Mario Kart Hammicube
Developer(s) Hammy Logooo
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Hammicube
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Racing

Mario Kart Hammicube is a Mario Kart game for the Hammicube, made by Hammy Games Inc. It is the sequel to Mario Kart 8, being the ninth game in the mainstream series and the twelfth overall in the Mario Kart series.


This game plays the same as previous Mario Kart games. Gliders, underwater driving (now known as Submarines) and anti-gravity (known as Hovercrafts) return, as does Kart Customization. Coins make a comeback, this time allowing you to collect a maximum of 20. New modes are Course Creator, a mode where you can construct your own track and Free Roam Mode.

Vehicle Types

New vehicle types include Boats, Drills, Trains, Sleighs and Rockets. All previous vehicles return, those being Karts, Bikes, Gliders, Submarines and Hovercrafts.

Boats allow you to drive over water, lava and most other liquids. If you are hit with an item, you will go underwater and your Kart will become a Submarine. If you drive onto water, this form is activated. This can also be activated by landing on water, however, if you nose-dive into the water or are hit with an item in the air, then your Submarine form is used.

Drills allow you to burrow underground, accessing subterranean tracks and tunnels. Once you are above ground or in a tunnel, your Kart will return to normal. This vehicle can be activated by traversing a silver panel.

Trains are used to go along rollercoasters and tracks. You cannot control your Kart in this transformation, only using items, drifting and switching lanes.

Sleighs are used for better traction on ice and increased speed up hills. You can use items in this form, activated by driving on ice or snow. These are more for visuals than actually helping you in racing.

Rockets are used in space-themed courses and in the skies. You have extremely fluent movement in this Vehicle, activated by going into a Launch Star.


  • Single Player
    • Grand Prix
    • Time Trials
    • VS Race
    • Battle
      • Balloon Battle
      • Coin Collector
      • All Terrain
    • Missions
  • Multiplayer
    • VS Race
    • Battle
      • Balloon Battle
      • Coin Collector
      • All Terrain
    • Double Dash
  • Online


Unlike most other Mario Kart games, bar the oldest ones, there are no weight classes.


Image Name Special Item
Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World Mario

Gold Flower

Luigi Artwork (alt) - Super Mario 3D World Luigi


Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Peach

Triple Heart

Daisy MPIT Daisy

Flower Power

250px-Baby Mario NSMBDIY Baby Mario

Cape Feather

Babypeach Baby Peach


YoshiMPIT2 Yoshi

Egg Roll

Birdo MP9 Birdo

Bow Boomerang

1186px-Bowser HUGE Bowser

Fire Breath

DK Strong Donkey Kong

Barrel Blaster

Koopa Troopa SMBU Koopa Troopa

Seven Shells

Toad-supermario Toad

Mega Mushroom

MP7 Toadette Toadette

Mushroom Stack

Wario Mario Party 8 Wario

Gas Bomb

Waluigi MPIT Waluigi

Bob-Omb Bounce


Image Name Special Item
Bowser Jr MP9 3 Bowser Jr.

Magic Paintbrush

Baby luigi Baby Luigi

Chain Chomp

Babydaisy Baby Daisy

Petal Fall

Baby Rosalina MK8 Baby Rosalina

Star Bits

MKXL Dry Bones Dry Bones

Bone Remains

LakituWatching Lakitu

Fishin' Lakitu

Diddy Kong garridk Diddy Kong

Banana Bunch

360px-Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Dixie Kong

Propellor Hair

Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Rosalina

Luma Swarm

Luma j Luma

Launch Star

MetalMarioMK7Solo Metal Mario

Spring Mushroom

PinkGoldPeach Pink Gold Peach

Metal Heart

Ludwigaaaaaaaaa Ludwig Von Koopa Blue Staff
411px-WendyNSMBU Wendy O Koopa

Icy Ring

MortonNSMBU1 Morton Koopa Sr. Megahammer
Roy Koopa Roy Koopa Bullet Bill Blaster
200px-Lemmy Koopa NSMBU Lemmy Koopa Bomb Ball
IggyNSMBU1 Iggy Koopa Super Shell
250px-Larry Koopa 3D Larry Koopa Airship Barrage

Alternate Costumes

These are unlocked by playing as a character a certain amount of times. Costume 1 requires 5 plays, Costume 2 requires 10, Costume 3 requires 15 and Costume 4 requires 20.

