Mario Kart Generations is an upcoming game, created by Icey Inc.. It is set to release sometime in Fall 2014 for the Wii U. A few new features to the Mario Kart series will be included.


Mario Kart Generations brings back a few old features from the Mario Kart series: you can customize your kart like in Mario Kart 7, coin collecting from Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, and Mario Kart 7 return, and like Mario Kart 7, you can also glide through the air and go underwater again, however, propellers are added to kart customization, so every racer can have a different propeller of choice.

Tricks, which appeared in Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7 respectively, do not return for this game, nor do the motorbikes.

There are a few new features to Mario Kart Generations: there's a brand-new Story Mode, where you can race through courses against bosses and make it through many levels and courses (courses only from the game, only the Nitro courses are included). When a racer is about to catch up to you in a race, there will be an alarm that sounds like a bell ringing. Also, in certain times in the starting screen, you get the opportunity to spin a slot wheel to temporarily unlock something, or gain luck. However, unlocking something through the slot machine may only be featured temporarily until you actually unlock it using the criteria.

This game introduces an item called the Appearance Swapper, which changes a course's graphics or appearance for only 10 seconds, which can affect certain racers goodly or badly.


  • Grand Prix (1 player) - race through 4 courses in a series of 8 cups and be the winner.
  • Time Trials (1 player) - race through courses individually and beat a ghost's time.
  • Story Mode: Mushroom Tour (1 player) - race through many levels and courses and beat bosses to save the race.
  • Battle Mode (1-4 players) - play against other racers and reach the goal.
    • Balloon Battle - collect the most balloons from an opponent by using an item to steal them before time runs out.
    • Coin Collecting - collect the most coins before time runs out.
    • Item Dodgers - dodge as many items around the course before time runs out.
  • Multiplayer Mode (2-4 players) - play with friends in races!
  • WiFi Mode (1-4 players) - play online against players around the world!


Default Characters

Character Name Description Weight
Mario and Star MP9 Mario Our plumber and hero of the series (which is his series) is back for more racing adventures! He is taking off for more racing action, with his fellow friends, including his brother, Luigi. However, he has medium speed, poor handling, but excellent drifting. Medium
Luigi Luigi Mario's younger brother. The green plumber is returning for more racing in this game! He is also Mario's sidekick ever since their childhood, and is also one of Yoshi's partners. Like all Mario Kart games, Luigi, along with his brother, is middle weight, but low speed, excellent handling, but medium drifting. Medium
NSMBWiiPeach Peach The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach Toadstool, is also back for racing. Ever since her debut in Super Mario Bros., she has been kidnapped by the evil Bowser, but is rescued every time. It is revealed that Peach was kidnapped by Bowser again before the game started, but the Mario Bros. managed to rescue her again so she can join them in racing, and is known as an excellent drifter. Medium
Bowser Bowser Known as Mario's all-time rival, Bowser was known to be the villain of all Mario games, ever since his debut appearance (before known as 'King Koopa'). He has many minions, including Wiggler, Kamek, and Koopa Troopa. Bowser, in every Mario Kart game since Super Mario Kart, has his own course, which is known to be his own castle. Bowser is a heavyweight character, and has poor speed and medium drifting, pretty much like Luigi. Heavy
DKthumbsUp Donkey Kong Donkey Kong was Mario's old rival, but becomes a bit of a friendly-like personality in some future games. Donkey Kong, like Mario and Wario, has his own series, which is his name. He has many friends, who are also Kongs, but mostly his sidekick, Diddy Kong. Donkey Kong, like in every Mario Kart games he appeared in, is a heavyweight character. Heavy
YoshiSMSJ Yoshi Yoshi is a green dinosaur, and was Mario's long-time partner ever since Mario was young. Yoshi was known to be rideable in some Mario games, ever since his debut. Yoshi is a medium weight character, and is a speedy character. Medium
Toad3DLand Toad It the the little cute Mushroom Retainer, Toad, who is Peach's long-time assistant in the Mushroom Kingdom. He also has a species, which has his name. Ever since Super Mario Kart, Toad was a lightweight, and is a lightweight again in this game, and is a speedy character. Light
LazyWario Wario Wario, known to be one of Mario's rivals, appears once again, as a heavyweight character. He has his own series, and he has his own series, but in some games of his series, he wears a pilot-like outfit, but not brown-colored. In most Mario games, he wears a yellow outfit with green shoes and a purple thing covering his legs and shirt (whatever it's called). He is also known to eat lots of garlic. Heavy

