Mario Kart Power Racing is the ninth Mario Kart game in the mainstream. It's scheduled to be released in 2015 for the Nintendo 3DS.


This game plays just like any other Mario Kart game, there are up to 12-player races, anti-gravity sections return, as well as underwater and gliding sections, but now there's a new mechanic called "Power Abilities".

When you reach the maximum cantity of coins, which has been increased to 25, a small star button will appear on your bottom screen, if you press it you'll lose all of your coins and a Power Star, which acted as Starman before but is now reemplaced with the Rainbow Star, will appear in your Item Window, if you press the button to use an item (X or L) you'll activate a Power Ability, which is a powerful ability that is different depending on the character you are using.


Grand Prix Mode

You play through cups which include 4 tracks each, there are 5 cups with original tracks(Nitro Cups) and 5 cups which include tracks from old games (Retro Cups).

Free Play Mode

A mode where you can play any track with any rules you want, it's that simple.

Battle Mode

A mode where you battle against CPUs and other players if you're playing in Multiplayer and not just in races!

Balloon Battle

A sub-mode in Battle Mode where you must hit other players with items to pop all of their ballons, you can play in Battle with Points (if they pop all of your ballons you lose a point) or you can just play Last Man Standing (if they pop all of your ballons you lose and you become a ghost, when you're a ghost you cannot grab items to attack other players but you can place down Item Boxes).

Sunshine Steal

A sub-mode in which you must grab Sunshine Sprites around a level, if you get hit by an item, you'll drop 1 Sunshine Sprite, the player with the most Sunshine Sprites before the time runs out wins.

Coin Catcher

In this mode you can grab more than 25 coins as you race through a normal race or a cup where coins act as points, if you're in last place but you have more coins than the racer that was ahead of you, then you take his place, in this mode there are no Power Abilities.

Bob-omb Blast

In this mode players get infinte Bob-ombs, however, every 5 Bob-ombs you have to wait 5 seconds for it to recharge, the one to blow up his opponent more times before the timer runs out wins.

Local Multiplayer Mode

This mode has all of the modes listed above but in multiplayer.

Online Mode

In this mode you can go online and race with people from other places or you can play with friends far away using Friend Codes.

Mission Mode / Story Mode

Oh no! Bowser has captured the 8 Kart Orbs, orbs that power up the tracks, using his new Power Staff! You've got to stop him! ....If you're one of the good guys, if you're playing as Bowser, the story will be a bit different, Bowser and Bowsy (Bowser Jr.) using the Mecha-Bowser Robot will steal the 8 Kart Tracks but Bowsy's Mecha Bowser will malfunction and the machine will take the 8 Kart Orbs instead of bowser, and now his minions think he's the real Bowser, so they'll attack you, if you're playing as a Bowser minion the story will be the same as Bowser's.

Each "Mission Set" contains 4 normal missions and 1 Boss Fight, there are 8 Mission Sets, one for each Kart Orb.

Default Characters

Image Name Weight Class Power Ability
200px-Mario Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Mario Medium

    Gold Mario

Mario turns into Gold Mario and gets the ability to throw Golden Fireballs which make the opponent spin around and makes them lose 3 coins, lasts 15 seconds.  

260px-Luigi MP9 Luigi Medium
    Poltergust     5000

Luigi gets his Poltergust 5000 out and gets the ability to pull other players in front of him back and stealing their items, as well as stationary items left on the ground, lasts about 15 seconds.

124px Toad Feather

   Poison Mushrooms   

Toad gets the ability to throw Poison Mushrooms which sit on the ground and if they're hit by any opponent, they will spin around and get shrunken, the Power Ability ends when Toad throws 10 Poison Mushrooms or when 10 seconds pass.

Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Peach Light

  Heart Attack

Peach uses her Power Ability to block the racer's vision with hearts, it lasts 15 seconds.

