Mario Kart Doubles is the sequel to Mario Kart 8, and this game is for the Wii U. This game brings back the "two characters in one car" gimmick to the series. It also adds various new features like Chemistry similar to the Mario Baseball games, alternate skins, and more.

Playable Characters


Image Name Special Item Weight
250px-Mario SSB4 Mario Fireball Medium
250px-Luigi SSB4 Luigi Poltergust Medium
250px-Yoshiwiiularge Yoshi Yoshi Egg Light
73px-Birdo Birdo Birdo Egg Light
Peach1 Peach Power Heart Medium
150px-Daisy MPIT Daisy Flower Power Medium
250px-Bowser SSB4 Bowser Bowser Shell Heavy
250px-Bowserjr Bowser Jr. Paintbrush Light
Donkey Kong garridk Donkey Kong Barrel Heavy
CrankyKong Cranky Kong Denture Popgun Medium
Toad MPIT Toad Super Mushroom Light
220px-Toadette111 (2) Toadette Golden Mushroom Light
100px-WarioMPIT Wario Big Bob-Omb Heavy
20130913123103!Waluigi Waluigi Bob-Omb Barrage Heavy
KoopaTroopaMP9 Koopa Troopa Hyper Shell Light
250px-Paratroopa New Paratroopa Flying Shell Light


Image Name Special Item Weight How to Unlock
DryBones SMB Dry Bones Bone Toss Light Win the 50cc Star Cup
Drybowser Dry Bowser Dry Shell Heavy Win the 50cc Lightning Cup
Shyguy-237x275 Shy Guy Mask Removal Light Beat 4 Staff Ghosts in Time Trials
Snifit Snifit Cannonblast Medium Beat 6 Staff Ghosts in Time Trials
LakituWatching Lakitu Shell Drop Light Win the 100cc Lightning Cup
Busterspiny Buster Spiny Block Toss Medium Win the 100cc Special Cup
Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Rosalina Cosmos Power Medium Win the 100cc Mushroom Cup
180px-Lubba Lubba Starship Crash Heavy Win the 100cc Banana Cup
397px-PeteySluggers Petey Piranha Goop Splatter Heavy Get at least 1 star in all of the 150cc Nitro races
KingBooSML3D-solo King Boo Ghost Army Medium Get at least 1 star in all of the 150cc Retro races
BoomBoomSM3DL Boom Boom Rampage Shell Heavy Beat 10 Staff Ghosts
Pompom3dLand Pom Pom Boomerang Hoard Heavy Beat 8 Staff Ghosts
150px-DiddyKCR Diddy Kong Peanut Popgun Light Get at least 1 star in every Nitro 50cc Cup
360px-Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Dixie Kong Bubble Gum Popgun Light Get at least 1 star in every Retro 50cc Cup
250px-MarioSuperSluggersPianta Pianta Shine Ray Heavy Beat 20 Staff Ghosts
250px-NokiShell Noki Shell Boomerang Medium Beat 19 Staff Ghosts
228px-Nabbit Nabbit Item Steal Light Win 300 races
133px-Croco In Super Smash Bros. Racing Croco Item Bag Medium Win 350 races
MouserByJoeAdok Mouser Bomb Scatter Medium Win 500 races
Warts3d Wart Vegetable Toss Heavy Win 600 races
373px-Sprixie Princess Jar Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Sprixie Princess Super Hammer Light Win the Mirror Mode Special Cup
Plessiee Plessie Huge Tide Heavy Win the Mirror Mode Lightning Cup


Chemistry, which first appeared in the Mario Baseball games, appears in this one. If two characters have good chemistry, their cars/bikes perform better and if they have bad chemistry, their vehicle does worse. Chemistry removed, will be added on another page, see here: Mario Kart Doubles/Chemistry

Alternate Costumes

  • Mario- Metal Mario, Fire Mario, Cosmic Clone, Gold Mario, Shadow Mario, Dr. Mario
  • Luigi- Platinum Luigi, Ice Luigi, Mr. L, Dr. Luigi
  • Yoshi- Blue Yoshi, Red Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, Pink Yoshi, Orange Yoshi
  • Birdo- Green Birdo, Red Birdo, Blue Birdo
  • Peach- Classic Peach, Sports Peach, Pauline-variant
  • Daisy- Classic Daisy, Sports Daisy
  • Bowser- Classic Bowser, King Koopa, Morton Koopa Sr.
  • Bowser Jr.- Sunshine Bowser Jr.
  • Donkey Kong- Super Kong, Chunky Kong, Dread Kong, Toon Donkey Kong
  • Cranky Kong- Wrinkly Kong, Classic DK