Mario Kart Flamed Tracks

Mario Luigi M D
Luigi Mario M D
Peach Daisy M D
Daisy Peach M D
Yoshi Birdo M D
Birdo Yoshi M D
Baby Peach Baby Daisy S L- Race 20 times.
Baby Daisy Baby Peach S L-Race 25 times.
Baby Mario Baby Luigi S L- Get 1 star on Mushroom Cup
Baby Luigi Baby Mario S

L- Get 1 star on Flower Cup.

Paratroopa Koopa S D
Koopa Paratroopa S D
Diddy DK M L- Race 35 times
DK Diddy L D
Dixie Tiny M L- Get 2 stars total on 50cc.
Tiny Dixie M L- Get 3 stars total on 50cc.
Baby Bowser Bowser S D
Bowser Baby Bowser L D
Dry Bowser Dry Bones L L-Get 5 stars total on 500cc.
Dry Bones Dry Bowser S L-Race 45 times.
Toad Toadette S D
Toadette Toad S D
Funky Kong Baby DK L L- Get 4 stars total on 100cc.
Baby DK Funky Kong S L
Rosalina Luma M L
Luma Rosalina S L
Mii Mii 2 ? L
Mii 2 Mii ? L
Petey King Boo L L
King Boo Petey L L
King K. Rool Kritter L L
Kritter King K. Rool M L
Wario  Waluigi L D
Waluigi Wario L D
E. Gadd Boo S D
Boo E. Gadd S D
Toadsworth Toadbert S L
Toadbert Toadsworth S L
Blooper Kamek S L
Kamek Blooper M L
Goomba Lakitu S D
Lakitu Goomba S D
Pokey Wiggler L L
Wiggler Pokey L L
Roy Koopa Morton Jr. Koopa M L
Morton Jr. Koopa Roy Koopa M L
Larry Koopa Lemmy Koopa S L
Lemmy Koopa Larry Koopa S L
Bowser Jr Ludwig Von Koopa M D
Ludwig Von Koopa Bowser Jr M L
Wendy O. Koopa Iggy Koopa M L
Iggy Koopa Wendy O. Koopa M L
Baby Wario Baby Waluigi S L
Baby Waluigi Baby Wario S L
Baby Yoshi Baby Birdo S L
Baby Birdo  Baby Yoshi S L
Geno Mallow M L
Mallow Geno L L
Dr. Mario Dr. Luigi M L
Dr. Luigi Dr.Mario M L
Shadow Mario Nabbit M L
Nabbit Shadow Mario S L
Boshi Croco M L
Croco Boshi M L
DK Jr. Cranky Kong S L
Cranky Kong DK Jr. M L
Shy Guy Hammer Bro S L
Hammer Bro Shy Guy S L
Queen Bee Star Bunny L L
Star Bunny Queen Bee S L
Metal Mario Mr. L L L
Mr. L Metal Mario M L
Paper mario Paper luigi S L
Paper Luigi Paper Mario S L
Monty Mole Spike S L
Spike Monty Mole M L
Dark Bowser Wart L L
Wart Dark Bowser L L
Mimi Dimentio S L
Dimentio Mimi S L
King Bob-Omb Bob-Omb L L
Bob-Omb King Bob-Omb S L
Mowzer Yoob S L
Yoob Mowzer L L
Parrakarry O'Chunks S L
O'Chunks Parrakarry L L
Lubba Polari L L
Polari Lubba S L
Cat Bowser Racoon Bowser L L
Racoon Bowser Cat Bowser L L
Kammy Koopa Dino Piranha M L
Dino Piranha Kammy Koopa L L
Doopliss Vivian S L
Vivian Doopliss S L
Tippi Count Bleck S L
Count Bleck Tippi M L
Koops Goombella S L
Goombella Koops S L


50cc-Very Easy





350cc-Very Hard

450cc-Super Hard


Mushroom Cup           Flower Cup                    Star Cup                          Special Cup

Mario Circuit                 Daisy Circuit                    Nabbit Cave                     Bowser Castle

Waluigi Way                 Luigi Racetrack                Donkey Kong Arcade       Count Bleck's Castle

Goomba Road             Baby Path                         Petey Garden                  Starship Mario

Kong Valley                  Dr. Mario's Hospital          Honey Galaxy                 Rainbow Road

Cat Cup                         Racoon Cup                 Ice Flower Cup               Rainbow Cup

Sky Garden                    Baby Park                     Daisy Cruiser                ALL RAINBOW ROADS

Choco Mountain             Neo Bowser City           Moonview Highway

Vanilla Lake                    Waluigi Pinball             Ticktock Clock

Koopa Cape                    Sherbet Land              Bone dry Ruins

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