Character Costume 1 Costume 2 Costume 3 Costume 4
Mario Fire Mario Tanooki Mario Dr. Mario Paper Mario
Luigi Ice Luigi Cat Luigi Metal Luigi Paper Luigi
Peach Sport Peach Tennis Peach Wedding Peach Paper Peach
Daisy Sport Daisy Tennis Daisy Striker Daisy Winter Daisy
Baby Mario Fire Baby Mario Tanooki Baby Mario Propellor Baby Mario Diaper Baby Mario
Baby Peach Fire Baby Peach Tanooki Baby Peach Propellor Baby Peach Playroom Baby Peach
Yoshi Red Yoshi Blue Yoshi Yellow Yoshi Boshi
Birdo Orange Birdo Purple Birdo Green Birdo White Birdo
Bowser Meowser Dark Bowser Dry Bowser Paper Bowser
Donkey Kong Yeti Striker Donkey Kong Wizard Donkey Kong Funky Kong
Koopa Troopa Red Koopa Spiky Koopa Paratroopa Paper Koopa
Toad Blue Toad Yellow Toad Green Toad Paper Toad
Toadette Blue Toadette Yellow Toadette Green Toadette Paper Toadette
Wario Biker Wario Dracula Wario Super Wario Paper Wario
Waluigi Bomber Waluigi Tuxedo Waluigi Striker Waluigi Paper Waluigi
Bowser Jr. Shadow Mario Bib Jr. Hammer Jr. Striker Jr. Paper Bowser Jr.
Baby Luigi Ice Baby Luigi Cat Baby Luigi Penguin Baby Luigi Diaper Baby Luigi
Baby Daisy Ice Baby Daisy Cat Baby Daisy Penguin Baby Daisy Playroom Baby Daisy
Dry Bones Parabones Spiky Dry Bones Dark Bones Paper Dry Bones



Main article: Courses


Mushroom MK8


Star MK8

Mario's Hat

Lakitu Raceway Yoshi City Cosmic Spiral Toad Town
Blooper Pier Chocolate Lake Digital Domain Champion Circuit
Pinna Park Koopa Desert King Boo's Manor Bowser's Castle
Mole Mountain Fireball Skies Sweet Speedway Rainbow Road


Tracks return from DS, Wii 3DS and Wii U

GreenShellMK8 BananaMK8 180px-Super Leaf Artwork - Super Mario 3D World LightningBoltMK8
DS Figure-8 Circuit DS Cheep Cheep Beach DS Shroom Ridge DS Bowser Castle
Wii Toad's Factory Wii Wario's Gold Mine Wii Grumble Volcano Wii Moonview Highway
3DS Shy Guy Bazaar 3DS Melody Motorway 3DS Wario's Galleon 3DS Rosalina's Ice World
U Sweet Sweet Canyon U Sunshine Airport U Thwomp Ruins U Electrodome


YoshiEggNSMBW Coin Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Shine Sprite1 Green Warp Pipe NSMBU
DS Yoshi Falls Shimmering Snowland Wii Coconut Mall 3DS Wuhu Island Loop
Egg Mountain Thunder Skies Peach Plane N64 Rainbow Road
Birdo Forest Wii Daisy Circuit DS Delfino Square Pipe Maze
N64 Yoshi Valley N64 Banshee Boardwalk Rainbow Canvas Throwback Forest


Vehicle Parts

Karts, Gliders and Wheels return, as do Bikes and ATVs. Gliders are used not only for gliding, but as a sail in your Boat transformation. Drills can be used for your Drill form, however, there aren't many variations of Drills. In Seigh form, your wheels turn into skids of similar shape, size and material. You must choose between a Bike, ATV or a Kart when customising your vehicle.


