Cheep Beach N64 Wario Stadium SNES Vanilla Lake 1 Wii Toad Factory GBA Bowser Castle 1
Wii Coconut Mall GCN Sherbet Land 3DS Shy Guy Carnival DS Figure-8 Circuit SNES Rainbow Road

Battle Courses

Flower Fields Crystal Palace
Bob-Omb Factory Wario City
Banana Cave Vanilla Dome



  • This is the first time that a Rainbow Road has been brought back from previous installments.
    • This is also the first time that the new Rainbow Road course is not the final course, the title of that goes to Lakitu Canyon, which is a harder remake of the Mario Kart 64 course, Yoshi Valley.
    • This idea of bringing back a Rainbow Road course was also implemented in the Nintendo 3DS game, Mario Kart 7.
      • Mario Kart 7 also, coincedentally, brings back the Rainbow Road course from Super Mario Kart.

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