Daisy MPIT
Daisy Light

Flower Power

Daisy gets 6 flowers surrounding her, if any racer tries to throw at item at her, she will grab that item and use it for herself, every time she gets hit by items and she uses them for herself, one flower breaks until all of the flowers are broken.

Dk(smw13) Donkey Kong Heavy

Banana Blast

Donkey Kong throws a slightly bigger flashing banana peel on the floor that, when hit by a racer, splits into 10, if Donkey Kong (the one who threw it) hits it, he just spins around and the banana peel remains there untouched. 

250px-Yoshiwiiularge Yoshi Medium

   Egg Roller

Yoshi gets covered in a big Yoshi egg and starts rolling forward, you get faster and if you hit someone they will spin around, but you get a bit harder to control, it lasts 10 seconds.  

220px-Wario MPIT Wario Heavy

 Dragon Wario

Wario gets a dragon hat which shoots quite long fire streams in each side in front of him, you can use it 3 times.  

150px-Waluigi PizzaRulez Waluigi Light

Tennis Tornado

Waluigi grabs a tennis raquet and starts spinning around so much he actually creates a tornado, When you're using the Tennis Tornado you become slightly faster and you can suck in nearby opponents to become faster, after the Power Ability ends the racers caught in the tornado will spin around, it lasts 10 seconds.

Bowser SSB4 Bowser Heavy

Koopa Klown Kar

Bowser gets his Koopa Klown Kar out which drops 2 giant iron balls (one is thrown forwards and the other is thrown backward) rolling across the stage for 5 seconds.

Bowserjr MP9
Bowsy (Bowser Jr.) Light

 Power Paintbrush

Bowser Jr. gets his Power Paintbrush out and spins around, creating a big splotch of paint, when touched by any other racer or Bowser Jr., they will slow down (like in grass), the splotch of paint disappears after 10 seconds.

Koopa Troopa Medium

Golden Shells

Koopa gets 6 Golden Shells, they are bigger than the usual shell, they chase racers like Red Shells but are more precise and they don't break from anything, however they can still fall off cliffs, they don't affect racers with Power-Ups like the Rainbow Star and they can be picked up by Daisy when she's using her Power Ability, however, after being picked up it turns into a Red Shell. 

Unlockable Character Roster

Image Name Weight Power Ability Unlocking Criteria

Baby Mario Feather

Time Rift

Baby Mario makes a Time Rift open, making every racer turn small except Baby Mario, when the racers are small they become slightly slower and Baby Mario gets the ability to run over them, which makes them spin around, this lasts for 10 seconds.

Beat Flower Cup playing as Mario in 100cc
250px-MP8 DryBones
Dry Bones Light

Bone Boom

Dry Bones starts throwing a barrage of bones rapidly in all 8 directions around him for 10 seconds.

Beat Shell Cup playing as Koopa Troopa in 100cc
King boo mmwii
King Boo Light

Boo Swarm

King Boo summons a swarm of Boos to steal everyone's items and making everyone spin as well.

Beat any cup as both Koopa Troopa and Dry Bones.
Rosalina SSB3M
Rosalina Cruiser

Warp Star

Rosalina summons a Warp Star that shoots herself forwards with massive speed, anyone hit by Rosalina while dashing forward will spin around.

Beat any cup as Peach and Daisy.
Master Luma Feather

Star Bit Barrage

Master Luma Star Spins over and over while shooting a barrage of Star Bits, the Star Bits can throw a racer back a bit and make him spin around, this lasts for 10 seconds

Beat Star Cup as Rosalina in 100cc
Baby Luigi Feather

Goo-Goo High Jump

Baby Lugi charges a super jump and goes high in the air forwards, while in the air he gets infinite mushrooms and a glider for 5 seconds, after those 5 seconds Baby Luigi falls back to the ground.

Beat Lightning Cup playing as Luigi in 100cc
Metal Mario Heavy


Metal Mario summons a field of metal, anyon caught in it's range will turn into a metal statue for 5 seconds

Beat Star Cup playing as Mario.