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Mario Kart Lucky Seven, also known as Mario Kart Lucky 7, is not an official game, but an add-on to a current canon game, Mario Kart 7. It includes many additions, including more characters, improved Miiverse, and more.

Major Additions

  • 8 characters are added (nine if you count Mii outfit B), two being newcomers.
  • Two extra cups, Cloud Cup and Thwomp Cup, are added, with Cloud being new tracks and Thwomp being retro tracks.
  • Time Trials are revised, to be in line with the new characters.
  • Some extra items from past games are included, as well as three new ones.
  • Four extra battle courses, two new and two old, are included.
  • Some tracks, like Daisy Hills, have been revised slightly.
  • Miiverse is improved. You can now use stamps for your posts, with characters stamps, normal stamps, and time trial stamps; there are two time trial stamps for each track.


As in the original game, Mario Kart L7 has five weight classes; Feather, Light, Medium, Cruiser, and Heavy. 8 characters (nine counting Mii Outfit B) are added, along with the original 17, making a total 26 characters.

Old Character

Image Character Weight Class Description How to unlock
Mario - New Super Mario Bros U
Mario Medium The plumber living in the Mushroom Kingdom is back for some more kart racing! Mario has been the mascot of Nintendo since the dawn of video game time, so his appearance is not a shocker. His stats are all-around, as you'd expect from him.
Luigi Medium Luigi is Mario's brother, and is often overshadowed by his older bro. However, you should never overlook someone who has saved the world on more than one occasion. His stats are all-around on the most part, but his speed is above-average, and his off-road is below.
Princess Peach Light The delicate princess has taken a break of being kidn- I mean, ruling the kingdom to race here! She is in love with Mario, and is very nice to everyone she meets, even Bowser! (When he's not kidnapping her,that is.) Her stats are well-balanced, but her acceleration is somewhat boosted.
130px-Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D Land
Toad Feather Toads live in the Mushroom Kingdom in Toad Town. A very lucky few serve under Princess Peach. Their handling and acceleration are good, but they are very light and can get knocked around easily.
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour
Yoshi Light These friendly dinosaurs used to live on Dinosaur Land, but many moved to Mushroom Kingdom. This one is best friends with Mario. His stats are overall balanced, but his speed his above average and his handling below average.
Donkey Kong Cruiser This giant gorilla used to be Mario's arch nemesis, but they have since reconciled. He often goes on adventures to rescue his banana hoard. He is slow but his off-road is excellent,
Gold Bowser by Lumogo
Bowser Heavy The evil king is here! Bowser rules over his land as king, thinking himself as the true leader of the Mushroom Kingdom. He often kidnaps Peach. His stats are similar to Donkey Kong's, with low speed and high off-road.
100px-KoopaTroopa MP9
Koopa Troopa Light These shelled creatures are one of Mario's oldest fiends. These guys are good drivers, though; they have almost completely balanced stats, with the exception of high handling.
Daisy MPIT
Daisy Medium Princess Daisy is the Princess of Sarasaland, a land not too far away from the Mushroom Kingdom. Daisy and Peach are very good friends with each other, and they often partner up for sports. Her stats are almost identical to Peach. Complete 150cc Mushroom Cup in first place
220px-Wario MPIT
Wario Cruiser This fat guy is Mario's rival. He loves collecting coins, even more than Mario! He even has his own company, WarioWare. His stats are decent, with low acceleration and high weight and surprisingly good speed. Complete 150cc Flower Cup in first place
Rosalina Model SSB4
Rosalina Cruiser Rosalina, queen of the cosmos, has come for some racing! She lives in the Comet Observatory, with her advisor, Polari, and her children the Lumas. Her stats are decent, with low off-road but high acceleration (good for a heavier character.). Complete 150cc Star Cup in first place
Metal Mario Heavy This steely version of Mario is ready for racing. His stats are what you would expect from a heavy type; good off-road and weight, but lower speed and handling. Complete 150cc Special Cup in first place
215px-Shyguy MP9
Shy Guy Feather These odd enemies wear masks over their faces, and it is told almost no one has seen what is behind it. Being a light character, Shy Guy has higher acceleration, speed, and handling, but lower weight. Complete 150cc Shell Cup in first place
Honey Queen Cruiser This really fat bee is the queen of Honeyhive Galaxy, and she rules over the other, less fat, bees. She has higher speed, which is surprising for a heavier character, but lower off-road. Complete 150cc Flower Cup in first place
MKXL Wiggler
Wiggler Cruiser These caterpillars inhabit the Mushroom Kingdom. They are often smaller, but their are many bigger ones, too. It has average stats, with above-average speed and below-average acceleration. Complete 150cc Leaf Cup in first place
Red Lakitu from Mario Kart 7 By Shy Guy Yellow
Lakitu Feather Lakitus usually ref the races, but this one is actually racing! His stats are what you'd expect from a feather; high acceleration and handling, but low off-road. Complete 150cc Lightning Cup in first place
Mii Outfit A Random (depending on size given) These Miis are ready for racing! As avatars created by the owner of the 3DS, they can be chosen as racers! There stats depend on how big they are. Complete all ten cups in one engine class