Name Official Description Appearance Colour Changes Unlockable?
Standard The basic kart that we all know and love! A mix between Mario Kart 7 and 8. Changes to each character's signature colour. No
Pipe Frame A cool frame of a kart! Same as in Mario Kart 8 with nuts and bolts added. Changes to each character's signature colour. No
Royal Ribbon A lovely kart for the girls! Same as in Mario Kart 7 with ribbons hanging from the kart. Changes to the signature colour of each girl. No
Wild Wing A kart for cruising around the town! Same as in Mario Kart Wii with the spoiler removed.

Changes to each character's signature colour.

Star Chaser A kart that came from the cosmos! A star shaped kart, similar to a Warp Star from Kirby. None Yes
Goomba Cruiser A kart modeled after the lowly Goomba! Designed after a Goomba Gloomba, Hyper Goomba, Paragoomba Yes


Name Official Description Appearance Colour Changes Unlockable?
Standard The basic bike that we all know and love! A slimmer variation of the one in Mario Kart 8. Changes to each character's signature colour. No

This bike was made on a distant island!

A wooden bike decorated with leaves. None No
Zap This bike can go at shocking speeds! A bike shaped as a lightning bolt. None No
Flutter A pretty bike with improved air time! A magenta bike with butterfly wings.

Changes to each girl's signature colour.

Hot Rod A fiery bike for the bad boys! A motorbike with flame themed decorations. None Yes


Name Official Description Appearance Colour Changes Unlockable?
Standard Hey, look at that ATV go! Same as the Rally Romper from Mario Kart Wii. Changes to each character's signature colour. No
Derby Crush your foes with this huge ATV! Similar to the Standard ATV in Mario Kart 8. Changes to each character's signature colour. No
Teddy Buggy So soft! But it's pretty heavy! A green Teddy Buggy from Mario Kart 8. None No
Moon Rover An ATV from the moon! Like a Mars Rover. None Yes
Turbo Yoshi Yoshi's signature vehicle returns! Turbo Yoshi from Double Dash!! Turbo Birdo Yes


Name Official Description Appearance Colour Changes Unlockable?
Standard A pair of basic wheels. Same as in Mario Kart 7. None No
Roller A pair of small wheels. Same as in Mario Kart 7. None No
Monster Huge wheels to wreck the other racers! Same as in Mario Kart 7. None No
Coin You must be rich to use your coins as wheels! These look just like coins. None Yes
Logo Wheels with your logo on them! Like the Slim wheels from Mario Kart 7, with an emblem on them. Emblem changes for each character. Yes


Name Official Description Appearance Colour Changes Unlockable?
Standard The standard glider for all! An aleterd version of Mario Kart 7's one. Changes to each character's signature colour. No
Paper Plane A large piece of paper folded into a light glider! A paper plane with a doodle of your logo. Changes logo for each character. Yes
Balloons A bunch of balloons capable of flying high! A bunch of multi-coloured balloons. None Yes
Swooper A shifty bat that moves silently... A darker version of Mario Kart 7's. None Yes


Name Official Description Appearance Colour Changes Unlockable?
Standard A basic drill to burrow deep down! A regular, silver drill. None No
Mole A drill with a cool mole nose! A brown drill with a pink sphere at the end. None Yes
Stone Drilling like a cave-toad! A stone drill with rugged edges. None Yes
Mushroom A polka dot drill that's slow but stylish! A mushroom-like drill with a muchroom stem connecting it to the kart. Random mushroom variation Yes


Beta Elements


  • The name was changed various times
    • The first was Mario Kart Park
    • Second came Mario Kart: All Terrain
    • Next was Mario Kart Triple Star
    • Lastly, the final name is Mario Kart Hammicube

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