Mario Kart Infinity V is a mario kart fan game. In development, may never be finished


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Mario Kart Infinity V

Fun New Exciting courses, modes and more But let's not get ahead of ourselves

Key: (F) Feather weight (L) Lightweight (M) Mediumweight (C) Cruiser (medium-heavy) (H) Heavyweight (S) SuperHeavy

Default Characters

Mario (C) , Luigi (C), Wario (S), Waluigi (H), Peach (M), Daisy (M), Rosalina (C), Yoshi (M), Toad (L), Baby Mario (F), Baby Luigi (F), Bowser (S), Donkey Kong (H) And Toadette (L)

Unlockable Characters

Metal Mario (S) Beat Mushroom cup on 150cc,

Shy Guy (L) Beat the flower cup on 150cc,

Baby Rosalina (F) beat the star cup on 150cc,

Birdo (M) beat the special cup on 150cc,

Koopa Troopa (L) Beat the shell cup on 150cc,

Diddy Kong (M) Beat the Banana Cup on 150cc,

Lakitu (L) Beat the Leaf cup on 150cc,

Bowser Jr. (M) beat the Lightning cup on 150cc,

Pink Gold Peach (S) Beat the mushroom cup in Mirror,

Wendy O Koopa (L) beat the flower cup in Mirror,

Larry Koopa (L) beat the star cup in mirror,

Morton Koopa (S) beat the spexial cup in mirror,

Koopa Paratroopa (L) beat the shell cup in Mirror,

Iggy Koopa (M) beat the banana cup in mirror,

Ludwig Von Koopa (C) beat the leaf cup in mirror,

Mii (Any) Beat the lighting cup in mirror,

Toadsworth (L) complete the mushroom cup in 200cc,

Lemmy Koopa (F) beat the flower cup in 200cc,

Roy Koopa (H) Beat the star cup in 200cc,

Baby Peach (F) Beat the special cup in 200cc,

Baby Daisy (F) beat the shell cup in 200cc,

Candy Kong (C) Beat the banana cup in 200cc,

Hammer Bro (M) Beat the leaf cup in 200cc,

King Boo (H) beat the Lightning cup in 200cc,

Dry Bones (L) Beat all staff ghosts in time trials,

Kamek (L) beat all missions in mission mode,

Petey Pirhana (H) 3-star all missions,

Kirby (F) DLC Pack 1, Pikachu (L) DLC Pack 1, Tanooki Mario (C) DLC Pack 1,

Inkling Boy/Girl (M) DLC Pack 2, Professor E.gadd (L) DLC Pack 2 and Cat Peach (M) DLC Pack 2

42 Characters (w/o DLC) 48 with dlc

DLC pack 1= Mario Kart X Kirby DLC pack 2= Mario kart x Splatoon


Mushroom Cup

Luigi Circuit, Acorn Valley, Galeon iceway and Shroom factory

Flower Cup

Mario Circuit, Wario Stadium, Dry Dry Dunes and Koopa Canyon

Star Cup

Yoshi Circuit, Blooper Bay, Magamadrome and Mt.Waluigi

Special Cup

Toad City, Disco Fever, Bowsers Castle and Rainbow Road

Shell Cup

DS Figure-8 Circuit, SNES Choco Island 1, GBA Riverside Park and Wii Toad Factory

Banana Cup

Wii Mario Circuit, 3DS Rock Rock Mountain, GCN Mushroom City and Wii U Twisted Mansion

Leaf Cup

GBA Yoshi Desert, WII U Sunshine Airport, N64 Wario Stadium and 3DS Maka Wuhu

Lightning Cup

Wii U Electrodtome, SNES Vanilla Lake 2, Wii Bowser Castle and GBA Rainbow Road

=Warp Star Cup= DLC Pack 1 SNES Mario Circuit 4, DS Delfino Square, Pokemon stadium and Checker Knights

=Bob-omb cup= DLC Pack 1 GBA Bowser Castle 4, DS Waluigi Pinball, Koopa Highway and Sand Ocean

=Splattershot Cup= DLC Pack 2 SNES Ghost Valley 3, DS Shroom Ridge, Helleonol and Saltspray Rig

=Spiny Shell Cup= DLC Pack 2 Wii Moonview Highway, Wii U Bone-Dry Dunes, Machu Pichu and Death Wind.

Game Modes

Singleplayer modes

Grand Prix, Mission Mode, Time Trials, VS Race, and Battle mode

Multiplayer modes

Grand Prix, VS Race and Battle Mode

Online Modes

VS Race, Battle Mode, Friends, Tournaments, Tourneys and Custom track creator

More to come.

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