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Trophies are items in Mario Kart Machinima that are awarded to the player after the requirements are met. The trophies will be added to the Trophy Room in the Options menu.

Image Name Requirements Role
Mario Win 15 races as Mario. Playable
Luigi Win 15 races as Luigi. Playable
Princess Peach Win 15 races as Peach. Playable
Yoshi Win 15 races as Yoshi. Playable
Donkey Kong Win 15 races as DK. Playable
Bowser Win 15 races as Bowser. Playable
Wario Win 15 races as Wario. Playable
Waluigi Win 15 races as Waluigi. Playable
Toad Win 15 races as Toad. Playable
Koopa Troopa Win 15 races as Koopa. Playable
Boo Win 15 races as Boo. Playable (New)
Shy Guy Win 15 races as Shy Guy. Playable
Princess Daisy Win 15 races as Daisy. Playable
Diddy Kong Win 15 races as Diddy. Playable
Bowser Jr. Win 15 races as Bowser Jr.. Playable
Birdo Win 15 races as Birdo. Playable
Wiggler Win 15 races as Wiggler. Playable
Rosalina Win 15 races as Rosalina. Playable
Pianta Win 15 races as Pianta. Playable (New)
Petey Piranha Win 15 races as Petey. Playable
Toadette Win 15 races as Toadette. Playable
Dry Bones Win 15 races as Dry Bones. Playable
Lakitu Win 15 races as Lakitu. Playable
Toadsworth Win 15 races as Toadsworth. Playable (New)
Mushroom Use the Mushroom item 50 times in Vs matches. Item
Triple Mushroom Use the Triple Mushroom item 50 times in Vs matches. Item
Mega Mushroom Use the Mega Mushroom item 50 times in Vs matches. Item
Mini Mushroom Use the Mini Mushroom item 50 times in Vs matches. Item
Golden Mushroom Use the Golden Mushroom item 50 times in Vs matches. Item
Goomba Run over 10 Goombas. Hazard
Fire Mario Hit 50 enemies with fireballs. Other
Ice Mario Hit 50 enemies with iceballs. Other
Raccoon Mario Hit 50 enemies with your raccoon tail. Other
Invincible Mario Hit 50 enemies while invincible. Other
Gold Mario Collect 10,000 Coins. Other

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