Unlockable Characters

Character Name Description Weight Unlocking Criteria
Daisy MK7 Daisy The tom-boyish princess of Sarasaland returns for racing once again, as an unlockable speedy driver. After being rescued from Tatanga, it is proven she is not a damsel in distress anymore, as shown in Mario Party 3, when she smacks Bowser when he's on her way. During sports games, Daisy is a technical/speed character, and returns as a technical character in this game. Medium Win the 50cc Star Cup or beat 5 Ghosts in Time Trial Mode
Diddy Kong DKCR Diddy Kong Donkey Kong's best friend and sidekick, Diddy Kong is back for racing after his absence in Mario Kart 7. He has a cap with a Nintendo logo on the front side, and is one of the smallest monkeys. He also has his own game, Diddy Kong Racing. He is also a lightweight, and is one of the weakest drivers in the game. Medium Win the 50cc Leaf Cup or win 10 WFC races
Waluigi2 Waluigi Waluigi is Luigi's rival, and is Wario's partner/sidekick. Waluigi is tall and skinny, but he still tries his best to win, like all the racers. Waluigi is a medium weight character, and is a technical driver. Heavy Win the 50cc Special Cup or win 15 WFC races
MP7 Toadette Toadette After her absence since Mario Super Sluggers, Toadette makes her big comeback appearance for more racing. She is known to be Toad's older sister and female version of Toad. She is a lightweight and speedy character in the game, but she is one of the weakest drivers in the game, but she has excellent drifting, bur poor acceleration. Light Win the 50cc Lightning Cup or beat 10 ghosts in Time Trial Mode
BowserJr. Bowser Jr. Bowser's son, Bowser Jr., returns for racing after his absence in Mario Kart 7. He has bad acceleration, good handling, and is a medium weight but speedy character. Medium Play Time Trial on all Nitro Courses or win 30 WFC races
PaperMariooo Paper Mario (New Character) Mario's paper form joins the Mario Kart series, starting with this game. He is like Mario but lighter and made out of some paper or something like that, and is one of the lightweight and speedy characters. He is the only character who has the ability to fly anywhere during a race, however he cannot do that trick in Grand Prix or Battle Mode. Light Win the 100cc Special Cup or beat 15 ghosts in Time Trial Mode
GenoSMWWii Geno (New Character) After Geno's long absence since his debut in 1996, he makes a big comeback appearance when he joins Mario and friends for some racing. Geno is known to be a puppet-like ally of Mario, but is one of the fastest characters and has excellent handling and drifting, but neutral acceleration. Medium Win the 100cc Lightning Cup or win 100 WFC races
Wiggler3 Wiggler One of Bowser's minions. Wiggler is a caterpillar-like enemy in the Mario series, and has a flower on the head. Wiggler is a heavyweight character, and is the weakest driver in the game, but he has the ability to turn into his angry self (he turns into red instead of yellow), just like most of his appearances. Heavy Play Time Trial on all Retro Courses or win 150 WFC races.
Rosalina MK7 Rosalina Rosalina, known as the maiden of the Lumas, appears again for more racing. She is a fast but heavyweight character. Like in Mario Kart 7, she doesn't have a Luma accompany her in races, unlike Mario Kart Wii. She also had a mother who died before she left her world and befriended the Lumas. Heavy Win the 150cc Special Cup or beat 20 ghosts in Time Trials
DRY Dry Bones Dry Bones, known as the dead version of Koopa Troopa, returns for racing. He is an enemy in all Mario games, ever since his debut in Super Mario Bros. 3. He is a lightweight, but one of the slowest characters. Light Win the 150cc Lightning Cup or win 200 WFC races
Birdo MP9 Birdo Birdo returns to race in this game after her absence in Mario Kart 7. She is known to have a bow on top of her head, and is teamed up with Yoshi in Mario spin-off titles, especially the Mario Party series. Birdo, originally, also, was a resident of Subcon, but she moved to the Mushroom Kingdom when she befriends Princess Peach, Luigi, Mario, and the Toads. She is a medium weight and one of the slowest characters in the game. Medium Play Time Trials on every course or win 250 WFC races
BoshiNew Boshi (New Character) Boshi returns after his long absence since his debut appearance. He is Yoshi's evil self and has a bratty attitude. He has sharp teeth, sunglasses, and slippers on his feet. Boshi is one of the fastest medium characters in the game. Medium Beat 10 Time Trial ghosts as Yoshi
ToadbertSME Toadbert (New Character) Toadbert makes his debut into the Mario Kart series in this game. He made his debut in Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time, and he makes his third appearance here as a playable (unlockable) character. He is one of the Toads who is a recurring character in the Mario & Luigi series and has good terms with the Mario Bros.. The Toad Brigade, along with Blue Toad, share similar traits to Toadbert in some of their appearances. Light Win 1500 VR in WFC

