Mario Kart Max is the 15th installment in the Mario Kart series made by Hammy Games for the Nintendo StarGame.
Mario Kart Max
Developer(s) Hammy Games
Publisher(s) Hammy Games
Platform(s) Nintendo StarGame
Release Date(s)
July 16, 2015
Grand Prix Mode, Versus Mode, Battle Mode, Time Trials Mode, Double Dash Mode, Wi-Fi Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Mario Kart
Media Included Mario Kart Max cartridge, Mario Kart Max instruction booklet


Mario and Luigi are having their karts repaired by Prof. E. Gadd when Yoshi runs up to them, looking scared. Yoshi licks Mario's face, to which Mario rejects. There is then a rumbling and Yoshi hides under Mario's kart. Luigi goes to comfort Yoshi, but then Bowser Jr. appears in a plane that drops Bob-ombs. He laughs at Mario and Luigi while having Koopa Troopas steal all of their Coins. Mario and Luigi get in to their karts and drive off.


A: Accelerate, accept.

B: Back up, deny.

X: Throw items, charge certain items.

Y: Drift.

1: Jump.

2: Do a trick.

Left/Right Shoulder: Open pause menu.

Joystick: Drive.

D-Pad: Aim items forward or backward (items go forward by default).

Touch Screen: Moniter your progress on the course.


Image Name Usage
Mushroom Gives a temporary speed boost
Triple Mushroom Gives 3 Mushrooms
NEW! 1-Up Mushroom Gives the player a protective barrier that goes away after 1 hit
200px-SMG2 Dashpepper
Dash Pepper Gives a temporary speed boost faster than a Mushroom
Triple Dash Pepper Gives 3 Dash Peppers
Fire Flower Gives the player the ability to shoot fireballs
Ice Flower Gives the player the ability to shoot iceballs
NEW! Thunder Flower Gives the player the ability to shoot thunderballs to spin out other players
Mega Mushroom Makes the player huge to crush other players
Thunder Cloud If the player doesn't get rid of it in 10 seconds, the player gets shrunk
Lightning Bolt - Mario Kart 7
Lightning Shrinks all other players
Mini Mushroom The player shrinks and can fit through small gaps
NEW! Boomerang Flower Gives the player the ability to throw boomerangs
Hammer flower nsmbu version by machrider14-d5tj54x
NEW! Hammer Flower Gives the player the ability to throw hammers
NEW! Cloud Flower Creates a shortcut in the sky for the player only
NEW! Triple Cloud Flower Gives 3 Cloud Flowers
Bubble Flower
NEW! Bubble Flower Gives the player the ability to trap other players in bubbles
Spiny Shell Throws a Spiny Shell that can hit 3 players
Green Shell Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Green Koopa Shell Throws a shell that bounces off walls
Red Koopa Shell Throws a shell that homes in on the nearest player
NEW! Blue Koopa Shell Throws a shell that goes fast underwater
Blue Spiky Shell Throws a shell that homes in on first place and explodes
Pink Shell
NEW! Pink Shell Throws a shell that can go into anti-gravity areas
NEW! Yellow Shell Throws a shell that can home in and that can go in anti-gravity areas
120px-Mk7 triplegreenshell
Triple Green Shell Gives 3 Green Shells
MKwii TripleRedShell
Triple Red Shell Gives 3 Red Shells
NEW! Triple Blue Koopa Shell Gives 3 Blue Koopa Shells
NEW! Triple Pink Shell Gives 3 Pink Shells
NEW! Triple Yellow Shell Gives 3 Yellow Shells
NEW! Lime Green Shell Throws a shell that can home in on players, go in antigravity areas, and go through defensive barriers
NEW! Triple Lime Green Shell Gives 3 Lime Green Shells
NEW! Shell Stack Throws a stack of 4 shells that can hit vehicles above the ground when at the tallest
Banana Peel
Banana Throws a banana that spins out players
480px-MKwii TripleBanana
Triple Banana

Gives 3 Bananas

NEW! Bomb Mushroom Gives the player the ability to explode near players without spinning out
NEW! Triple Bomb Mushroom Gives 3 Bomb Mushrooms
File:Tanooki Leaf K&K.png
Tanooki Leaf Gives the player's vehicle a tail to hit other things with
NEW! Poison Mushroom Gives the player a Poison Mushroom to throw that shrinks the player it hits
NEW! Triple Poison Mushroom Gives 3 Poison Mushrooms
Star Gives the player temporary invincibility and a speed boost
NEW! Green Star Gives the player a temporary boost faster than a Dash Pepper
NEW! Red Star Slows all other players down
NEW! Rainbow Star Spins out players in a certain radius for a while
Blooper Squirts ink on other player's screens

