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Mario Kart New Generation
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) DryBowser57
Platform(s) Wii U
Release Date(s)
Not communicated.
1 player - Splitscreen - Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Race, Creation

This game has been made by DryBowser57. I'm  from Keyhole Gaming. You can edit only spell errors. Enjoy!

Game Modes

Main Menu

- Single Player

- Multiplayer

- Online Multiplayer

- Mario Kart Channel

Single Player

Grand Prix 

- 50cc

- 100cc

- 150cc

- 200cc

- Mirror 50cc

- Mirror 100cc

- Mirror 150cc

- Mirror 200cc

Story Mode

- Continue

- Restart Adventure


- Race VS

- Battle VS

Time Trial


- InGame money atricles

Nintendo Points articles


- Kart Creation

- Track Creation


- 2 players

- 3 players

- 4 players

- 5 players

Online multiplayer

- VS ( team or not )

- Grand Prix 

- Battle ( team or not )

- Download Karts and Tracks

- Time Trial

- Competitions


Bowser stole the eight part of the Universe Kart. Mario and Luigi were sitting in the garden wand princess Peach and Daisy were drifting around. A Toad saw Bowser's Boat it the top of the Mountain of dreams where the Universe Kart is. Bowser have used a big sonicboom to disperse all the elements of the Kart. If the kart isn't built, a poison will flood the Mushroom Kingdom. It has already begun to flood the Mountain of dreams. Bowser and his minions will block Mario and Luigi on their quest to save the kingdom. But Mario's friends and rivals will help him.

On every race, you will race against : 4 bowser's minions with the kart of the level ( see in karts. if they win, you lose the level ) - 3 Mario friends ( that's makes nothing special if they win ) - 1 Elite ( the champion of the track with his own personal customized kart ). The bowser minions will be always in the good places. You are maximum 10 in the track.


In this game, you will see damages on your kart ( for example : broken body, lose a tire, etc... ) If you are too much damaged, you will explode. When you are exploding, you can use the new move : the aftertouch. Oh! I've forgot : when you explode, try to explode near an adversary; we will explode too. The aftertouch is short : you can move your crashed kart on the road to touch an adversary. You can also takedown others, just bump on them to crash their kart. There is different maneers : Slam takedown , Shunt takedown, Grind takedown, Face takedown and Vertical takedown.

Here is the controls in race :

A : Accelerate

B : Stop

L/R : Drift

X : Use item/Horn if there is no item.

L Pad : Turn 

R Pad : Turn camera


Normal Characters 

Light Medium Large

Baby Mario

Baby Luigi

Baby Peach

Baby Daisy




Diddy Kong







Metal Mario




Donkey Kong

Funky Kong


Honey Queen




Bowser's Clan

Light Medium Large

Koopa Troopa

Shy guy

Boswer Jr.


Dry Bones


Lemmy Koopa

Iggy Koopa





Mecha Koopa

Ludwig Von Koopa

Larry Koopa

Wendy'O Koopa


Dry Bowser

King Boo

Petey Piranha

King Bob-Omb

King Whomp

Morton Koopa

Roy Koopa

Kart Customization

See Karts.


World 1 Levels                                                     Special Levels
1-1 Luigi Circuit                                          1-9 Castle
1-2 Underworld Caverns                              1-S1 Mushroom Hills  
1-3 Bouncy Mushrooms                              1-R1 Wii Mario Circuit
1-4 Forest Battle Arena                               1-R2 Wii Coconut Mall
1-5 Tower                                                  1-R3 GGN Mushroom Bridge
1-6 Mario Crcuit                                          ???
1-7 Tanooki Forest                                      ???
1-8 Sushi Lake                                            ???


In construction.

World 2 Levels World 2 Special Levels
2-1 Hot Desert 2-9 Castle
2-2 Ruin Raceway 2-S1 Kartennis
2-3 Desert Bone 2-R1 3DS Shy Guy Bazaar
2-4 Digit Factory 2-R2 Wii Dry Dry Ruins
2-5 Tower 2-R3 N64 Kalimari Desert
2-6 Block Desrt ???
2-7 Pipe Oasis ???
2-8 Sandstorm Labyrinth ???


Poor items Mid-poor items Good items Epic items
Banana/X3 Red Shell/X3 Spiny Shell Star
Triple/Green Shell Blooper Bob-omb Bullet Bill
Fake Block/X3 Big Banana Sticky Bob-omb Thunder
Oil  Boo Ice Shell/X3 Chomp
Heart Fire Flower Egg Cosmic Clone
Thundercloud Tanooki POW Block Spiny Blue Shell
Item Box Giant Banana Big Mushroom Tank

DLC Items 

- Black shell : Hit players 2 times.

- Gold shell : Hit players 3 times & explode

- Bullet Bill Strike : Bullet Bills are falling in the track.

Track Editor

Same as Little BigPlanet Karting.


NOTE : compare $ with Nintendo Points.


Goomba with Goomba RC car = 1.95$

R.O.B. with R.O.B. RCR and R.O.B. LGS karts = 2$

Baby Yoshi with 2.0 and Egg Bike = 2$

Baby DK with Banana RC racer = 1.95$

King K Rool and Klump with Barrel Kart = 2$

Anti Mario = 1.50 $

N.E.S. with NES Kart = 1.95$

Story Extesions

World 9 - Cake Land = 5$

World 10 - Galaxy = 5$


- Doule Dash Mode ( 50cc,100cc etc.... ) = 5$

- Pokemon Music : Dialga/Palkia Battle at Spear Pillar! = 1$

Musics ( in editor )

Retro Musics

- All old Mario Karts Musics with some remixs. - Underground Theme SSBB.

- The Mushroom Waltz

- Underground theme Super Mario land

- Mario Bros. 


- Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger 

- PSY - Gangnam Style


- Pendulum - Slam

- Pendulum - Salt In The Wounds


- Pendulum - Showdown

- Queen - We Will Rock You

- Pendulum - Crush

- Avril Lavigne - What the hell

- Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend

- The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger


- Maroon 5 - Payphone

- Rihanna - Were have you been

- Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

- Gym Class Heroes - Stereo Love

- Don Omar ft Lucenzo - Danza Kuduro

- Pitbull - Back in time

- Maroon 5 - One more night

- Alicia Keys - Girl on fire


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