Non-Playable Characters


  • Mushroom
  • Triple Mushrooms
  • Green Shell
  • Triple Green Shells
  • Red Shell
  • Triple Red Shells
  • Super Star
  • Bullet Bill
  • Fake Item Box
  • Boo
  • Super Leaf
  • Spiny Shell
  • Blooper
  • Freezie (New Item)
  • Triple Bob-omb (New Item)
  • Sunshine (New Item)
  • Honeybee (New Item)
  • Hammer (New Item)
  • Boomerang (New Item)
  • Protector (New Item)
  • Appearance Swapper (New Item)


Nitro Courses

Mushroom Cup

Track Description
Luigi Circuit Luigi's personal track, with a lot of dash panels. It is the easiest and shortest course in the game, with a lake that allows players to go underwater to reach the dash panel area.
Moo Moo Barn Moo Moo Barn takes place in a ranch of cows, however, players are allowed to go inside the barn, and there is an area full of cows. Moo Moo Barn is one of the shortest courses, but it's two seconds longer than Luigi Circuit.
Yoshi Beach Yoshi's personal course in the game. There is a lot of sand castles in the area, and players can also go underwater, as long as they don't fall into the end of the seashore.
Cheep Cheep Seashore A cheep cheep course, where there is a lot of power slides and it takes place the whole time underwater. There are some Mario enemies under the shore, and it has a lot of gliding pads and dash panels before the finish line.

Flower Cup

Track Description
Frozen Valley A stormy and snowy track of the Flower Cup, which has only 2 laps due to longness, because it takes 4 minutes to complete one lap, and there are two gliding pads and there are a lot of boost pads and dash panels.
8-Bit Land The original retro land of Mario, which was a design of the Super Mario Bros. game. It starts out at World 1-1, then to the sky fortress, then to the castle, then to the underground level, and, like Frozen Valley, has only 2 laps.
Mario Circuit Mario's personal circuit which appears in every Mario Kart game. Mario Circuit, like in every appearance for it (except for the SNES, N64, and GBA versions) have Peach's Castle in the background, and, like Mario Kart 7, allows players to go inside the castle.
Mecha-Bowser Factory Mecha-Bowser's evil factory, which is full of Robo-Koopas and many robo versions of the Mario enemies, and in the middle of the course, there is a giant version of Mecha-Bowser shooting fireballs.

Star Cup

Track Description
Candy Land A delicious course in the game, and its racing ground resembles the one in Tart Top from Mario Kart DS. This course has lollipops, chocolates, gumdrops, tarts, and many other kinds of candies.
Thunder Turnpike The newest highway course in the game, with lots of cars, buses, bomb cars, and factory cars. A siren can be heard in the background in the middle of the race, but the siren sound stops making noise until you reach a gliding pad.
Princess Stadium A stadium full of billboards showing Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, and has lots of obstacles, underwater features, gliding pads, boost pads, and dash panels. It is one of the most difficult courses in the game.
Wario's Sky Fort This course takes place in the skies owned by Wario just like in Cloudtop Cruise from Mario Kart 8.

Special Cup

Track Description
Neo Toad City This course takes place in a neon lit themed course owned by toad just like in Neo Bowser City from Mario Kart 8
Waluigi Mountain One of the hardest courses, because there is a slippery and skinny area full of penguins, and penguins will hit the player, and it is likely the player will fall out of the mountain, but will get picked up by Lakitu to the end of the slippery area.
Bowser's Castle Bowser's personal course. It features lots of boost pads, many dangerous lava pits, and there is a lot of fireballs in the middle of the course, and there is too many bullet bills, fires, and more dangerous stuff.
Rainbow Road The hardest Nitro course. There is many rainbow tiles throughout the course, and there is a lot of boost pads and it is possible for players to fall out of the course, because watch out! There are no walls to protect you from falling out of the course! Also, like Frozen Valley and 8-Bit Land, this course only has 2 laps.