NEW! Nanny Blooper

Squirts ink on other player's screens and Baby Bloopers slow down karts
NEW! Baby Bill Throws a homing Baby Bill at the closest vehicle
NEW! Triple Baby Bill Gives 3 Baby Bills
Bullet Bill Similar to the Star except shorter and faster
NEW! Banzai Bill Similar to the Bullet Bill except it covers the whole track and is even shorter and even faster

NEW! Bombshell Bill

Similar to the Bullet Bill except it only stops when the player gets to 1st place
Propellor Mushroom The player's vehicle can fly higher than it normally would and all items thrown can fly
Bob-Omb Explodes a few seconds after landing
NEW! Triple Bob-Omb Gives 3 Bob-Ombs
NEW! Parachute Bob-Omb Flies up, homes in on a player, then drops down and explodes
NEW! Triple Parachute Bob-Omb Gives 3 Parachute Bob-Ombs
Lucky 7 Gives the player 7 random items
NEW! Luckier 12 Gives the player 12 random items
NEW! Unlucky 13 Gives a random player a bad effect for 13x as long
Golden Mushroom Gives the player 15 Mushroom boosts
NEW! Platinum Mushroom Gives the player 45 Mushroom boosts
NEW! Bomb Boo Can be charged and thrown at other players, homes in
NEW! Launch Star Launches the player 3 places ahead
NEW! Pull Star Can be thrown at players, pulls the player in front of the hit player
NEW! Rock Mushroom Rolls the player into a boulder and goes until it hits 5 obstacles
POW Block Spins out all players that didn't jump at the right time
NEW! Red POW Block Flips players straight up in the air that didn't jump at the right time


Mushroom Class

Image Name Courses
Mushroom Cup

Luigi Circuit

Starry Night Speedway

Wild Wind Wharf

Aquamarine Cavern

1-up Mushroom Cup

Symbiotic Raceway

Microscopic Mayhem

Koopa Alley

Twister Track

Mega Mushroom Cup

Mushroom Canyon

Silly Speedway

Star Power Galaxy

Starship Mario

Bomb Mushroom Cup

Wario's Gold Mine

Waluigi's Bomb Range

Wario Bros. Stadium


Shell Class

Image Name
120px-MKwii Greenshell
Green Shell Cup
Red Shell Cup
Pink Shell
Pink Shell Cup
Blue Shell Cup





Character Abilities

Character Name Usage
Mario Flame Charge Mario's vehicle catches on fire and goes as fast as a Dash Pepper, flipping over everything in its way
Luigi Poltergust 5000 Luigi pulls out the Poltergust 5000 and pulls every player 3 places ahead of him backwards
Wario Gold Flower Wario gets a Gold Flower and shoots goldballs at people in his way, slowing them down
Waluigi Cheater Express Waluigi's vehicle sprouts two big fans on the front and back and two smaller fans on the side and hovers over other vehicles.
Koopa Troopa Shell Barrier Koopa Troopa's vehicle    sprouts a rack of four Green Shells, flipping over any player in his way
Paratroopa Sky Shell Paratroopa hides his vehicle in his shell, flying 4 places ahead of him and flipping the person 4 places ahead of him over, much like a Blue Spiny Shell.
Dry Bones Deep Freeze Dry Bones shoots a stream of ice at all players in front of him and freezes them, freezing will undo in 10 seconds
Paper Mario Hammer Time Paper Mario's hammer grows to ridiculous size and smashes all players around him
Paper Luigi Sticker Star Paper Luigi throws stickers on the track, slowing down whoever runs into them
E. Gadd Tracking Device E. Gadd can see what items other players have and can deflect them
Donkey Kong Bongo Blasters Donkey Kong's vehicle sprouts two bongo blasters that shoot waves of sound at other players
Yoshi Tounge Thief Yoshi steals the item(s) that the player in front of him has with his tounge.
Peach Amazee Dayzee Peach throws 5-15 (depending on the difficulty) Amayzee Dayzees on the track that spin out players.
Daisy Vine Time Daisy creates 5-15 (depending on the difficulty) Pirhana Plants on the track that spin out other players
Diddy Kong Big Bad Banana Diddy Kong throws a Big Bad Banana that absorbs 15 hits. Diddy's vehicle can simply anti-grav around the banana.