New Characters

Image Character Weight Class Description How to Unlock
Diddy Kong DKC-MOTA!
Diddy Kong Medium This monkey,though small, is Donkey Kong's best pal! With a peanut popgun in his arsenal, you shouldn't mess with this monkey! He has good speed, but not so good handling. Perform 250 tricks
Birdo (Mario Party 9)
Birdo Light Birdo originates from the alternate dimension called Subcon. She made good friends with Yoshi after living in the Mushroom Kingdom. She has decent acceleration, but all of her other stats are normal. Unlock an Expert Staff Ghost
Waluigi rip
Waluigi Cruiser The thinner sidekick of Wario is here for some more racing! He hardly appears outside of the spinoffs. He has good handling, but low speed. Race on all Time Trials.
Bowser Jr. Medium Bowser Jr is the spoiled son of Bowser and the heir to the throne. He has high speed but low off-road and even lower weight, which is surprising for a Medium. Play 10 Balloon Battles
250px-MP8 DryBones
Dry Bones Medium Dry Bones are reincarnated versions of deceased Koopas. They are slightly smarter, but are always hungry due to the bones. He has maximum acceleration, but his other stats are mediocre. Use 100 items.
King boo mmwii
King Boo Cruiser This Boo is the king of them all; King Boo! He haunts the mansion Luigi "won" and has had it for him. He has surprisingly high speed but low off-road. Unlock 8 Staff Ghosts
Boom Boom Heavy This guy is a minion of the confirmed for a boxing game! He has decent stats all-around, and is very heavy. Unlock 16 Staff Ghosts
Geno Medium The warrior from Mario's earliest RPG adventure, Geno, is here! He hasn't appeared for almost two decades, but he's back! His speed is outstanding, but is outweighed by his low handling. Unlock 32 Staff Ghosts
Mii (Outfit B)Turbo
Mii Outfit B Any This alternate costume for the Mii allows the appearance of 7 different Mario characters, based on height, weight, and gender; these are Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, and Rosalina. Unlock all 40 expert staff ghosts.


Time Trial Stamps

There are two types of stamps for time trials; Stamp 1 is obtained by beating the normal staff ghost, and the second stamp is unlocked by beating the Expert Staff Ghost. Here are the currently known stamps.

Race Stamp 1 Stamp 2
Toad Circuit Cheering Toad Toad Balloon
Daisy Hills Goat Hot-Air Balloon
Cheep Cheep Lagoon Cheep Cheep Open Clam
Shy Guy Bazaar Moving Jar Magic Carpet Shy Guy
Wuhu Loop Cones Pickup Truck
Mario Circuit Spring Tree Peach's Castle
Music Park Music Block Music Notes
Rock Rock Mountain Swooper Boost Ramp
Piranha Plant Slide Fake Goomba Piranha Plant
Wario Shipyard Bonefish Anchor
Neo Bowser City Puddle Clown Car
Maka Wuhu Platform Castle
Strawberry Island Cherry Strawberry Cream Blob
Skull Mountain Torch Flaming Skull
Mario Pachinko Slot Token
Rock Rock Ruins Ancient Relic Diamond Blooper
DK Jungle Barrel Tiki Goon
Rosalina's Ice World Penguin Starshroom
Bowser Castle Lava Pillar Giant Wooden Tube
Rainbow Road Rocket Ship Saturn

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