Retro Courses

Shell Cup

Track Description
Wii Luigi Circuit One of the versions of Luigi's personal track was in Mario Kart Wii, with only one change, and that is that the next sand area's pipes are removed.
SNES Bowser Castle 1 One of Bowser's personal tracks in Super Mario Kart. There are some changes: the graphics are set to 3D, and there are more dangerous lava pits.
GBA Riverside Park A track from Mario Kart: Super Circuit that takes place in a forest near a river. There are three changes to the course: players are allowed to go underwater, eliminating the bridges, the graphics are set to 3D, and there is a Grand Goomba near the finish line.
3DS Daisy Hills One of Daisy's personal tracks from Mario Kart 7. This course received a few changes: when player are gliding through the ocean, they may notice that the hot air balloons are gone and the waterfall in the village is gone.

Banana Cup

Track Description
DS Cheep Cheep Beach One of the beach courses that was originally in Mario Kart DS. Most of the course remains unchanged, but the graphics are set to 3D and players are allowed to go underwater, as long as they are not too far from the course, and there are less crabs.
GCN Dry Dry Desert There are some changes since the course's first appearance in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!: the players are allowed to glide through the quicksand pit, the tornado is even stronger than ever, and the Super Piranha Plant has disappeared in the quicksand pit. There is also a thwomp near the finish line.
3DS Melody Motorway One of the tracks in Mario Kart 7, and it is known to be a musical place. There is no changes at all, except the final shortcut (bounce through a tambourine suspended over the sky to reach the finish line right away) can no longer be used because the final tambourine pad is gone.
N64 Toad's Turnpike One of the highway courses in Mario Kart 64, which belongs to Toad, appears in this game with a few changes: this track now takes place at nighttime, and there are more vehicles in the course.

Leaf Cup

Track Description
N64 Royal Raceway This track has a change: the long jump before the lake now allows players to glide until the castle area.
3DS Wario's Galleon This course has received a few changes: the giant pipe that makes players continue the course is gone and has been replaced for players to get through with a boost pad. Also, the shortcut before the finish line cannot be used anymore.
Wii Grumble Volcano There are no changes to the course, but players are no longer allowed to take the shortcut near the first rock and the final platforms are removed to add some gliding, and players are allowed to glide to the finish line (this can only be done if players take the left path).
SNES Mario Circuit 4 The course has no changes, with the exception of the switch to 3D graphics for the course.

Lightning Cup

Track Description
Wii Moonview Highway This course received a few changes: the cliff to the right's boost pad has been replaced with a gliding pad, allowing players to glide through the vehicles, and the Bomb Cars have been replaced with Wiggler Buses from Mushroom City and Mushroom Bridge.
N64 Yoshi Valley This course received at least a few changes: the spiny area has more spinies, and the screen now views the current standings, rather than just question marks shown for the standings.
3DS Koopa City The course received a little changes: the tunnel's green winds are now gone, and the course now features vehicles from Thunder Turnpike driving in the course.
GCN Rainbow Road There are some changes to the course: the wind tunnel now allows players to glide to the top. Also, the circular road now has less dash panels.

Kart Customization

Karts Wheels Gliders Bikes Unlockable Karts Unlockable Wheels Unlockable Gliders Unlockable Bikes

Bolt Buggy Badwagon Egg 1 Circuit Spacial 

Monster Slim Wood

Super Glider Flower Glider Peach Parasol 

Standard Bike Wario Bike 

Sports Coupe Sneeker Biddybuggy Prancer      Tri-Speeder B-Dasher Steel Driver Pipe Frame Cat Cruiser Birthday Girl Gold Standard

Retro Off-Road
 Roller    Cyber Slick Sponge     Off-Road Azure Roller Crimson Slim Blue Standard Hot Monster

Cloud Glider
Swooper  Beast Glider Wario Wing Bowser Kite Parachute Waddle Wing MKTV Paraglider  Gold Glider Plane Glider

The Duke Flame Rider Spear Phantom Sport Bike   Comet   Sneekster Yoshi Bike Varmint 

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