This page contains detailed descriptions of the courses from Mario Kart Hammicube. It includes transformations appearing in the course as well.

Mushroom Cup


Name Description Transformations
Lakitu Raceway The course starts with Miis, Toads and Shy Guys cheering from the bleachers. You take off down a cloud-shaped track with many Lakitu flying around above you. This course has many turns as it is shaped as a cloud. Near the end, there are clouds that launch you into the air, similar to Mushroom Gorge. The last cloud activates your Glider, allowing you to fly over the finishing line. Glider
Blooper Pier The track starts on a long boardwalk, with a ramp at the end. You fall onto water and your Boat mode is activated. On top of the water, you must avoid boats until you reach the harbor again. Underwater, there are lots of bloopers and a shipwreck. Back on land, you race along the harbor until you reach the finish line. There is a shortcut where you drift onto a boat and go up a ramp. Boat, Submarine
Pinna Park This course is inspired by Pinna Park from Super Mario Sunshine and divided into sections, rather than laps, similar to Maka Wuhu. The track starts in what seems to be a queue for a ride. You go under an arch and up a ramp. When you land, the Train form is activated as you traverse a rollercoaster-like section. After that, you glide onto another rollercoaster, this time with no tracks. For the majority of this section, you are using the Hovercraft. For the last section, you go over a bridge and appear back at the first rollercoaster. Train, Glider, Hovercraft
Mole Mountain This track is divided into sections. You start at the bottom of a large mountain and drive towards a large cliff on the mountain's side. Your Hovercraft is activated here. This section is all uphill. You reach the next section at the top of the cliff, where you must drill into the mountain. There are a few underground tunnels, but you just have to be lucky enough to find them! You emerge in a cave with many moles and begin your last section at the exit. You are on a grassy area at the top of the mountain. Following the stone path, you reach a Glider ramp. After gliding over a large crevice, you drive down a large slide and reach the start again. Drill, Hovercraft, Glider

Flower Cup


Name Description Transformations
Yoshi City This course starts with Yoshis and Birdos cheering from their windows and the footpath. You take a sharp left and drive through a bustling street with many cars. Next, you find a dark alleyway which acts as a shortcut to the Egg Tower. You drive up the tower using your hovercraft, over the buildings and back to the start, ready for the second lap. Hovercraft
Chocolate Lake There is a snow-like paving on the ground, activating your Sleigh transformation for every part but the Drilling. You take a right upon starting and drive around a large lake of chocolate. Your Drill is activated and you drill beneath the lake and come out on a downward slope with many chocolate boulders. After avoiding the boulders, you begin your second lap. Sleigh, Drill
Koopa Desert This track starts with Piantas and Koopa Troopas cheering from the sidelines. The track is straight for a bit, then curves and reveals an oasis. You can drive on the water using Boat and under using Submarine, however, there is also a broken bridge which you can drive across. For the last stretch, there aer a few Koopa Troopas walking around. You then cross the line and begin Lap 2. Boat, Submarine
Fireball Skies Glider, Rocket

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