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Please do not edit this without my permission. If you want to help, please go to my talk page. This entire thing is under construction.

Mario Kart Double Dash 2 is a sequel to Mario Kart Double Dash for the Wii U. It reintroduces customizable karts and the ability to fit two characters in a kart. New features include different bike and propellor parts, 17 new characters, track customization and more. There is a single player mode as well. In addition, for the double dash mode, each character has a different Chemistry with each other, a feature introduced in Mario Superstar Baseball. All retro modes return as well. There are 50 characters, 17 new, and 30 unlockable.

Table of Contents

1. Characters

  • 1.1. Chemistry
  • 1.2. Unlocking Requirements
  • 1.3. Individual Stats

2. Modes

  • 2.1. Grand Prix (50 CC, 100 CC, 150 CC, and Mirror, both Single Player and Double Dash)
  • 2.2. VS
  • 2.3. Coin Runners
  • 2.4. Balloon Battles
  • 2.5. Time Trials

3. More will be added soon

1. Characters

There are 50 playable characters, 17 new, and 30 unlockable. New characters will be bolded, unlockable characters will be marked with italics. There are no weight classes, each character has an individual stat, out of ten. Here is a list of each character, alphabetized.

1. Baby Daisy
2. Baby Donkey Kong
3. Baby Luigi
4. Baby Mario
5. Baby Peach
6. Baby Wario
7. Baby Yoshi
8. Birdo
9. Boom Boom
10. Boomerang Bro
11. Bowser
12. Bowser Jr.
13. Cosmic Clone
14. Daisy
15. Diddy Kong
16. Donkey Kong
17. Dry Bones
18. Dry Bowser
19. Fire Bro
20. Funky Kong
21. Hammer Bro
22. Honey Queen
23. Ice Bro
24. King Boo
25. King K. Rool
26. Koopa Troopa
27. Kritter
28. Lakitu
29. Lubba
30. Luigi
31. M.C. Ballyhoo
32. Magikoopa
33. Mario
34. Metal Mario
35. Mii
36. Paratroopa
37. Pauline
38. Peach
39. Petey Piranha
40. Pom Pom
41. R.O.B.
42. Rosalina
43. Shy Guy
44. Toad
45. Toadette
46. Toadsworth
48. Wario
49. Wiggler
50. Yoshi

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