Mario Kart Pakour
Mario Kart Parkour is the first course that appears in Mario Kart 9th, as part of the Mushroom Cup.


At the start of the course you drive a small straight forwards, but shortly have to turn right for a turn. The turn is divided into three sections, with the longest one having speed bars and item boxes. You encounter two more turns after that, with the same layout. Then you drive a longer piece till you encounter yet another turn. You drive another long piece (with item boxes) and make a turn to go into anti-gravity. Where you go to an M-form (or the side of a K) with item boxes in the middle. After you leave the anti-gravity zone you have to turn, but not go too far as you will drive in sand with pipes. Then you go for a long jump, with use of paraglide and items boxes in the air, land again, make another turn like the previous one and you can head straight to the finish. You however also can take the pitstop sideways with have speedbars and item boxes.


The course is set at noon. The course resembles a Formula One track, with basic asphalt used in the Formula One. The off-track is grass. Filled tribunes are seen ocasionally on the side with various banners seen throughout the Mario Kart series. The red lines in the map are blocks to stop you going off-track. Helicopters and a zeppeling can be seen in the air. The pitstop have Toad's in special uniforms standing at the side. The anti-gravity part makes a 90 degrees turn upwards (causing you to ride vertical). In the gap of the jump is a big green pipe, but you can't fall into it because Lakitu will drag you back to the course.


  • This is the second course based on the Mario Kart series.


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