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   Mario Kart Invaders is a Mario Kart game for the Nintendo Entertainment Portable System. The same features from Mario Kart 7 and 8 return, and there are unlimited coins. Only the first 15 will give you speed. ATV's also return along with karts and bikes.

               GAME MODES:

          Grand Prix: Race for the gold.

          Time Trials: Race for the best time.

           VS: Race with teams and choose how many courses.

          Balloon Battle: Pop the opponet's balloons.

           Coin Runners: Get as many coins possible.

          Star Theif: Get the Star when time runs up.

          Online: Play against people across the world or in your community.



                  Default Characters:






                    Shy Guy

                   Koopa Troopa





                  Baby Mario

                  Baby Luigi

                  Baby Peach

                  Unlockable Characters:

                     Baby Daisy



                    Baby Rosalina

                    Bowser Jr.

                    Diddy Kong


                    Metal Mario

                    Larry Koopa

                    Lemmy Koopa

                    Iggy Koopa

                   Morton Koopa

                  Roy Koopa

                  Ludwig von Koopa

                  Wendy O. Koopa


                UNLOCKING CRITERIA:

Character How to Unlock
Baby Daisy Win 150cc Flower Cup
Rosalina Win 150cc Star Cup
Toadette Win 150cc Mushroom Cup
Baby Rosalina Collect 250 Coins
Bowser Jr. Win 150cc Leaf Cup
Diddy Kong Win 150cc Banana Cup
Lakitu Collect 400 Coins
Metal Mario Win 150cc Lightning Cup
Larry Koopa Win 150cc Shell Cup
Lemmy Koopa Collect 500 Coins
Iggy Koopa Collect 650 Coins
Morton Koopa Collect 775 Coins
Roy Koopa Collect 825 Coins
Ludwig von Koopa Collect 900 Coins
Wendy O. Koopa Collect 1000 Coins

Win 150cc Special Cup


              There are 4 nitro and 4 retro cups.

                       Nitro Courses:


Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Special Cup
Peach Circuit Mario Circuit Pokey Desert Luigi's Highway
Shroom Park Boo's Mansion Waluigi City Goomba Valley
Cheep Cheep Lake Toad's Cliff Yoshi's Volcano Bowser's Castle
Koopa Palace Wario's Warehouse DK Temple Rainbow Road

                            Retro Courses:

Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup
DS Figure-8 Circuit SNES Donut Plains 2 3DS Neo Bowser City GBA Broken Pier
N64 Mario Raceway GCN Waluigi Stadium SNES Choco Island 2 N64 Wario Stadium
3DS Wuhu Loop GBA Sunset Wilds N64 Yoshi Valley WII Dry Dry Ruins
WII Toad's Factory WIIU Sunshine Airport DS Mario Circuit WIIU Cloudtop Cruise

                                      BATTLE MODE:

                          Just like Mario Kart 8, a quarter of the tracks are used as battle tracks. There are 8 battle tracks, one for each cup.

           Shroom Park

           Mario Circuit

          DK Temple

          Goomba Valley

          3DS Wuhu Loop

          GCN Waluigi Stadium

          DS Mario Circuit

           WII Dry Dry Ruins



                          Red Shell

                           Green Shell


                           Triple Mushroom

                           Triple Red Shell

                           Triple Green Shell

                           Triple Banana

                           Fake Item Box


                           Golden Mushroom

                           Spiny Shell

                           Bullet Bill

                           Fire Flower

                          Super Horn

                          Giant Banana

                          Bowser Shell



                           *Triple Shell ( A item that's a combination of a Red Shell, Green Shell, and a Spiny Shell.)

                           *Goomba ( A item that you throw in front of you, and a hazard until someone runs into it.)

                          *Indicates new items.


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