Mario Kart PC


Mario Kart PC is a game released by Nintendo for Windows and Mac in 1999. It is a port of Mario Kart 64 to computers, with a new battle course called Kartboard and a additional cup, the Shell Cup.

Background and development

Nintendo had released games for computers before, such as Mario is Missing, Mario Teaches Typing and other educational games, but they weren't succesful. The company decided to re-enter the computer gaming market with a port of a Nintendo 64 game in 1997, which is when development of the game began. Super Mario 64 was also considered for a port, but Mario Kart 64 was chosen. The game was first called "PC Mario Kart 64", but it was renamed to Mario Kart PC in 1998. Mario Kart PC was intended to be a normal port at first, with the exclusive features being added only later in development. The game was released on April 3 1999 in North America, April 19 in Europe, April 23 in Japan, April 25 in Australia, November 24 2000 in China and December 11 2000 in South Korea.


Kartboard is a battle course featured exclusively in Mario Kart PC. It takes place on a computer keyboard. There are item boxes on the Backspace, Enter, Space, Capslock and Right Shift keys.

Shell Cup

The Shell Cup is a cup also exclusive to the port. It comes after the Special Cup and has 4 new courses.

Beach Resort This course is a follow-up to Koopa Troopa Beach. It takes place on a beach in the day with tall, spiky rocks in the middle. It is a simple loop, but it has many obstacles, such as Koopa Troopas on beach towels. The player spins out if they hit the Koopa Troopas and a Koopa Troopa hit by a player will hide in its shell for 5 seconds.

Toad's City This course is a follow-up to Toad's Turnpike. It takes place in a city at night and has traffic, just like its predecessor. It uses the same music as Toad's Turnpike.


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